What Is Google Marketing?

Google marketing is a simple way to enable your marketing teams to collaborate with one another and successfully identify the best solutions for your company. Google marketing unifies its advertising and analytics platform that builds on integrations surrounding DoubleClick and the Google Analytics 360 suite. This is a great way to enhance your marketing strategy and be as effective as possible. Having information stored in different places requires more time and is just inefficient. This is why Google created Google marketing. It makes life easier for advertisers and helps develop a strategy that will benefit all aspects of your company.  This article is going to discuss what Google Tag Manager is, all there is to know about Tag Manager in general, and finally the DoubleClick feature. 


Google Marketing Benefits 

What are the benefits of Google marketing? Google marketing allows you to produce fast, and smarter marketing. Google marketing offers automated day-to-day processes that will generate trends and give you insights without having to do the research yourself. This way you can spend your time making improvements throughout your business. Google marketing also allows you to understand your target market better. The data generated gives you more insights on the preferences of your customers and their general behavior. This way you can customize their experience. Another great thing about Google marketing is that everyone in your company can view the data and your audience, business result, and more. 

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tool that provides you with the ability to manage and deploy marketing tags within your website. What is so nice about it is you can do this without having to make any alterations to the code. GTM works with data sources. For example, information from your website is shared with Analytics via Google Tag Manager. If you have a lot of tags, GTM is highly beneficial because it stores these codes in one place so accessing them is fairly easy. 

How Does Google Tag Manager Work?

The process might sound complicated if you do not have a tech background. I am going to break down the three key parts that simplify the process.

  • Tags: Tags are plain and simply snippets of Javascript or track pixels.
  • Trigger: These guys identify and communicate with GTM about how or when to fire a tag.
  • Variables: Variables supplement other information GTM may need for the tag/trigger to work properly.

The Importance of Google Tag Manager in Your Business

I have talked about the various functions of Google Tag Manager, but you might still be wondering why you should use it? It is a very common question and for that reason I am going to highlight the many benefits it provides.

Deploys Tracking Codes Rapidly

First of all, Google Tag Manager deploys tracking codes rapidly. What does this mean exactly? If you, a marketer, decide you want to use a new marketing platform to track user behavior, you can do exactly this. First, you get a tracking code and send it to a developer. If said developer is too busy to get back to you right away, you are losing precious time. This is where GTM comes into play. It essentially gets rid of the middle man (the developer). GTM allows you to implement the tracking codes yourself, so you can get to work right away. GTM is rapid in its approach and speeds up many processes. You can add new tags and many of them do not require code changes to your website. GTM offers testing tools.

Allows Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is made simple with Google Tag Manager Preview and Debug mode. This mode reveals which tags are fired and which are not. It can also provide insights on triggers that fire tags and data contained within tracking tags. This feature allows you to ensure your tags are working the way you want them to prior to releasing  them to your site. This way you can adjust and correct before anyone sees them. This process of being proactive instead of reactive will take your business to the next level.

Allows You to Export Data

Another great benefit of GTM is that it can export all of your triggers, tags, and variables into a single file. Condensing leads to less confusion and less time spent on petty tasks.

It’s Free!

Google Tag Manager is free for you to use, so you can get started today!

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Tag Management System

In general, a tag management software is software utilized to help in managing tracking tags. Digital marketers use tag management software. Tags are special headers found on websites. They track pixels implemented in advertisements and content that enables web analytics. Marketers use TMSs to manage digital marketing tags within different marketing services. With TMS, you are granted faster page loading and enable you to make changes with more ease. You can make changes to tags by adding the code snippet to the manager, allowing you to go live in just a few minutes without needing IT intervention. This saves both money and time.

Typically, if you want to change one ad tracking system to another or removing a used system requires weeks to take care of. This issue is resolved much more rapidly with the use of container in TMS. Managers use the container code to check rules in the software’s back-end for changes. Among the most popular Google Tag Manager, Other top TMS vendors include: Launch by Adobe, Tealium, Qubit and Signal.

How Can Tag Management Help your Business?

Tag Management can be a great addition to your business. In the following segments, I am going to be explaining the core benefits Tag Managements can provide you with.

Organization, Organization, Organization

Currently, marketers use a plethora of solutions to satisfy their customers and further develop their digital marketing tactics. Tag Management reduces the complexity for marketing personnel and developers. This allows for more time to engage with customers and outshine your competitors by being more attentive to changes in the industry.

Customize Your Marketing Cloud

Tag Management makes it possible so you are not mandated to use one marketing cloud vendor. One cloud is not going to supply you with everything you need. With Top Management, marketers can choose the best solutions for each individual need. This concept is similar to the idea of keys. You need different keys to open different doors, just like you need different vendors to provide you with the respective solution.

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DoubleClick is owned by Google, and it generates money through both advertisers and publishers. There are three main components to make this happen which include: ad serving, ad delivery, and behavioral targeting. Ad serving is when publishers use DoubleClick to show adverts within their website. With ad delivery, DoubleClick allows advertisers to control the frequency an ad is shown to a browser along with how long it is shown for and how often it will appear. This function knows what amount of time is necessary in getting the attention of potential customers. If an ad is shown too short, the user will likely forget about it and is less inclined to visit their store and/or website.

On the flip side, if the advertisement is shown too long, it might irritate the customer, consequently give the company a bad reputation. If this happens, you just lost a customer and the cycle continues. Behavioral targeting is classified into two: targeting for one website owner and targeting in advertising networks. 

Targeting for One Website Owner

Targeting for one website owner means an online publisher can set a DoubleClick cookie that tells them what components of their websites are being browsed. DoubleClick can then identify what kind of adverts you prefer to see. This creates a custom experience. Knowing the preferences of users can minimize the frustration they experience when trying to navigate a website. This is especially helpful for users who are not tech-savvy and struggle with scrolling through different tabs to find their desired product. Only the website owner has access to this determined information. 

Targeting in Advertising Networks

Targeting in Advertising Networks is much less secure. Many different publishers use AdSense that grants them access to information from browsers. This also helps identify preferred adverts someone might want to see, however, it is done using a third-party advertising cookie.

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Your Turn: Google Marketing and You!

The various components that make Google marketing as successful as it is today, are worth your while. In this day and age, technology can help reduce the amount of busy work required, and allow you to focus on the more integral parts of your business that need improvements. As a business, you want to place emphasis on being innovative and satisfying your customers to the best of your ability. Google marketing was created to help you with all of your marketing efforts, no matter if you are a corporation or a small business. If you need help getting started with Google marketing or improving your digital marketing, contact SEO Design Chicago today, where a team of experts will assist you in taking your business to the next level!


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