Should I Try to Improve My Domain Authority?

Domain authority is an interesting metric that has caused a lot of debate between website owners. Some companies use it to determine the success of their digital strategies and strive to improve their scores. Others feel that it is unimportant and don’t give it much thought. So, should you be trying to improve your domain authority score? In this article, we will discuss domain authority and whether or not it is important for your website. We will also learn about historic domain authority and how to check your scores. Lastly, we will learn some helpful tips for boosting your site’s domain authority score.

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What is Domain Authority and Why is it Important?

Domain authority or “DA” is a metric that was created by the marketing analytics website Moz. Essentially, it is a score that predicts how likely a website is to rank well on search engines. The score ranges from 0 to 100. Higher scores mean a website is likely to rank higher. This score is calculated using a number of different factors combined to make one single domain score. These include linking root domains and the total number of links. 

One thing that is important to understand about domain authority is that it can be used to predict success, but it does not necessarily represent success. The metric is not directly used by Google and increasing it will not guarantee higher search result rankings. However, it is still a very useful metric. Domain authority can be used to help you understand how competitive your website is compared to others in your niche. This information can help you to more effectively plan your digital strategies. It can even help you to determine which keywords you can use to help boost your website’s SEO.

What is Historic Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a metric that represents the current “score” of a website. Historic domain authority is the list of all of the previous scores that a website has received. SEO experts and marketers can use this information to determine the value of a website. They can also use this metric to predict how well a website will rank on Google. You can check your website’s historic domain authority using a Domain Authority Checker. Checking this metric can help marketers and website owners keep track of fluctuations in their score and help them to hone their digital strategy.

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What is a Domain Authority Checker?

A DA checker is a tool that allows you to check the DA score of a website. You can use this tool to see your website’s current score, as well as your historic domain authority list. The simplest way is usually to use Moz’s Link Explorer tool. You can do this in just a few quick and easy steps:

  1. Go to the Moz website and locate the Link Explorer Tool.
  2. Type your website URL into the search bar at the top of the page.
  3. Sign up for a free Moz account (or sign in if you are already a member).
  4. Press “Enter” and get your DA score.

Once you get your score, you can predict how well your site is likely to rank on search engines. You can also check your competitors and compare your scores. This can help you to rework your online strategy and create a solid marketing plan. 

Best Domain Authority Checker Tools

Since Moz created the metric, they are often considered the first choice for checking domain authority. However, as the term has gained popularity, lots of DA checker tools have appeared all over the internet. As with most data metric tools, there are both paid and free options available. Whether you choose a paid or free domain authority checker will depend on the kind of information that you need. Below is a list of some of the best options for checking your website’s authority.

#1: Moz

Moz is the go-to website when checking a domain authority score. Since they created the metric, they are often the most trusted source on the subject. Besides their free domain authority checker, Moz offers a lot of other helpful SEO tools. Their quick-access “MozBar” is a helpful tool that can be installed in your web browser to quickly analyze a website and all of its pages.

#2: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best known tool sets for SEO and backlink analysis. In addition to other great SEO tools, they also offer a Website Authority Checker. Like Moz, they take multiple factors into consideration, like how many unique domains link to the target website and the authority of those domains. Along with the DA checker, the site also offers tips on how to improve your authority and overall website quality.

#3: Pre Post SEO

This is another platform that is offering great SEO tools to help marketers and webmasters. The main purpose of Pre Post SEO’s DA checker is to be able to check the domain authority and page authority of multiple sites at once. You can even use it to check IP addresses and spam scores. 

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How Do I Increase My Domain Authority?

As we discussed before, increasing your website’s domain authority should not be your main goal. This is because it is only a predictor of rankings, not an actual measure of success. That being said, there are many benefits to increasing your domain authority. It can help you to see how your website compares to your competitors. It can also help you to check out other websites you are considering backlinks from. Mainly, it is a great way to help you better plan your overall digital strategy. The following list has a few easy steps that you can take to give your site an authority boost.

#1: Make Sure You’ve Got The Basics Right

The first step of any good digital strategy is to make sure that your website is set up properly. This means implementing on-page and off-page SEO tactics. You’ll want to make sure that your pages load quickly, your website has a good UX design, and that it is mobile-friendly. This is also when you should check your internal links. Good internal links will help to index your content and help site crawlers understand your website. Also, make sure that your anchor texts match the pages that they link to. All of these strategies will work together to increase your domain authority and boost your website’s SEO. More traffic is always beneficial and a quality, well-made website is the first step. 

#2: Build Up Your High-Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are the number one way to increase your site’s authority. The more you have, the higher your scores. The best way to obtain high-quality links is through the process of link-building. This is done in a variety of ways, but there are a few basic steps to follow. First, you want to make sure that you create great content and promote it wherever you can. Websites with high authority will only link to your website if they find your content creative and useful. Second, you’ll want to be proactive and contact quality sites and ask them for backlinks. Make sure that you ask politely and show them what your website has to offer. Lastly, guest-blogging can be an effective way to gain quality backlinks. You may be able to link directly to your own content in your posts. Also, if readers enjoy your content, they may check out your website to see what else you’ve created.

#3: Get Rid of Low-Quality Backlinks

Not all links are beneficial for your website. Low-quality links are links that come from low-traffic, unknown, or spam-filled websites. Links from low-traffic sites are unlikely to be seen by many users and don’t add any value to your website. Likewise, links from spam websites will hurt your site’s authority. The best way to boost your domain authority score is to gain high-quality links and eliminate low-quality links. The easiest way to do this is to use a link checker to perform a link audit. SEO websites like SEMrush often have these kinds of tools. Run a link audit and see which links are harming your score. Once you have a list, do your best to remove them.

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Boosting Domain Authority for a Better Online Strategy

Domain authority is a useful metric that can help you to hone your digital strategy. Not only will it help you to see how your site is likely to rank on search engines, but it can also show you how competitive you are in your niche. This will also help you to know which keywords to use. Boosting your site’s authority can be a great step in optimizing your website. If you’d like to continue optimizing your site, consider scheduling an SEO audit. The experts at SEO Design Chicago can help you to identify the issues that are keeping you from increasing your search engine rankings and work with you to build a better site!


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