Can Blogging Increase Your Life Insurance Customer Base?

Are you the owner or employee of a life insurance company? Chances are that you’ve been looking for a way to reach a wider audience to access your services. Perhaps you know about a specific life insurance product or service that could greatly benefit one demographic of the population, or maybe you have experience with another great benefit that you want to spread the word about. In either scenario, blogging can help you! One huge part of marketing, especially with the rise of the internet, is blogging. Blogging is the creation of short-form content about a specific subject or topic. People can post a blog on a website, on social media, or even in print form! 

Blogging provides an excellent opportunity to utilize search engine optimization, also called SEO. SEO describes the usage of keywords in your content that match a user’s search on a search engine like Google. When these terms are the same (or very similar!) your content will appear higher up in the search, generating more traffic to your website. 

If you are the owner of a life insurance company, you may be wondering, can blogging increase your life insurance customer base? The answer is yes, one hundred percent! In this article, we will discuss in detail how life insurance blogging can increase your customer base.

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Life Insurance Keywords

The focus of SEO is keywords. Keywords are short words or phrases that have to do with the content you provide. In context, life insurance keywords are words and phrases that have to do with the industry. 

So, what constitutes a keyword that is life-insurance-focused? The answer is that a wide breadth of words and phrases can be used to optimize life insurance content. In reality, there are many terms that have to do with life insurance you can use in your blog! Some examples of life insurance keywords include “insurance,” “life insurance,” or “term life insurance.” Additionally, any specific services you provide can be turned into keywords! Simply use the title of the service or a short phrase that explains it. 

Life insurance can be conducted wholly online, however, if you are looking to increase in-person traffic to your business then it is important to use local keywords. Local keywords are words and phrases that have to do with the area you service. For instance, if you are a life insurance company based in Los Angeles, you can use keywords such as “Los Angeles,” “Los Angeles County,” or “Southern California” in your content to generate local traffic. For this purpose, it is imperative to use keywords regarding your services with those about your location, too. This way, people will get the combined results of your services and the locations you service in one search. 

You can also include keywords like “near me” or “in my area” to generate both local and in-person traffic. These keywords, in combination with the types listed above, will optimize your content to the largest degree. 

Life Insurance Blogs

Blogging for life insurance is one of the best ways to employ the use of life insurance keywords. A blog is a great tool for many reasons. One way it helps with the marketing of your business is that it increases credibility on your end. To put it this way, blogging shows customers that you care deeply about the industry you work in, so much so that you are actively engaged within it. 

Life insurance blogs can be about anything related at all to life insurance. Obviously, you can write about the life insurance products you offer or the other services you provide. For example, you can write a life insurance blog about the benefits of getting life insurance or share people’s personal stories about how life insurance benefited them. Or, you can write about similar insurance policies and explain their differences.

You don’t have to be the only one writing for your blog. You can have other employees write pieces, or have guest bloggers from outside the company write content for you. In fact, bringing in guest bloggers who are experts in specific fields related to yours will be a great asset to your blog by bringing in expertise. Since blog posts are usually about one topic, an expert of some sort will be able to extrapolate about their specialty in a blog post. 

Remember to use your keywords while you are blogging for life insurance! This is imperative because if you don’t use your keywords enough, the content will not be optimized to its fullest extent. The best way to optimize your content is to use your life insurance keywords and write a variety of content. 

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Social Media for Life Insurance Companies

Life insurance and social media may sound like an odd pair, however, they are really a match made in heaven! Social media is an excellent way for life insurance companies to advertise their services. 

One way social media benefits life insurance companies is that the captions of posts can function as tiny blog posts! For instance, in the caption of a TikTok, you can include hashtags, which function as keywords. Instagram has the highest engagement of all social media platforms, so it is a great idea to use this website! Instagram is a great tool for sharing infographics and pictures related to your company. It is also a good place to educate your future clients about life insurance in a brief and concise way. 

Oftentimes, when we are online, we are scrolling for hours. This means that your social media content needs to be eye-catching and interesting. You can use emojis, bright colors, and attractive photos to market your services. 

Social media is a good tool for reaching specific audiences. TikTok, for example, has a younger than average user base. In this case, you can target your content to the younger generation on a platform like TikTok, while on the other hand market to a slightly older group of clients on sites like Facebook. 

So, besides Instagram and TikTok, what other social media sites are beneficial for life insurance companies? The answer is all of them! Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn–the list goes on! The more content you create on social media, no matter the platform, the larger the audience you reach. 

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Marketing and Advertising for Life Insurance

Social media is a great tool to use in marketing for life insurance. This is because you can reach specific demographics, and also get information about those demographics while you create content. In this way, social media contributes to the development of more targeted life insurance advertising. 

Marketing for life insurance can also be based on in-person clients. For example, if you notice a lack of participation in a specific program in your area, you can investigate why this gap exists and try to close it. 

Marketing for life insurance is the predecessor of life insurance advertising. Once you identify what the needs of your community are, you can match those with the services you provide and advertise them. So, what does life insurance advertising look like? Life insurance companies can use local advertisements like newspapers, magazines, bulletin boards, placemats, and billboards to market to people in their area. 

Your blog is the perfect home for life insurance advertising and marketing. You can include a tab on your blog page about the services you provide as well as your contact information to make it easier for people to access your services. You can also embed advertisements within your blogs or on the sidebars of your page!

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Blogging Help for Life Insurance Companies

Overall, blogging can increase your life insurance customer base! Blogging is a great tool to use to boost both your online and in-person sales. It is especially great for online clients of yours, as a blog makes it easy to access content online about your services. 

Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you create a blog to optimize your online content and increase sales. In the Los Angeles area, we can specifically help you market your content to in-person customers by using local knowledge of the area. 

We can also help life insurance companies with a number of other marketing, advertising, and social media activities. From website design to paid online advertisements, we have expert teams of people to help you.


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