Can Blogging Increase Your Manufacturing Customer Base?

Manufacturers of all types are without a doubt the backbone of any local, national, or international economy. The goods and supplies produced by such industries are what prop up almost all of the modern luxuries we enjoy today, and without them, the average citizen’s standard of living would fall dramatically. Given your invaluable place in almost any supply chain you find yourself in, you might think you can get away with not using all of the marketing tools at your disposal. But such a mindset is the basis of countless businesses failing. Whether due to sudden economic downturns, hostile takeovers, or plain old marketplace competition, you need to always pursue every option available to ensure your business’s place in the future.

You’ve likely pursued a myriad of options in advertising, such as social media advertising, sponsoring influencers, and producing digital content. In this post, we’ll examine one kind of material you may produce that has a track record of helping any and all businesses: blogs. As surprising as it may seem, running a manufacturing blog and producing related content for it can help attract visitors to your website and convert them into paying clients.

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Starting Your Own Manufacturing Blog

When we say that you should be blogging for your business, what we specifically mean is that you should write blog articles that are easily accessible to the public from your website. Normally, you or a member of your team write them. However, you can also hire a company like SEO Design Chicago to write them for you. The blogs should, in any case, be written for the sole purpose of bringing new, positive attention to your brand and intriguing consumers.

The articles themselves can be about virtually anything. The flexibility of blogs is a large part of their appeal. For example, it’s not necessary for them to read like an extended advertisement. The purpose of blogs is to captivate readers and keep them interested, not to force a product down their throats. However, it’s crucial that blog posts are related at least somewhat to your company and its products or services. This includes information about your larger industry, the goods or services you make or provide, and product reviews. The majority of blog posts start with a question commonly posed by consumers, and therefore answering it satisfactorily is guaranteed to attract new readers.

Getting a Business Website

It’s essential that you make your own website before we can talk about any more specifics for business blogging. Without one, it’s almost impossible to blog successfully. Business websites are great for a plethora of reasons, but your online visibility and client-facing reputation are by far the most important. Being without a website in an era where people are so thorough in their pre-purchase research is quite simply near impossible. 

Why Manufacturing Companies Should Blog

Now we get to the key question: why is blogging something you should do? To start, it is a tried-and-true method of reaching more clients. A blog significantly improves your internet reputation and websites that blog get up to 55% more traffic than ones that don’t. This is because they can afford to have a message that is more personal and narrowly targeted than conventional marketing, which is very appealing to new readers. Remember, blogging is a form of marketing through content creation. Its ability to entertain is what makes it valuable. As long as an article drives traffic to your website, it has done its job. The fact that blogs are an effective and inexpensive tool to get new leads is another significant advantage. Let’s talk about some of the factors that make blogging such an effective tactic.

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Online Presence

When it comes to your online visibility and accessibility to consumers, manufacturing blogs are a game-changer. On a basic level, you create a fresh page for people to locate each time you publish a new blog entry. When people are actively seeking your website, this makes it much easier for them to find it. That it makes it far more likely for customers to find you accidentally, though, is an even larger benefit. Many people start their online searches for businesses with broad research questions rather than target product investigations. As a result, it is more likely that someone will discover you and visit your website if you have a higher number of relevant pages, and your success will increase as more people read your blogs.


In addition to making your firm more accessible, blogs give a huge boost to your reputation if done correctly. People like blogs because they are far more personal than conventional forms of marketing or advertising. When you’re not attempting to fit as much information as possible into a limited time slot or character count, you’d be amazed at how much emotion you can display. The recommended maximum word count for blogs is 3000, but that is still more than enough space to convey whatever you want. Take advantage of this by telling a story, using personal information, and adopting a conversational tone to draw the reader into the post.

How to Write Blog Entries

As was previously said, most blog entries are produced in response to a question, as the reader is seeking the solution to that question. Writing an article that answers a general question, such as how a certain service is provided, is a good place to start. Making a post that seeks to answer an often-asked question is a great way to get readers who could become customers. These articles, sometimes referred to as “evergreen articles,” are special because they typically gain value over time. Since these types of inquiries are made regularly, it’s essentially guaranteed that someone will discover your particular response.

However, this does not mean that responses to more targeted questions should be forgotten. Few things are more satisfying to consumers than finding an answer to a particular inquiry online. Such blogs demonstrate your depth and competence, which is excellent for drawing in new customers. You can even use your blog to answer new questions from specific readers if you like. Doing this can help your customers feel heard, and it is a great way to interact with them. People who see you doing this will also be motivated by the fact that you take the time to frankly discuss others’ concerns.

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Manufacturing Blogs Help With SEO

Blogging is a fantastic way to improve your manufacturing website’s search engine optimization (SEO), which is connected to online visibility as a whole. Fundamentally speaking, SEO strategies seek to ensure that people will discover your website researching a topic relevant to your area of business. As an end goal, you want to have a very high organic search result ranking for your website, since many people just click on the first few links that Google shows.


To grasp how SEO works, you must first understand website construction. You’ll need to be familiarized with the word “metadata,” which refers to all of the information about or on a website, including the text, layout, links, and other aspects. Search engines like Google use this information to determine the relevance of a certain website to a user’s search query. Generally speaking, the more relevant your website is, the higher up on the page it will generally appear.


Making your website as relevant to your field of business as you can should be your highest-priority goal. This requires some comprehension of the standards that Google adheres to. Figuring out your keywords is usually the first thing you do. Customers may use the following phrases in a search engine to locate your business, which are examples of keywords:

  • Semiconductor companies
  • Plastics manufacturing company near me (or in a specific location, such as Nashville)
  • Best manufacturing companies
  • Automobile parts manufacturer
  • Stainless steel suppliers
  • Custom glass manufacturers

These examples should give you an idea of what to look for. The key to employing keywords well is to use them frequently, but not obnoxiously. How much is too much is up to your own judgment. By using keywords, Google can more accurately determine who to display your website to, giving you the ideal opportunity to appear higher in search results.

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SEO Design Chicago Can Help Manufacturing Companies With Their Blogs

If any of the strategies or topics mentioned above were confusing, don’t worry: SEO Design Chicago can help. We have teams of professionals in every area of digital marketing, including developing and producing blogs for manufacturing companies. Our staff is available to you whether you need someone to produce blog articles for you or provide high-quality consultation services. We look forward to helping your business grow!


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