Why Content Creation Is Important for Landscapers

Working in the lawn and garden industry takes a special kind of person who is passionate about what they do. In a world full of technology, you may think this industry is declining and that people are only interested in being indoors on their phones. However, you’d be wrong. With the increasing number of commercial and residential projects and using the outdoors for parties, entertainment, and lounging, this market is nowhere near over. In fact, the market size of lawn and garden services has grown 4.2% per year on average between the years 2017 and 2022.

What does this mean for the lawn and garden industries? That they still serve a great purpose today, despite all of the technology that has taken over our lives. People still appreciate gardens and beautiful landscapes to enjoy in their backyards. The downside of this is that you will likely have competition. You can rise above your competitors by making effective blogs on your lawn and garden business’s site. 

Within this article, we will review blogging essentials for the lawn and garden industry. First, let’s talk about why blogs are important.

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Why Have a Landscaping Blog?

You may be wondering why you should have a blog. While it is an optional marketing strategy, it can make a world of a difference for your business. Businesses with blogs can get up to 55% more visitors. But why does this happen? Let’s discuss some of the advantages blogs give your business.

Holds You Accountable

Blogging does wonders with boosting your online presence and holding you accountable. It keeps your site fresh with constant updates and relevance. The more relevant your site is, the better. Your clients will appreciate your willingness to keep your site top-notch. Blogs will help keep you on your toes for updating your website so that you will always be staying up-to-date. 

Search Engine Optimization

More blogs mean more content, and more content means more opportunities to use keywords and internal links. In short, blogging helps with search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing tool popular among businesses. Essentially what it does is bring your website to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Since customers typically don’t scroll past the first few results, being at the top of SERPs could make or break your online activity. SEO can be incorporated into your content in many different ways, but blogging is one of the best ways because it is simple and assists you in many different advertising realms. 

Humanizes Your Business

While it is important to look at the strategic side of blogging, it is also important to recognize the way it makes your business look. People like reading blogs because it makes your business seem friendly, humanizing your business and showing that you have a voice behind your business. Furthermore, lawn care blogs and garden blogs are typically easy-to-read, aimed at beginners who genuinely want to learn about what they are reading. 

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The Importance of Blogging for Lawn Care Companies and Blogging for Garden Companies

While blogging is important for any business, it is especially important for the lawn and garden industries. Lawn care and gardening blogs will improve your website, allowing it to be constantly growing and shifting just like the industry itself is. It is essential for lawn and garden companies to be keeping up with these changes because it will keep their company going and allow them to rise above their competitors. 

Blogging Tips

Blog writing can seem intimidating at first, but as long as you have a plan and stay organized, it will be easy to manage. Even if blogging becomes stressful, you can always hire a writing team, a group of interns, or a marketing agency such as SEO Design Chicago to help you out. Once you get into a rhythm, the easier it will be. We’ll go through some blogging tips to get you started on the right foot.

Before You Blog

Before you begin blogging, make sure to know what you want to write about. Coming up with topics isn’t always easy, but if it is planned out beforehand, there is less pressure to think of a new idea. Make sure to always be making lists of new topic ideas. This will make the planning process a lot easier. When you think of topics, make sure to also be thinking of keywords to go along with it. Average blogs are typically around 1500 words long, so make sure to plan out your keywords accordingly. You should have primary and secondary keywords. 

Schedule Your Lawn Care Blog

Blogging for lawn care companies and blogging for garden companies will be difficult without a schedule. Having a content calendar on hand will benefit you and your writing team. Whether it’s virtual or on paper, laying everything out to easily see will make a world of a difference. It will also help make you feel more accomplished when writing lawn care blogs, since crossing things off of lists is very therapeutic. 

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Lawn Care Blog Ideas 

Coming up with lawn care blog ideas sounds a little tricky, but it isn’t impossible. If you can’t think of anything new to write about, try asking yourself a few questions, like who is my audience? Or what would I want to read about if I were looking at a lawn care blog? Once you look from an audience perspective, whether that’s garden specialists, potential clients, or just someone who is curious about landscaping, it’ll be easier to come up with ideas. Your blogs will likely attract a variety of people, so make a variety of topics! 

Once you get started, you can branch off of existing ideas and create completely new ideas based on them, or even themes that repeat themselves! The options are endless. As long as your business is still going, your lawn care blogs will have material. If you still can’t come up with ideas, here are some ideas to get you started with your lawn care blogs:

  • Write about yourself and your experiences
  • Have a guest blogger
  • Conduct interviews with past clients
  • Write about staff members
  • Share facts about plants or flowers
  • Create guides on how to keep a garden looking fresh and lovely, how often to water your garden, or what to grow in your garden

Lawn Care Blogging Essentials

At the end of the day, the essentials to creating a successful blog are planning, being creative, and committing to your blogs. Don’t be afraid to make your lawn care blogs stand out. Be unique! You know your business best, make sure to show that through your blogs. 

With the competition in your field, it can be easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Blogging might feel like the least of your worries. However, going the extra mile will be worth it. If you blog, your audience will appreciate the effort, plus you will likely bring in a lot more of a crowd than you initially had without a blog. Blogs show that you care about your audience, and they will make your audience care about you.

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