13 Tips for How to Find Someone’s Email Address

So, you’re looking for someone’s email address. Perhaps you found the perfect influencer to represent your brand, or maybe you want to ask someone a question. There are a multitude of reasons why you might need to find someone’s email. Luckily, there are also many different ways to find them. We’ll tell you 13 ways you can find someone’s email address.

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Why You Need to Find the Right Email Address

It’s hard to get someone’s attention via email these days. And even harder if you can’t find the person’s correct email address! Email open rates are tricky, but the tips in this article will help your email find the right person.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address

These are the 13 best tried-and-true ways of finding someone’s email address.

1. Use an Email Address Lookup Tool 

One of the simplest ways to find someone’s email is to use an email lookup service. There are several of these tools available online. All you have to do is type in the person’s name or website, and the tool will find an email address for you. While these tools are very helpful, unfortunately, it’s not a guarantee that you will get the right result every time. The free tools can be limited and the paid options might not be worth it if you don’t use them all the time. However, most have free trials. Here are some email lookup tools to try:

  • Find That Email: This tool allows you 50 free searches per month.
  • Finder Expert: This tool allows 2,000 free searches a month.
  • Snov.io: Also allows 50 free searches a month.

2. Try Using DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, an alternative search engine, allows you to search for domain names. You can use “@domainname.com” on DuckDuckGo to find any email addresses that are attached to the domain name you are searching for. If you are looking for a specific person, you can include their name in the search. (Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work on Google or Bing.)

3. Use Twitter

Social media is an excellent tool for finding someone’s contact information. Try searching the person’s Twitter handle. Sometimes people include their email addresses in their Twitter bio or tweets, but hide them from bots by using “dot” and “at” instead of the “@.” Try using Twitter Advanced Search and search the person’s tweets for “at” and “dot.” If that doesn’t work, try searching “email,” “reach,” or “contact” instead. Or, if you are pretty desperate, try asking the person on Twitter directly for their email. For example, ask if you can share details with them about a topic they’re interested in via email.

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4. Subscribe to Their Email List

These days, almost all websites have an email list. If the person who you are trying to reach has a newsletter, subscribe! Then, you can send an email to the address from which you receive the newsletter. Even if it’s sent from a generic email rather than a personal one, try responding and asking for a more specific email. Responding and asking an insightful question about the content in the newsletter might elicit a response and help you develop a relationship with the person, too.

5. Ask Via a Contact Form 

Many websites also have a contact form on their website. Or, sometimes they provide a generic info@ email address for general inquiries. Try sending an email to the general email or filling out the contact form and asking for the best way to get in touch with the person.

6. Look at “Contact” and “About Us” Pages

A Contact or About Us page is also typical on most websites. Check out those pages and see if they include personal email addresses for team members.

7. Check Out Author Pages

Another place to look for someone’s email is on their blog or website. Typically, their website will be linked to from their byline (or name) on any article they have written. There typically will be a lot of information on a person’s author page, particularly if they use default WordPress settings and themes.

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8. Perform a WHOIS Lookup

If you are looking for the email of someone who has a website (perhaps a small business owner, entrepreneur, or writer) you can occasionally find their contact info in their website’s WHOIS information. WHOIS data is publicly available and gives you information about who owns a website’s domain. The data is obtained when someone registers their domain name. Go to who.is, and search the domain of the website who you are looking for someone from. However, this might not always work because WHOIS does allow you to hide your public info from their public data. There are also additional tools other than WHOIS you can try, like NameCheap, DomainTools, and Nominet.

9. Try Google

This tip might seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. Don’t forget that in addition to all the other advanced Google tricks, you can also use the search engine for its original purpose: searching. Simply try putting in your prospect’s name and “email address,” and you might find your answer. Unfortunately, if the person who you are looking for has a common name, you might get the wrong email. Even if they have a less-common name, you might not get lucky. So, try narrowing your search with Google search operators. You can try:

  • [name] + email
  • [name] + email address
  • [name] + “wherever they live”
  • [name] + “what company they work for”
  • [name] + LinkedIn
  • [name] + ZoomInfo
  • [name] + contact

If you know more about the person who you wish to contact, like which company they work for, you can also try some more specific search operators, like:

  • Site:companywebsite.com + [name] + email
  • Site:companywebsite.com + [name] + contact
  • Site:companywebsite.com + firstname.lastname[at]companyname.com
  • Site: companywebsite.com + firstnamelastname [at] companyname.com
  • Site:companywebsite.com + firstname_lastname [at] companyname.com

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10. Search on Facebook

Another social media profile you can check for someone’s email is Facebook. Most people provide Facebook with a plethora of information when they sign up, then promptly forget about it. Head over and look at the “About” page on their profile, and if they added their email address, you should see it. Facebook is an excellent tool for finding contact information for any prospects. It typically provides a more personal email address, too.

11. Check Your Own Email List

If the person is in the same industry as you, and you are a high-profile person, they might have already subscribed to your own email newsletter! Try a search of your email list. You might be able to find theirs on there, which is an easy and effective way to find it. Most email marketing software will let you search your list for contacts.

12. Export Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn, in addition to its many other great features, allows you to export your connections. So, if you are connected with the LinkedIn profile of whoever it is that you want to contact via email, you might be able to find their email address.

  • First, click “Me” at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, then click “Settings & Privacy” from the dropdown menu.
  • Next, click on the “Privacy” tab and scroll down to “Getting a copy of your data,” which is located under “How LinkedIn uses your data.”
  • Finally, tick the “connections” box and hit “Request archive.” In just a few minutes, you will receive an email with all of your connections’ email addresses in a spreadsheet. However, keep in mind that you need to use this process wisely or you could lose your LinkedIn account.

13. Take a Guess

If you’re out of other options, make an educated guess. Most email addresses follow the typical patterns and are based on simple formats. If you know the person’s first name, last name, and domain, you might be able to guess their email address. Or, if you know the email address of someone else at their company, you can guess what structure the company uses. If you’re not sure, you can try these examples:

  • [name]@example.com
  • [firstname].[lastname]@example.com
  • [firstname][lastname]@example.com
  • [initial].[lastname]@example.com

How to Find Someone's Email Address

Use Email Addresses Wisely

Now, you should know how to find someone’s email address! Just be sure to use these tips wisely. Don’t spam anyone and never sell anyone’s email address. We also advise against purchasing an email list when you get started with email marketing. Be friendly in your cold email and don’t alienate the person. If you need help finding email addresses or starting an email marketing campaign, contact SEO Design Chicago today!


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