Attaching a Link on an Instagram Story

News flash! You don’t necessarily need 10k+ subscribers to attach a link on an Instagram Story. If you’re wondering why this is important to you or your marketing business, then you should read on.

Instagram is a great marketing tool in the year 2022. As the second most utilized social network behind Facebook, it’s safe to say Instagram is widely used and its users are engaged. In fact, Instagram reports having one billion active users and 500 million daily Instagram Stories users. If you’re in the business of marketing, that’s an enormous pool of potential customers.

While Instagram may have started as a personal platform, it’s become a go-to promotional tool for businesses. Not only is it the perfect network to share easily digestible content, promote products, and interact directly with customers, it’s even a great way to recruit applicants for open positions. If your company is not yet on Instagram, perhaps you should ponder the fact that 71% of US businesses are active on the platform.

Now’s the time to incorporate Instagram into your marketing strategy. One way to take advantage of this is to learn how to attach a link on an Instagram Story.

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How to Add a Link to Instagram Story

The largest advantage you gain from using Instagram is the visual nature of the app, which does a lot of the legwork for your business. You don’t need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars building a successful Instagram ad campaign. Short video clips, collections of photos, and strategically tailored Stories are all you need to curate a quality promotion. Not to mention, you can create a fun and lively atmosphere by utilizing the built-in app plugins or engaging in direct communication with your customers.

Lucky for you, Instagram also allows you to add links to your profile–posts and stories. But you must first know how to attach a link to your Instagram Story. Once you do, it’s a perfect way to redirect users from the Instagram app to your company’s website.

In short, to add a link to your story you will add a Link story, then do as follows:

  • Upload (or capture) content to your story
  • Choose the link sticker tool from the top navigation bar
  • Tap the ‘Link’ sticker
  • Add your desired destination to the link
  • Tap ‘Done’
  • You can then place this sticker on your story (and edit it using a variety of colors and styles)

We’ll go over this in further detail a little later on in the article. Then again, if you’re completely new to Instagram marketing (and the app in general), there’s a few things you must consider before you get to the finer details like learning how to attach a link to your Instagram story to utilize the app to its fullest potential.

What’s Your Goal?

Define what it is you hope to achieve. Simply putting forth the effort to market your products or services on Instagram is pointless unless you have a set goal to achieve.

Who’s It For?

Ask yourself who your target audience is. Are they the common Instagram user? If not, is Instagram the best marketing platform for your brand? While there are a variety of people who use the app, it’s fair to say much of the user base are between 18 and 40. That’s still a wide range of users. If, for example, you are marketing products to teenagers, you might be excited to learn that 73% of teens say Instagram is the best way for brands to reach them for promotional purposes.

How Do Your Competitors Use Instagram?

Yes, you should analyze what your competitors are up to on Instagram. No, you don’t need to copy their exact formula. It’s just another way of doing competitive analysis. Perhaps you notice something they aren’t doing that you think your brand could corner as a niche. Take that and run with it.

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Schedule Your Content

Plan your Instagram posts using a content calendar, and do your best to post on a regular and consistent basis. You want to keep your users engaged. Don’t overdo it. Because of the simpler nature of Instagram posts, it’s easy to go overboard. Your user might tire of your brand if you’re constantly feeding them content.

What Is Your Brand?

Once your brand image is seen by enough people, you would be wise to stick with it. Keep it consistent. Diverting from your brand image is confusing to your customers. It might also push them away if they don’t like the inconsistencies. 

If you have multiple people running your social media, you should have a content creation template and style guide. Pay attention to the voice you use, the way you format your images, and the way you engage with your users.

Of the 500 million aforementioned daily Instagram story viewers, 58% say they’ve become more interested in a product based on viewing an ad in Stories.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Some companies and influencers will resort to purchasing followers. This is ill-advised. Instead, be sure to curate your profile before worrying about attracting followers. Make sure your profile is correctly and clearly labeled. No abbreviations! And be sure to have several high-quality posts uploaded to your profile. You want your followers to see your profile as being active.

Once your profile is completed and you’ve uploaded a few posts, then you can go about attracting followers. There are even built-in tools you can use to optimize your profile to attract followers and build marketing campaigns on Instagram.

Additional Things to Consider

Okay, so now you can see similarities between marketing on Instagram versus any other promotional channel. At the end of the day, it’s about reaching your audience, connecting with them with empathy, and providing a product or solution for the problem they seek to conquer. Still, there are additional advantages to using the Instagram platform.

  1. Your customers expect to see you on Instagram–Yes, your customers are searching for your company on Instagram. Imagine their shock if you aren’t on the platform. Does that make them think less of your brand?
  2. Reputation–Having a verified business account on Instagram gives your brand a look of professionalism and legitimacy. This builds trust.
  3. Tag Feature–Your customers will have the ability to tag your business or your products on their own profiles, posts, or stories. This gives you direct insight into how your customers are engaging with your products. Did they do business with you and then post a raving review on their profile? Or maybe something happened that left the customer dissatisfied and they mentioned it in a post. Use this to improve your products and services.
    1. Your brand can also tag products or services on your profile posts. Of course, you can link to your web store or wherever your products and services are sold.
  4. Network–Feel like partnering with another company? Found the perfect affiliate influencer? Instagram is a streamlined way to connect with external partners and build your brand’s global network.

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Instagram Links

If you’re looking to drive engagement or direct users to your website, learning how to attach a link to your Instagram Story or other app content is a must. Instagram stories, in particular, are a great way to create an immediacy that your general posts won’t. After all, stories are only active for 24 hours–your user will feel a sense of urgency.

Instagram also allows you to pay to promote posts and stories. Use this to your advantage.

Swipe Up

The ‘Swipe Up’ tool is another built-in feature you can utilize on Instagram. Found on Instagram Stories, this method of promotion allows you to post a short video that outlines a new product or service. This is a fast way to increase buyer awareness and intrigue–a surefire way to increase traffic to your website.

Similar to landing page ads, the Swipe Up tool can also be used to promote sales and special discounts.

Link It

Linking content on your Instagram profile is simple once you know where to look. Fortunately, Instagram provides easy-to-use tools for embedding links. If you’re hoping to link to a post or video on Instagram, you’ll need to do two things:

  • Click on the ellipses icon (three dots in a row) above the post
  • Then tap ‘Link’

If you wish to link to an external site, do this:

  • Open your web browser
  • Go to
  • Click the post you want to save and copy the link at the top of your browser

how to add a link to instagram story

I’m Ready to Give It a Try. Where Should I Go for Assistance?

Now that you know how to attach a link to your Instagram Story, you may discover you need additional support. Perhaps you’re looking for professional photography assistance or other forms of digital content creation. And if you’re going to be linking Instagram users to your website, you’ll want to make certain your web design is top-notch quality.

Fortunately, SEO Design Chicago provides a host of digital marketing solutions for you and your company. Whether you need help with your Instagram ad creation, or you’re looking to revamp the user interface (UI) design of your digital products, SDC has you covered. Don’t wait. Take action and take advantage of the full range of digital marketing solutions that are available.


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