How to Get the Facebook Top Fan Badge

If you have ever visited a brand or company page on Facebook and seen the “top fan badge” and wondered what exactly that means, and why it has become a great way to connect brands and consumers, we’re here to tell you. Social media is now a hub for business to consumer relations like it has never been before. In the past, brands operated through traditional advertising to reach a consumer base. Now, you see brands liking, tagging, and sharing posts with their consumers. Brands now realize you have to reach consumers at their level and appeal to them as a friend that they can trust.

Enter: Facebook, the social media space built around friends. Through Facebook, people can search and interact with a brand’s own page. If they do this enough, they will receive a Facebook top fan badge. While this title might seem confusing, it has quickly become one of the smartest ways to market to consumers. 

how to get the facebook top fan badge

What Is a Facebook Top Fan Badge?

A Facebook top fan badge is a digital title given to people who have the highest engagement on a brand or business’ Facebook page. Once you have qualified for a Facebook top fan badge, you will get a notification letting you know. Your name will also be displayed on the brand’s Facebook page in the “Top Fans” section. What exactly qualifies as engagement? According to Facebook’s top fan badge section, there are a few ways people can be eligible for a top fan badge. 

How To Be Eligible For A Facebook Top Fan Badge

Watching Videos 

Businesses will often share video content on their page in order to reach an audience that is more interested in visual content. Engaging with these videos by watching them, will show the brand you’re interested in their content. Sales promotions and collaborations are also commonly revealed through videos, so in order to stay informed, watching brand videos can ensure that you’re keeping up with relevant information. 

Liking or Reacting to Content

Brands are constantly looking for feedback on their products, services, and content. Facebook is a perfect place for this kind of interaction because 66% say they like or follow a brand on the platform. A good business will take their customer service seriously and one way this is done is through reactions to content. If a brand puts out an advertisement that really appeals to you, make sure to like the post. Facebook also has the option to add emoticons like care, heart, and laughing that consumers can choose from. This may seem obvious, but top fan badges are given to people who are constantly engaged with content that brands put out. With engagement, brands are able to take that feedback and improve. 

Facebook badge

Commenting or Sharing Posts

Don’t forget to comment! Sharing your opinions and thoughts on how a brand is doing, gives crucial feedback that may not be heard otherwise. Brands want to hear from consumers and this is a great way to do it. 

Also, another great way to earn your top fan badge is to share brand posts. This counts as engagement, but also helps spread awareness of your brand. Customers who are fully engaged represent a 23% higher share in profitability, revenue and relationship growth, so sharing helps both you and your favorite brand. 

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, in order to stay a top fan, you will need to continuously stay engaged on a page. If there are weeks that you stop commenting, sharing, or liking a page’s content, you can lose your top fan badge. 

How to Turn on Access to the Facebook Top Fan Badge

If you qualify for a top fan badge, a badge will appear next to your name and this will be public information on the respective brand’s page. In order to be eligible, the first thing you must do is turn on access to a top fan badge.To access a top fan badge, you will first need to turn it on. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Go to your Facebook page
  • On the left, click “Pages”
  • Click the page you want access to 
  • Click the “Settings” tab
  • Press the widget to turn on/off Facebook top fan badge

What if the Facebook Top Fan Badge isn’t Available?

If you are looking to access a top fan badge and it isn’t available, there are a few reasons why this might be the case. A page has to have over 10,000 followers to allow for top fan badges. The pages also have to be over 28 days old. 

If you’re a brand and this is frustrating, don’t worry just yet. There are many tips that can help improve social media engagement

top fan

Top Fan Engagement

While top fans need to engage in order to receive their badge, they also need to be engaged. Creating content that consumers can interact with is crucial in building an audience that is loyal and interested in a brand. People will be more encouraged to be a top fan if there are incentives or promotions that are only given to them. This type of marketing is target marketing and it is incredibly effective when a consumer feels they have been personally chosen or engaged with. There are a few other ways to market to top fans that will encourage consistent content engagement. 

Top Fan Questionnaires 

People who have received a top fan badge are clearly already engaged with content making them ideal for surveys and questionnaires. In order to gather insight on how to properly market to an audience, you will need to know what they want to see. There’s no one better to ask than the people who are already constantly watching! By offering top fans an exclusive survey, it will make them feel like they are heard and valued as customers. This is essential in building a customer/ business relationship. 

Top Fan Promotions

Arguably, the most ideal incentive for people to constantly engage with content is to get free or discounted products. This way of marketing has shown to be incredibly effective as people love to get discounts. Discounts for top fans would not only create an increase in engagement with brand content, but also in direct consumer relations for a brand.  

Top Fan Recognition

Aside from discounts, consumers also value recognition. When a brand shares a loyal consumer’s post or comment, it builds an incentive for other consumers to do the same. This can be an excellent way to encourage people to become top fans. A brand or business can offer to share only top fan’s comments therefore motivating people to become top fans. 

top fan badge

Facebook Top Fan vs. Valued Commenter 

There can be a slight confusion between being a Facebook top fan and a Facebook valued commenter since these two badges were activated at the same time. Being a valued commenter means that you often comment on content that a brand produces on their page. If commenting is engagement, then why does it not lead to a top fan badge? Well, it’s not as active. To receive a top fan badge, you will need to increase Facebook engagement. As listed above, you can choose to watch videos, share posts, or add reactions. Although commenting is important and valuable for a brand, these other forms of engagement will help ensure that you are a loyal consumer. 

Why Facebook Top Fan Badges Work 

Facebook is still a social media platform and can lack community. With Facebook top fan badges, there’s a sense of being heard. Consumers are more willing to purchase from a brand they feel they have a personal connection with. 

Having a top fan badge is also a great way for brands to interact with their consumers. Creating an open dialogue through comments in an instant insight gatherer for brands on whether or not their marketing strategies are paying off. All of these examples are forms of behavioral advertising which is incredibly useful in learning how consumers react to advertisements. Knowing that people are more willing to engage with content if there is an incentive for them, gives brands the opportunity to offer specific promotions that will be enticing to people who are already loyal. 

Facebook top fan

Facebook Top Fan Badge For Marketing 

Facebook is a great platform for marketing and the introduction of top fan badges is no different. Targeting top fans specifically can be very effective because this is an audience that is already interested in your products. A way to market to them can be through the use of sponsored content. Since Facebook top fans are already an ideal target audience, they would be the people most interested in an advertisement. How can this be done? Facebook has created a feature designed to only show sponsored content to a custom audience which means that only top fans can see it. 

Consumers are more likely to engage with a brand’s Facebook page if they feel like they are rewarded, recognized, and heard. Marketing through social media has changed the way businesses align with consumers and Facebook’s top fan badge activation created a whole new way for brands to connect to a specific type of audience. 

Facebook marketing can be incredibly effective, but knowing how to do it is crucial. If you need help with Facebook marketing, contact us at SEO Design Chicago today!

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