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Every field needs to invest in marketing, even accountants. By employing marketing techniques for accountants, you can increase a small accounting firm’s visibility, improve their reputation and ultimately increase the sales of their services. In this article, you will learn how marketing for accountants is different than it is in other fields as well as ideas for CPA firm marketing.

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CPA Firm Marketing

When marketing for accountants, the focus needs to be on differentiating their service from the competition. Think about what you do differently and better than your competition. Why would this be important to your target customers? Once you understand your business, you can craft meaningful goals which will then be used to craft a CPA firm marketing plan.

One thing that holds for marketing any product or service is that you need to have goals. Not only do you need to have marketing goals, but they need to be SMART goals. This means they need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. If you take the time to lay out your CPA firm marketing goals, you will have an easier time measuring the success of your marketing efforts. Once you have your goals set, you can begin work on a marketing plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Accountant Marketing Steps

Marketing for accountants does not need to be more difficult than it is for other business fields. Most established marketing techniques will work once adjusted for the specific firm’s goals.


You need to know the facts before you can implement an effective plan to market for accountants. Find out exactly who your target market is and what they want. How old are they? What is their average income? Where do they live? What do they spend their money on? 

Research what demographic, geodemographic, psychographic, and behavioral segments you are targeting. Demographic segmentation is the easiest information to obtain. This includes things like age, gender, income, race, and education. Geographic segmentation groups people by where they live and the characteristics those within that region display. Psychographic segmentation sorts people based on their personality, values, attitudes, interests, and overall lifestyle. Behavioral segmentation targets people based on actions that they are likely to take. Behavioral segmentation information is the hardest to obtain, but the most valuable. If you know how your target market is likely to behave, you can craft your accountant marketing plan to push them to take the actions you want them to take. 


Once you have done the work to understand what makes your business unique, you can put it into practice through your branding. Create a logo and a tagline. While these are not your brand in and of themselves, they are an important part of it. Your customers will remember a well-designed logo and tagline so make sure it speaks to what you want your brand to be and differentiates you from the competition. 

Decide on style guidelines for anything your business produces. This will help keep your work unified and recognizable to customers when multiple people are producing content at the same time. 

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Content Marketing

Beyond directly advertising the services you offer, you can use content marketing to build trust between your accounting firm and potential clients. Post digital content on a wide variety of social media platforms and websites to attract the attention of your target market. 

Blog posts, articles, and videos on your business’s website are a great way to establish your accounting expertise. Craft articles with accounting advice or how-to videos teaching clients how to use an accounting software available through your firm. If you can make difficult to understand accounting content easy to understand for the masses, you will do something most other accounting firms cannot. If you have a hard time simplifying the information yourself, consider hiring a writer with a background in accounting. They can write engaging and simple articles for you that are also search engine optimized to get the most out of your content.

Create a social media presence. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all great platforms to connect with your current and future clients. Post about new content you’ve created on your website that customers might like. Post about changes and improvements you have made to your business. Finally, you can post about exciting developments. Engaging content will entice customers to interact with your page and could even lead to a purchase in the future. 

Make sure to interact with your potential customers as well. Respond to their comments and answer any questions they have about your business and your accounting services. Marketing for accountants does not just include showing off what services you offer but establishing your expertise as well as trust with potential customers. This is especially important for accounting services because it is difficult to show off your services without the customer investing first. The customer needs to trust you before they will buy your accounting service. Marketing for accountants through content marketing is an excellent way to build that trust.

Email Marketing

There is a reason that email marketing campaigns are so popular. If someone is on your email list, they already have some relationship with your accounting firm. Email marketing for accountants allows you to target specific people with the services that they will most likely want to purchase. The right email at the right time can be the difference between your business being forgotten about and a purchase.

Search Engine Optimization

Maximize the number of visitors to your site. Push your links to the top of the Google search results for accounting queries using accounting-related keywords. Search engine optimization is an important step when publishing any content online and should not be skipped.

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Follow Through

When marketing for accountants, follow-through is more important than anything else. Do not be discouraged if your long-term marketing projects like a blog do not return results immediately. These are long-term projects that need to be churning out content constantly to be the most effective. While the initial enthusiasm will fade as you go on, you must not stop. Most of the time the efforts are stopped right before they start working. Give your marketing efforts time to pick up traction. After a while, if it is still not delivering the performance you need, then you should try other tactics.

Measure Performance

You can not effectively understand what is working and what is not if you do not measure your marketing performance. The more data you have the more decision-making power you have. Monitor how each component of your plan for marketing for accountants is working and invest more time and money into the ones that are delivering the best results. Do not rely on gut feelings or chance when making changes to your marketing campaign. You will waste time and money. Rely on the facts to make the most effective marketing decisions for accountants. 

Finance and Marketing

Accounts deal with money for a living. At times, finance and marketing seem to be at odds with each other. You have to spend money to see a return on your marketing investments, but accountants are likely to be concerned with keeping everything within a small and efficient budget. As such, accountants are likely to be more conservative with spending. You can have the best thought-out marketing plan in the world and it could still fail to reach your goals due to circumstances beyond your control. The uncertainty of investing money into a marketing project that is not guaranteed to succeed can be scary, but some degree of investment into new marketing for accountants is necessary if you want to see your firm grow.

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Finance and marketing do not have to be at odds with each other. Finance can help keep marketing on track. With a set budget, you can not just throw marketing campaigns around to see what sticks. You have to put in the work to find what will work best for your business before you invest time and money. If you are a small marketing firm and do not have a large marketing team, do not worry. As accountants, you are uniquely positioned to help create great marketing campaigns with a small marketing team. Your analytical skills will come in handy when completing research before implementing a marketing campaign for accountants and later analyzing the success of the campaigns.

Accountant Marketing

There are many great ways to market your CPA firm. Hopefully, now you have some ideas to market your CPA firm or at the very least have a place to start. Do not be afraid to take a researched risk while marketing for accountants. You might just find that it is exactly what your firm needs to grow and meet your goals.


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