Why is Anchor Text Important?

We live in a modern world and it’s important to understand technology and its benefits. Terms such as anchor text are important to understand because of their usage and necessity. You might’ve heard the gist of these terms, but why is it important to use?

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What is Anchor Text?

To begin with, anchor text is the clickable text that is a distinct blue color and generally underlined when under the mouse. It takes readers from one site to another more efficiently, like an anchor for two different sites. If used correctly, anchor text helps increase views on articles and expand the knowledge on the subject being researched. This form of linking a site can be much more successful than just dropping a link that isn’t readable.

Anchor text saves time from opening a new search engine to answer questions. This also takes you to the writer’s chosen site. It can also be the most relevant text to read because it answers what the other article did not have. It’s a faster way to make clarifications and have the reader be on the same page as the writer. It also tends to work more efficiently by saving time from looking up any questions the reader has.

Why is Anchor Text Important?

What makes anchor text important is the ability to give insight into something that the reader might find of interest to the reading. It serves as a ranking for a specific article, making it stand out more if it is of relevance. This builds credibility and creates more online traffic to your page. As you rank higher, you build trust with search engines, giving you higher chances of being on the search engine’s top results page. It serves as a win-win for both the writer and the reader. As it drives more traffic and boosts ranking to the writer, the reader can clear up any doubts.

It’s also important to use anchor text and make sure the links are coming from safe and secured websites to avoid penalization. This also risks the chances of lowering your ranking on the search engine results page. Anchor texts are important to use, but it is far more important to learn to use them wisely. Keeping an eye on the Google Penguin, a sophisticated update to track your rankings and prevent ranking reduction is highly important.

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Importance of Picking the Right Texts for your Anchor

For the anchor text to be successful, it’s crucial to add specific texts that will optimize clicks and conversions. The text you choose is important because it gives the reader  insight to what to expect from the site they’d be visiting. It should be relevant enough to encourage the reader to want to click it, otherwise, the anchor text serves no purpose.

Google algorithms also plays a part by observing the anchor choices as well as the algorithms that will depict what your content is based upon. This is helpful to avoid anchor texts that could potentially scam you or take you to an unpromising site. If a piece of anchor text looks unconvincing, the reader is less likely to click it, and the algorithms will not be beneficial to the article’s success.

What to Avoid When Using Anchor Texts

There are certain things to veer off from when using anchor texts. The placement of them fulfills a desired purpose that the writer wants. Phrases giving commands to the reader such as “click this link” decrease the credibility of your page and are more likely to be seen as a scam. These links help clarify or further expand a subject, but are not mandatory to click on. This gives freedom to the reader to do what they want and not feel as though they have to follow orders. Anchor texts are pretty user-friendly and not difficult to understand so the simple use of the anchor text is enough for the reader to understand.

It’s  crucial to make sure that the anchor text  is done correctly to avoid a naked URL. This shows the whole link instead of the text itself linked up, which is confusing to look at. When using naked URLs, the likelihood of being promoted by a search engine is significantly less likely because of the user-friendliness of clicking a linked text, as opposed to copying and pasting a link.

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Using Internal Links for Anchor Texts

If it is possible to include internal links, it is best to do so. When using external links, it risks the reader to leave your page and not come back. Internal links help with your articles’ SEO ranking. It also generates a lot more traffic to your own pages and takes the reader to important sites. It allows for a person to stay on your site longer which is beneficial to ranking, revenue and popularity. Although Internal links have these benefits, it is important to use both internal and external links. External links backup information from another person. Only including Internal links shows that there is no outside research. If there are only external links, it shows you have no information of your own to go with your writing.

A type of link to keep an eye on is backlinks. The risk of scam is greater when using these and decreases performance of your page if they are not safe sources. These links have to be monitored constantly in order to make sure the SEO ranking is not affected.

Anchor Text Placement

To place an anchor text, you simply highlight it and choose the URL option, where you then paste the site that you are linking. It is important to know where to place your anchor texts to maximize the amount of clicks. The links have to be spread out to avoid overwhelming the reader. There should be no more than two links per paragraph to avoid making the text less appealing. If the sentence linked doesn’t flow correctly, it is better not to link it in that spot. This lack of flow in the article has high chances to confuse the reader and lower the quality of the article.


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SEO Anchor Text

SEO, or  Search Engine Optimization, drives traffic to your site from the online search results. This practice increases not only the quality but also the quantity of your website. SEO anchor text is important because they help the optimization of a site but only if specific steps are taken. One of these methods is the update released by Google, Penguin, which penalizes SEO anchor texts that are either low quality or poor-quality link building.

People take advantage of the time between updates to include low quality sites without having Google correct them. In the end, the sites that link scams risk a bad reputation and harm themselves. It is always better to have a purposeful site that gives valuable information than a scam that will not last very long.

Link Anchors

Aside from anchor texts, there are link anchors, which defer in the placement of the link itself. Anchor texts are visible on the articles themselves, while Link Anchors will be found on the HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, of the page. Although link anchors differ from anchor texts, they are just as important to use and contribute to the benefits of the article just as much as anchor texts do.

When to Use These Links

Although linking other articles can be incredibly beneficial, it is also important to be cautious when using these links. If the links are placed too early in the article, it can drive readers away from the article and risk them not coming back to finish off what they were reading in the first place.  This is why it is better to place external links only when they are extremely necessary and will serve a useful purpose.

It is also best not to use the same article to reference all of your anchor texts for a couple of reasons. The biggest one is that Google might mistake it for spam and could affect the ranking and credibility of your article. Another reason is that it can decrease credibility if the reader ends up clicking both anchor texts. It is recommended that you don’t use the same site for links more than twice per article, instead, it is best to keep your article varied.

Importance of Anchor Texts

Many benefits come from using anchor texts in your articles. When they are used the right way, they can serve to be incredibly helpful. Anchor texts can achieve a top rank for your article which results in having a higher chance of credibility and trust for your article. By following the correct ways to place anchor texts will also increase the amount of online traffic that will drive to your page. Once that happens your page has better chances of becoming a top result in a search engine. Anchor texts are more important than most think and serve an incredibly important purpose in the success of your article.

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