Favicon Image Resizer

Using our favicon image resizer tool is simple and easy. It also benefits your SEO and your website if done correctly, but they can damage your site health if they are not created properly. Favicons are not essential to creating a webpage, but they can set your site apart and help create brand recognition. They are easy to make, but resizing them can be difficult to do on your own, which is why our favicon image resizer can be so helpful.

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What is a Favicon?

Also known as a bookmark icon, webpage icon, URL icon, or tab icon, a favicon is a small image that pops up on your website’s tab when it opens. This image is usually a small picture associated with your brand, like a small version of your logo. These are usually colorful and eye-catching, so consumers might notice it. Favicons are just one tiny piece of your website, but they can make a big difference. 

Uses of a Favicon

One of the main benefits of having a favicon is its use for recognition purposes. When a person has their web browser up, having a favicon on your tab helps your page be easily recognizable. If a person has multiple tabs open, they can go back and forth to your website’s tab at a glance. If your website doesn’t have a favicon, a generic one will be displayed depending on the web browser being used. Your favicon is also displayed under bookmarks, in the browser history, and on search engines.

Brand Recognition

Possibly the best benefit of a favicon is that it increases your brand recognition. Simply put, brand recognition is how customers feel about your company and how much they recognize it among the thousands of others. Icons are everywhere in today’s world, but everyone can remember their favorites. Icons mean something to people and help them visually recognize things. Everyone knows the big brand favicons. The way you create your logo and brand has a big impact on people’s impressions of your company. When you create your logo and favicon, take your audience into consideration and design something that would influence them. It is best when you create your favicon to use something similar if not the same as your logo and company brand.

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Size of Favicons

Using the Favicon image resizer is a great way to help your SEO. If your favicon isn’t up to the standard size classifications, it can look blurry or distorted. The preferred image format for favicons is .png. This works much better for all web browsers and also makes the icon easy to edit. The ideal size for a favicon is 16×16 pixels, which is very small in terms of images. 32×32 can work, but most 16×16 looks the best. Creating a favicon on an application like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop can work well, but optimizing it can be tricky through those sites. Using our favicon image resizer can help you make your favicon exactly the right size. If you use the tool to create a favicon, you can use an image up to 320×180 and reduce it. Our resizer also can increase the size of your favicon to make it more accessible for other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Mobile Favicons

On mobile devices, favicons tend to look a bit different and may need a higher pixel size. This is another benefit to using the favicon image resizer. Companies like Apple and Android have different pixel requirements, so it is good to have multiple versions of your favicon available. A favicon also helps your credibility and shows that your site is trustworthy to a user, so having a favicon available for any version of your site is essential. 

Favicons and SEO

SEO is complicated because there are so many little things that can increase and decrease it. One of these things is having a favicon. There is evidence that having an optimized favicon increases your search results on Google and other search engines. Sometimes having a favicon adds to your website’s code and creates enough information for Google to sort your site above another one. If you are just getting started on increasing your SEO, creating a favicon may not be the best first step. Still, every small piece counts when creating a website that will rank higher. The benefits of having a favicon far outweigh the time it takes to create and optimize one.

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Need Help with Favicons?

If you need help designing a favicon, creating an optimized website, or just your SEO in general, we can help! We offer free consultations on your site’s SEO and can present affordable plans to improve it. Each company is unique and each website can make improvements. Favicons are just one piece of your website’s health, so we want to help you reap all the benefits you can from your online presence!