Guide to Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn has taken the social networking and advertising world by storm by offering professionals a way to market, advertise, and find new careers opportunities. With over 500 million social media users, it’s actually difficult to meet someone who doesn’t currently have a profile on LinkedIn.

One particularly good use of LinkedIn is job advertising. With access to so many members, it basically is a no-brainer to take advantage of LinkedIn advertising. There are a great number of benefits of advertising on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager and Conversion Tracking

Of all the LinkedIn paid advertising tips, this one might be the most important. Conversion tracking and other data analytics of the content you post will be the difference between an effective ad campaign and one that just wastes money. Conversion tracking is offered via the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. The LinkedIn ads manager includes LinkedIn Page Analytics and Analytics for Publishing on LinkedIn. Armed with data, you can make post LinkedIn ads targeting the best audience.

How to Begin Advertising on LinkedIn

While you can place a LinkedIn ad without a company page, it is going to be highly beneficial for you to have one. A LinkedIn company page allows you to promote your entire business and not just an individual employee. These pages are always public, which means that any information available on these pages are also ranked on the internet. They care not a replacement for your landing page, but they act similar to one depending on the type of ad campaign.

If you are careful to use keywords that are highly searchable and applicable to your page, you can increase the traffic your post get. Another great aspect of having a company page is that LinkedIn analyzes the data and tracks the number of times your post has appeared on a member’s page as well as the number of times your LinkedIn ad has been clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared.

Creating a company is relatively simple, but there are a few factors that need to be included to get it set up:

  1. You will need to enter your full name.
  2. You must have a profile strength of either “intermediate” or “all-star.” These are simply status markers stating how strong your profile is. It is in your best interests to make your profile as complete as possible.
  3. You need to have several connections with other members on your profile
  4. You must be currently employed with a company and have that information listed under “experience” on your LinkedIn profile.
  5. You will need to add your company email address and make sure that it is confirmed on your profile.
  6. You must create a company domain that is completely unique.

Showcase Pages on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn also features showcase pages, which are a great way to promote specific services or products. Showcase pages allow your LinkedIn followers to select the ads they would like to receive notifications for. A great aspect of showcase pages is that they will all link back to your company page and are directly related to your business.

LinkedIn Self Service Ads

Self service ads offer you the opportunity to advertise on LinkedIn without going over your budget because these ads are PPC (pay-per-click.) When you use this option, you are only paying when a member actually clicks on your ad. You also have the opportunity to streamline your ads so you are only reaching your desired audience. Your options for self service ads are as follows:

  • Text Ads – LinkedIn text ads are a simple way to feature your ad in multiple places such as a member’s inbox, or on LinkedIn’s homepage. They are great for improving your brand awareness. When placing these ads, you may also include a picture or video; many companies choose to feature either their logo, a picture of their employees, or even a picture of their products.
  • Ad-Copy – When using this method, you are allowed a maximum of 25 characters for your headline, so it is imperative that you use keywords that will attract your intended audience. Once you have gained interest with your headline, you are allowed 75 characters for the body of your ad. What’s great about these LinkedIn ads is that they seem to appear organically on the page and companies are pushed to make the ad more inviting since they have limited characters to work with. These factors make the ad more interesting to members, and they may be more likely to click on it.
  • Sponsored Content Advertising – Sponsored content marketing is one of the best ways LinkedIn can really showcase your ad. As mentioned in a previous article, you will have the ability to choose your target audience and have your content ad appear on their newsfeed. The content ad will first appear on your company page, then it will be promoted to your targeted member’s pages as well. This is a great marketing tool because your ad doesn’t just appear on the sidebar or on the top of the page; it is in their feed and has a greater chance to be viewed.
  • InMail Ads – These ads are a great way to send personalized messages to only your intended audience. Since these message ads are only sent out to currently active LinkedIn members, you can have confidence that your posts are being seen by interested viewers, and not just sitting unread in an inbox. Another great aspect of LinkedIn InMail ads is that they are based on a cost per send model and you can select your relevant audience before you send them out.

LinkedIn Advertising Partner Solutions with SEO Design Chicago

In case you might be feeling overwhelmed about placing ads on your own, LinkedIn offers help from experts via partner solutions. If you choose this option, you will be put in contact with experts, who will provide you with further access to premium advertising displays and management of your ads.

LinkedIn Summary

Since LinkedIn has over 500 millions users, it can be incredibly lucrative to take advantage of their advertising options. With several different ways to advertise, you are sure to find an solution that works for you and your budget. Advertising on LinkedIn helps you control your future and the future of your business.

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