What is Vero?

The Vero social media app is a rising social network that quickly garnered millions of users. Vero mixes elements from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify, but the up-and-coming social media app markets itself as the alternative to other social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Vero is attempting to create something more authentic than its competitors, offering a place where people can enjoy a genuine reflection of their real-life relationships in an online setting. Some people are calling Vero the new Instagram. However, its unique approach to social media is meant to enhance your life and help address digital addiction.

In this article, we will explore some of the ways that Vero distinguishes itself from other social media platforms. We will also dig into some other up-and-coming social media apps that are attracting attention.


Things to Know About Vero Social Media

Vero picked up momentum quickly, so what exactly is Vero? Vero’s website explains that “Vero is a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it—and wants control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life.” Designed to genuinely reflect your authentic self and real life, Vero aims to create a better place for sharing online.

Here are the top five things you should know about Vero social media.

Vero launched in 2015

Relatively speaking, Vero is one of the newer social media platforms, but it took awhile for the app to hit its stride. When Vero first launched in 2015, it didn’t generate much attention or downloads. It reached #45 on the App Store at one point, but then it fell out of the top 1500 apps. Over the years, Vero’s popularity steadily rose and saw a couple hundred thousand downloads before its explosion in 2018. In the span of a couple days, Vero shot up to #1 in the app store. It also saw a huge spike in downloads. At the end of February 2018, Vero had around 500,000 users. In March 2018, Vero hit 3 million users on both Android and iOS. As of now, Vero has 5 million users.

Vero lets you categorize your connections

On Facebook, you have friends. On Instagram and Twitter, you have followers. Vero steps outside the duality of these two groups in the social media landscape by offering four groups of connections you can make on the app. Rather than creating an all-or-nothing situation where you have to share your personal news with a mix of close friends and family and some distant acquaintances, you can easily differentiate between the relationships in your life. Vero offers four categories: close friends, friends, acquaintances, and followers. Each time you publish a post on the new social media platform, you can choose which groups you want to share it with. Vero lets you easily select what information you share and who you share it with so that you can have a better grasp on your social media habits and information.

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You can share anything you want on Vero

And that truly means anything. From photos and music to TV shows and books, Vero lets you share any information you want with your connections. You can let your connections know where you are, what you are watching, what you are listening to, or what you just finished reading. Similar to Instagram, Vero aims to create a visual experience. Whether you post about an album or recommend a book, an image of that will automatically feature in your post. You can share photos and videos from your gallery. Or, you can use the camera in the Vero app to take a new one.

There are no ads on Vero

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram depend on advertising because they are funded by advertisers. As a result, these platforms want to maximize the number of users they have and the amount of time they spend on the platform so that they can charge more for advertising. The longer users spend browsing the feeds that are sprinkled with ads and sponsored content, the better it is for the business. That’s why these social media platforms also send out push notifications that are designed to bring you back to the platform.

Vero has a different philosophy when it comes to ads and user statistics. Vero wants its users to be aware of how much time they spend on it. That is why they include usage information on the user dashboard. It is the first and only social media platform to include such a thing. You can see how much time you’ve spent on the app so that you can monitor your usage and combat social media addiction. Vero also doesn’t include push notifications so that you can check in on the app on your own time.

However, because there are no ads, Vero uses a subscription-based model to cater to the customers, rather than advertisers. The app gave away free accounts to its first million users.  But, there will be charge a small annual fee for those who weren’t the first to join the platform. By making the app responsive to solely its users at the price of an annual subscription, Vero can live by its values of creating a simple, authentic network for its users.

The Vero feed is in chronological order

Vero includes something that Instagram erased from its platform, which is a chronological feed. You can see what is being shared with you when it is shared on Vero. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram use algorithms to curate and manipulate what posts you see, often to insert advertising or boost paid posts. The chronological feed is a huge plus for the new social media platform, and it allows for a better user experience on Vero. 

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Up-and-Coming Social Media Apps

Vero is just one social media platform that is quickly attracting users. There are some other up-and-coming social media apps that have recently hit the spotlight. From a business standpoint, some new social media channels are worth investing the time and effort into to help develop a marketing strategy. These new social media platforms were either launched or completely rebranded in 2016 or later. However, they all gained a large user base and popularity in recent months.


TikTok has become a global phenomenon with more than 800 million downloads around the world. The platform lets you film short videos that play on a repetitive loop, similar to Vine. Elements of Musical.ly or Snapchat are also present with the addition of music overlays, text, fun effects, and AR filters. The fun, entertaining vibe of the social media app has many companies and businesses exploring that side of their brand by posting lighter content. Fashion, publishing, and entertainment companies are already getting their footing on the new social media platform. Many industries are also hopping on the TikTok trend. 

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Caffeine.tv is a platform that allows you to create live broadcasts for friends and followers. People can react to broadcasts in their feed with emojis or spond with comments. Similar to Twitch, Caffeine also lets you stream your computer or TV screens as you play video games. Your company or brand can explore live streaming on the platform to help grow awareness about a product in creative and engaging ways.


Entering the group-video messaging ring is Houseparty, an app that lets you video chat with up to eight people. You can also play games with your friends on Houseparty. Marketers can use this platform to sponsor a houseparty and partner with influencers who talk about their products and services.


This app is similar to Reddit. That’s because you can share posts to a feed and engage with the posts by sharing, upvoting, and commenting on them. Steemit has its own cryptocurrency, the Steem coin. This type of platform would be a great marketing tool for companies that sell products or services in exchange for cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrency gains more ground and becomes more widely used, a social media app like Steemit could help boost opportunities.

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Need Help With A New Social Media Strategy?

With so many new social media platforms and up-and-coming social apps, it can be difficult to create a social media marketing plan that works for your company or business. A strong social media presence and content strategy is critical to the success of your business in a digital age. You need to generate relevant and consistent content that will reach your followers and provide them with a better idea of your brand and products.

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