How Should I Grow My Email Subscriber List?

One of the best ways to build your business is to get more people on your email subscriber list. Using email capture gives you a better chance of finding people who are more likely to become customers. This process helps distinguish people who are not interested in your company from people who are. This means you can more effectively target potential customers with relevant emails about your company. 

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What is Email Capture?

So what exactly is email capture and how is it used? Put simply, email capture is the process of acquiring emails from people who could potentially become customers. It is effective because it avoids the randomness of acquiring as many emails as possible, regardless of that person’s interest in your company. It is a much more effective method of building up an email subscriber list then just adding a ton of emails. There is also a great deal of email capture software you can use for this process. 

So why should you use email capture? Using email capture tools is the easiest way to increase the amount of subscribers on your email list. Having a large subscriber list allows you to reach a large amount of people who are interested in your business. This give you the ability to send out email newsletters to your customers, updating them on your business, giving them sales or discounts, or whatever you may choose. Sending out email newsletters also costs your company very little. That’s because they are quite simple to make, and sending emails is free. Making use of email capture is the best way to grow your email list fast. 

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Email Capture Software

There is a variety of email capture software available for companies to utilize when developing email lists. Here we are going to discuss some of the most popular ones, how to use them, and why you should be using them. Using email capture software is a great way for how to grow your email list fast. It takes out a lot of the time and energy one could spend building an email list by the usual methods, such as sending out random emails. Some people even buy an email list. This allows you to spend more time focusing on the marketing aspect of your email newsletters, instead of who you are sending them to. 


One example of this software is OptinMonster. This program creates pop-up advertisements that can be placed anywhere on your website. You can use these pop-ups to promote your email newsletter, and encourage people to sign up for it. Now most people may think pop-up ads are annoying. They definitely can be, but used in the right context, they can be very effective at gaining customers. The key is to not overboard customers with too many or obnoxious pop-up ads. Instead, you can target them based on what pages your customer is browsing. By creating effective pop-up ads, you can encourage actual customers to subscribe to your email list. OptinMonster is a great tool to do this.


SumoMe is another great email capture software to integrate with your website. This software is free to use, which makes it even better, and has a variety of features to use. One of the best functions of SumoMe is that it can add a scrolling header to your website pages. This means that the header of your website will follow the user as they scroll down your pages. This makes sure it is always visible. You can use this header to promote your email newsletter and encourage subscription to it. Having a header follow you down the page makes it impossible to avoid, and makes it more likely someone will click on it. Having the email subscription option clearly present all over your website is a great way to build your email list fast, with people interested in your company. 


Another effective email capture software is Bloom. Bloom is a software that allows you to add opt-in lists to the pages on your website. This is an effective manner of promoting your email newsletter to people who actually use your website and are interested in your company. Bloom easily allows you to create forms on any part of your website. Using opt-in forms is a great way to give interested customers an easy method of being added to an email list. Giving interested customers a simple method of signing up for emails is a great way to grow your email list fast. 

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Email Capture Tools

Next, let’s focus on the tools those kind of software use for email capture. These tools can easily be applied to your website, and allow you to promote your email subscription sign up throughout your website.

Pop-Up Ads

One of these such tools are pop-up ads, which we previously discussed. When used properly, pop-ups can encourage customers to add themselves to your email list. (Yes, pop-up ads do actually work.) This ensures that you are adding people to your mailing list who want to be added, as they themselves clicked on the pop-up ad. Email capture is all about getting actual customers on your subscription list, and pop-ups are an effective way of doing this. 


A plugin is another great email capture tool you should utilize on your website. A plugin allows you to add various features throughout your website with ease. There are plugins for opt-in boxes, sliders and headers that can follow the user as they scroll, and tons of other options. Using plugins allows you to easily add features for email subscriptions to your website. Plugins are an easy tool for growing your email list fast. 

Host a Giveaway or Sale

An interesting email capture tool is to have an online giveaway or sale. You can add that the only way to enter this giveaway or qualify for this sale is to add yourself to the email subscriber list. This ensures that the customer will become a part of the mailing list, and is interested in the products of your company. Email capture is all about attracting new customers to your mailing list, and who doesn’t love free giveaways and sales? This is one of the best email capture tools out there, as it costs you very little, and can lead to a huge rise in subscribers.  

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How to Grow Your Email List Fast

Now that we have got the email capture tools out of the way, we are going to focus on ways to quickly grow your subscriber list. These methods are relatively straightforward, and have been shown to be successful multiple times over. The main goal of email capture is to gain more subscribers. So learning these methods is a key proponent in accomplishing that. While you can reach out to firms that specialize in providing email address, like AeroLeads, the following methods are organic methods of increasing your email list.

Write an Interesting Newsletter 

Simply having an interesting and well-written email newsletter is a great way to gain and keep subscribers. If you continue to put out interesting content, more people will be drawn to it. This can mean having interesting articles in your newsletters, or giving subscribing members access to good sales and deals consistently. People love to be rewarded, so showing your loyal customers you care about them is a great way to bring in new ones. 

Allow Subscribers to Interact

Allowing your email subscribers to leave reviews or comments on your web and product pages. A great way to attract new customers is to let them interact with your website. By allowing customers who subscribe to your email newsletter the ability to comment or leave reviews on your website, you can attract more people to sign up. We live in a day and age where interacting online is a daily part of many people’s lives. Giving subscribers the ability to do this on your website will increase the amount of them, all of which is free to you. 

Offer Member Points

Another way of growing your subscriber list is to offer members points when they purchase things. However, in exchange, they need to be on your subscriber list. The points can then be used for discounts on purchases, or even free items. This allows the customer to be happy about getting deals, and be subscribed to your mailing list.

By having them enter their email online when making a purchase, or asking for their email in store, you are adding people who have bought your products to your email list. This ensures that your newsletters are going to people interested in your company. You are not simply sending them to random people who have never heard of your brand before. This is a great way to quickly add new subscribers to your email list.

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Email lists and email newsletters have quickly become an effective and cheap way of online marketing. Ensuring that you are sending those emails to interested customers is a critical part of online marketing. Using email capture is the best way to do that. If you use the tips and tools in this article, you will be able to add new subscribers to your email list in no time. 

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