Outsourcing or Insourcing Digital Marketing?


Your digital marketing company is growing. As you focus your strategy to certain clients that fit your area of expertise, you realize some activities for clients are outside your area of expertise. How do you decide which activities you keep in-house, and which ones do you partner with other agencies for? Seminars, social events, and by word of mouth, are great ways to find other agencies that differentiate with your firm’s expertise. You need to decide which of your agency’s activities you’ll want to keep in-house, and which ones you will need a partner for.

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There are many day-to-day digital marketing activities that are handled on a daily basis. From the daily emails that go out to your client’s email list or updating website content for another client. Analytics, PPC, and SEO can be handled by associates who have great depth in all disciplines of digital marketing. These usually are handled by several departments within an organization. But in contrast, we support associates with data, knowledge, and feedback for PPC, SEO, and email campaigns.

However, in speaking with a client on a new project, there might be tasks that your client is discussing that are best outsourced. Then it makes sense to outsource the requirements for when they are needed. An important component to your agency relationship is trust. If you choose an agency through networking, that agency and its principles will want to do the best job possible. The more outsourcing you do, the larger and more complex projects you can take on for your agency.

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