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How much are you spending each time someone clicks on your ads? Are your ads within your budget, and is your money being spent wisely? Use our free CTR calculator to determine exactly what your spend is.

CTR calculator

CTR Calculator

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Click-Through-Rate Calculator

Click-through-rate calculators are quick and easy tools to measure one of the most popular measurements in the digital marketing world. Using a click-through-rate calculator is free, easy and accurate.

This article focuses on the various ways that a CTR calculator can assist your business. In this post you will find answers to the questions, what is CTR? What is a CTR Calculator? The benefits of using a CTR calculator and much more.

SEO Design Chicago offers many SEO services that are directly informed by CTR and other marketing metrics. The SEO Strategies for Every Business that SEO Design Chicago offers are tailored to each client and will address any CTR issues.

Click through Rate

What is CTR?

CTR also known as click-through-rate measures the amount of times users click on external ads and are directed to your website.

What does this mean for advertisers? CTR is among a highly important group of SEO and marketing analytics that can help shape the entire marketing strategy a company takes. 

Why is CTR Important?

For any business and especially businesses focusing on driving conversions, CTR is a very important measurement. 

Since CTR lets you know how many users are clicking onto your webpages marketing professionals are constantly focusing on ways to drive up a high CTR. Without people visiting your website you cannot sell the product or service that you advertise.

For this reason CTR is considered a major barrier to break through in order to drive revenue and future conversions.

To see a comparison of CTR and conversions read the following article.

Click-through-rate is heavily impacted by the content used in a marketing or ad buying campaign. If you are experiencing a low click through rate it is always smart to consider the content you are putting out as potentially ineffective.

To learn about How to Create Your Content Marketing Strategy for your business, reach out to SEO Design Chicago and get answers for how to start making a digital impact.

What is a CTR Calculator?

CTR calculator

A click-through-rate calculator is a quick easy way to get consistently correct numbers for CTR. Lucky for you CTR calculators are easy to use and provide immediate answers that can help you identify marketing bugs and other issues.

To calculate CTR you need two values, number of impressions and number of clicks on your ads. Since CTR is a “rate” it measures the percentage of customers that click on your ads out of the total number of people that view the ad. 

The equation is below:

CTR = (Number of Clicks) (Total Impressions) 100

You multiply by 100 at the end to get a percentage.

For example:

You serve an ad to 100 people but only 17 people actually click on the ad. The result is a 17% click-through-rate.

If the math is too much for you to take on, then trust a marketing professional. SEO Design Chicago calculates CTR for their clients regularly and when we notice a potential problem with CTR necessary actions can be taken to prevent a drop in click-through-rate.

Benefits of Using a CTR Calculator

CTR calculators are quick and easy as we have established but what does this mean for you?

Using a CTR calculator helps you be clear about CTR over time. One of the main benefits of using a CTR calculator is that you can measure CTR chronologically.

Let’s say you check CTR twice a month, every two weeks. After 6 month of marketing you can look back at CTR and see how your ads performed over time. By establishing this timeline of click-through-rates marketing strategies can be tailored as they are released and better serve your company.

CTR can inform you of things that aren’t working in a marketing strategy. On the other hand using a CTR calculator can affirm that a marketing strategy is working and confirm that the message you are putting out is working.

If CTR is low, then your ads are not performing the way they should.

To learn more about the various benefits of using a CTR calculator read the following article Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Where to Advertise with CTR

For each platform of advertising click-through-rates are different. Facebook may have a different standard than Google Ads or email marketing.

In fact, industries have different click through rates. For example, a restaurant might get a lower CTR than the financial sector which may have a higher CTR. Comparing a company’s CTR with the average of the industry they operate within can be useful in seeing whether your ads are performing or not. 

If you are experiencing low conversions make sure to measure click through rates for each platform and consider changing the channels that display marketing messages. 

How to improve CTR

Improve CTR

CTR is all about consumer perception of your paid advertisement. In order to boost CTR make sure that the messages and placement you pay for are spot on and drive engagement.

Here are a few ways to increase CTR.

Dynamic ads drive attention and clicks. Make sure that the ads you place are attractive and interesting. Most advertising is a color scheme and simple text; break the mold and encourage creative and attention grabbing material.

Consider where ads are placed. Each outlet online has a unique audience and making sure that the advertising platform agrees with your target audience is very important.

Use advertising extensions. Make sure there are site link extensions and contact information to help the customers know where they are clicking through too. Use keywords in ads to target what people are commonly looking for.

When Should I Use an Online CTR Calculator?

As mentioned before using a click-through-rate calculator regularly is important for the success of any marketing campaign. However, you may be asking if there are specific instances when you should use an online CTR calculator.

Since there are many reasons a drop in CTR could occur, make sure to consider every impact to your business and check in on CTR. In general, a large change in CTR means something is going wrong.


If you notice a drop in conversions checking in on click-through-rate is a good place to start analysing how your marketing campaign is performing. When you aren’t receiving clicks to your website then customers who potentially could purchase from you are not.

In this instance a low CTR is directly affecting your revenue and should be used as one of the essential measurements to optimize your marketing strategy.

To learn about all the ways marketing professionals increase CTR for your business or organizations read the following article What is CTR and how to increase it in paid search advertising.

The above article talks about all the ways that marketing campaigns can be adjusted in order to attain the highest possible CTR and ad engagement.

What Affects CTR?

There are many reasons your CTR can be affected. Since CTR is such an important marketing metric the reasons it is affected are usually significant and can result in major impacts on conversions and revenue.

Ad Content

One of the most obvious reasons you could be experiencing a low CTR is because the ad content being released is not working. Sometimes ideas for ads are great and then they don’t perform.

The good news is that this situation lets you know what doesn’t work, and you can make decisions to better impact potential customers and clients moving forward. 

A revision of ad material is one of the main reasons a company avoids low CTR. Marketing agencies and advertisers in general are familiar with optimizing campaigns in today’s digital marketing world, so don’t be afraid to ask for new material. 

Website Landing Page

When someone clicks on your ad they are directed to a specific webpage. This is referred to as a landing page, and if it isn’t up to standard then your potential clients will not continue to interact with your website.

While this does not affect the rate of clicks, it affects the entire digital marketing and onboarding process. It’s important to understand that getting a click is the first step of many that a customer goes through in order to eventually convert on your product.

Make sure that the website functionality and design offer a good experience for customers clicking through to your website so that these clicks can result in conversions.

Target Audience

One of the easiest fixes for a low CTR is a change in audience. Since this is such a quick fix you may think that it is simple.

It’s true that changing an audience target is quick and relatively easy work, yet the impacts of changing a target audience can be massive. For this reason be careful with changing a target audience.

Take some time to really think about who will respond to your ads. Analyze the users who are clicking through currently and use those demographics to inform how you expand user targeting. 

Also, refer to your marketing agency for help with a change in audience target. SEO Design Chicago has extensive experience with ad buying online and how to target the right audience, see for yourself with SEO Design Chicago’s Digital Advertising Services