How to Hide Your Address on Google My Business

Are you wanting to optimize your Google My Business account, but don’t want to show your address? This article will lay out exactly how to hide your address and explain what this decision can do for your company.

What is Google My Business (GMB)?

Google My Business is a free element Google offers to help keep customers informed about your business. When people search for a type of company or a company name, Google My Business allows all the relevant information to appear. This information can include phone numbers, addresses, websites, hours of operation, and even share promotions going on. Adding this tool to your business can attract more customers. It automatically adds your business to Google and Google Maps. People can search and find access to your website and other information that you put on your account. This provides better optimization when people are searching your business.

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Optimizing Google My Business

Like many other outlets for your business, using SEO (search engine optimization) will gain favor with Google, even within your Google My Business account. Using random keywords won’t get you the results you need. Google instead will actually penalize you if you select words at random to try to gain a greater audience. Google uses specific algorithms to make sure you are being honest with your audience. With your account, you not only appear on Google and Google Maps, but you can use it to help target ads. If you choose keywords for when people search certain words, your ad will be more prominent for the searcher.

The Knowledge Panel

It can also help by giving your business a knowledge panel. The knowledge panel is the box that appears on the side to let the user know more about your business. This also can gain more traffic to your website because it is on the side of all the other competing websites going against your brand. This information on this panel is automatically updated when you change your information. It helps provide great optimization for your website. Google My Business has many features to offer. Your business should learn how to use these features to make sure you’re getting all the benefits Google My Business has to offer.

Is it Important to Have an Address on Google my Business?

If you can provide a physical location for your business account, you should. Google values transparency in companies. By showing your address on Google, it could provide your business an advantage. If you have a physical location you want people to know about, don’t be afraid to add your address. However, not showing your address won’t kill your rankings. Many people think that if you hide your address, Google will penalize your business. Google wants your information to be the most up to date and honest information, but Google actually prefers to only show your address if you have an actual location you want clients to go to.

Optimizing GMB for Your Benefit

Just by having an account, you are already starting to better optimize your business. Google My Business allows your company to be seen and attract the right audiences. You don’t want to display your business where your customers aren’t. When you become more specific about your location it gives not only Google, but your customers a better idea on where you are available to provide your service.

Can I have a Google My Business Account without an Address? 

If you are someone who works out of a home or have a service that travels to others, no need to worry. You can still have a Google My Business account, even with no physical location. If you do have a physical location, but don’t want clients to appear there, don’t feel like you have to provide an address. Don’t draw customers to the wrong or unwanted place. Without an address you can still maximize all the benefits Google My Business has to offer. These benefits include learning what people are looking for when they search your business, what actions they take from your account, and other features to track your customers.

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How to Hide My Address on Google My Business (GMB)

Hiding your address on your account is simple. Remember that you need to make the best decision for your company. You don’t want people showing up at your home when you work

completely online. Below is a step-by-step guide to how to hide your address when setting up your account and when you’re a new or existing member.

Hide My Address with a New Account

  1. If you don’t have an account, create an account for Google My Business.
  2. Select a category that suits what your business offers. Categories can be tricky to select so make sure you are selecting ones that really relate to what your brand has to offer.
  3. When asked if you want to “add a location customers can visit” simply select no. Google allows you to bypass this because they understand not everyone has an official location.
  4. You will want to make sure to add where you provide your services. You can select multiple locations to wherever you think clients are. These service locations will bring you up in specific locations to help your customers find your business. You will be able to change these locations as you gain insights on where your customers are located.
  5. Add other contact information to help give you customers more information on how to get into contact with you. This could be anything from a phone number or a website. Providing extra ways to contact your business helps potential clients use the method they prefer to contact you.
  6. Google can automatically create a free website for your business with information that you provide, if you don’t have a website. This is a unique element Google provides because it sets up all your information that someone would need in one place. If you are just starting off your business, this is an easy set up feature. It can be an in-between for your company. Your company can start with this before creating an official website.

After completing these steps, your business address is hidden out of the public view. You can now successfully promote your business, track analytics, and respond to reviews that your customers leave.

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How to Remove an Address from an Existing Google My Business Account?

If you already have a Google My Business account, you can change to hide or show your address at any time with just a few simple steps.

Hide My Address with An Existing Account

  1. Log on to your Google My Business account
  2. Select “Info” and find “Address”
  3. Click on the edit pencil
  4. After you have selected edit, select “Clear Address”
  5. Once the address is blank, select “Apply”

Once you have completed these steps, your address will no longer be visible to the public. This is also how you can edit and change your address at any time. Google will still want your address to send updates and other information for their system, but they will not provide that information for the public to see. Instead of an address, you can add a service location. Google allows you to provide up to 20 areas that you want your business to appear. They recommend that you keep your service areas within two hours of your location.

Add A Service Location

  1. Log in to your Google My Business account
  2. Go into “Info”
  3. Select “Add Service Location”
  4. Once the correct address has been added, select “Apply”

This can help improve your local SEO. Google will select companies that are relevant, how far away they are, and the business activity. Being relevant means that your company fits what the user initially searched, ranks based on reviews, and keeps customers up to date.

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Should I Hide My Address?

Deciding on if you should hide your address or not on Google My Business is an important decision. It depends on who you are serving and what you are doing for your clients.

If you answer yes to these questions, show your address:

  • Are you wanting clients to come to your business in person?
  • Do you have an office your employees work at?
  • Are you a hybrid business?

If you answer yes to these questions, don’t show your address:

  • Do you work out of your home, vehicle, or don’t have a location?
  • Do you not want customers to come to your location?
  • Does your business have a service area?

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Ready to Optimize Your Google My Business Account?

Are you wanting to learn more about all the features Google My Business has to offer your business?  You are in the right place! If you are having trouble setting up or figuring out what is best to do with your Google My Business account, make it simple and get some help. SEO Design Chicago can help you better track insights, increase traffic, and help manage the tools Google My Business has to offer.


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