Why Local SEO Is Important for Health Clubs

Local SEO for health clubs is what makes your health club visible at the top of the search engine when your ideal customer searches online for “health clubs near me.” After contacting the first two health clubs, they might choose one of them and stop their search. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you rank at the top of a ‘near me’ search result page.

What Are Health Clubs?

Health clubs are fitness centers that cater classes to strengthen both body and mind. Gyms focus on weight training and cardio exercises and have that equipment in their physical location. They might provide one-on-one fitness coaching by personal trainers, but they don’t offer group exercise classes.

Unlike Gyms, health clubs have fitness centers and group exercise classes comprising yoga, meditation, Zumba, core exercise classes, and Mixed Martial Arts. The facility will possess indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, showers, lounge rooms, running tracks, and basketball and tennis courts.

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Why Do You Need Local SEO for Health Clubs?

SEO is the optimization by which the search engine ranking improves and incoming organic traffic also increases. You can achieve SEO without any financial burden, but only by following a few simple steps. While general SEO helps you get found nationally, local SEO places you right in front of your local community, among whom your ideal clients exist.

Local SEO is the major part of the organic SEO you need to master if you own a big or small business, like a health club. Local SEO for health clubs plays a massive role in getting found easily by your ideal customers. Who among us is not guilty of searching online for a product or service “near me?” The service you searched for might be a restaurant, cafe, or even a health club to join!

Importance of a Health Club SEO Strategy

The success of a health club SEO strategy is entirely dependent on leveraging the marketing and advertising avenues available to improve your local SEO. When your ideal customer searches for “fitness club near me,” Google tends to rate your business based on:

  1. How close your business location is to the physical location of the person conducting the online search
  2. The number of reviews your business has received 
  3. How relevant your business is to the searcher’s intent

How to Do Health Club Marketing Using local SEO

According to recent research, 46% of all searches on Google are local, and 89% of Americans look for a local business on their smartphone at least once a week. Hence, it is important to leverage local SEO to formulate a Health club marketing strategy.

Get a Google My Business page

When you have a Google My Business page, you get listed in the map section of Google local businesses when a user searches for “health club near me.” Your listing will show your NAP (name, address, and phone number) details, working hours, your health club’s busiest hours, location on the map, directions to your health club, photos of your interior, your offers, services, products, customer reviews, and reviews left by your customers on citation sites. 

Moreover, getting a Google My Business page is simple and free of cost. And also, it is easier to optimize a Google My Business page’s rank higher than it is to improve the rank of a website. Hence getting a Google My Business page is the first step in leveraging local SEO for health clubs.

Content Strategy for Local SEO

When you are creating your content strategy, you should start by researching keywords related to health clubs. You can do so using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner. Also, look at the keywords your competitors are using. Write blogs for those keywords and post them consistently. For example, a blog about how keeping the mind and body healthy will improve the quality of life might inspire a new client to join your health club down the lane. You could also regularly promote your health club via useful content on other free blog promotion sites to get more visibility.

Audit Your Website for Local SEO

To begin with, you should make sure that your health club name, city name, and state name are in all title tags. A good idea would be to have it on a fixed footer on your website. You should also ensure all the backlinks and citations from external sources have your health club’s NAP details correctly in the same order. If not, reach out to them and request a correction. For NAP, consistency is vital across the web.

Another important step is to make your website responsive on all devices. If you are using a WordPress website, look into the best themes for your health club. Then, you can customize it to best fit your health club’s brand. 

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Ask for Reviews from Your Satisfied Customers

Google deems a website with more reviews as a website with more authority and credibility. Hence, several Google reviews from your customers could improve your local SEO score. Also, respond to the reviews regularly to show Google that you are an active business. Get your business listed on review sites like Yelp, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Citysearch, etc. Featuring numerous reviews on citation sites will improve local SEO for health clubs. Find out where your clients from our local community hang out a lot and decide intelligently on where to get listed. For that, you can make use of MOZ’s “citation by city” page to discover which citation sites are most popular in your city. Without question, local SEO for health clubs relies greatly on customer reviews.

Harness the Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are among the most effective and yet the most inexpensive marketing campaigns. Place an opt-in pop-up page on your website with a delayed timer to avoid irritating your clients. Also, obtain the email addresses of anyone who approaches you or calls your business to find out about a free trial, free consultation, or after reading your blog. These are the leads that are interested in your health club.

Once you have an email database, nurture those leads by sending out helpful information like advice on nutrition, free timed training routines, offers, and more. 

Be Active on Your Social Media Profiles

Your health club’s members will feel more encouraged when you stay active on your social media handles. If you’re struggling with what to post on your profiles, consider these ideas:

  • Share a sample video of a personal training class at your health club; a video of your patrons enjoying a group yoga session or Zumba class; an inspiring and emotional video of a client’s fitness journey; or videos of a daily workout routine at your health club, etc.
  • Share a post on that day’s temperature and add a motivating quote on why they should visit the health club, despite the weather.
  • Post healthy yet tasty and simple recipes that will help your clients stick to their fitness journey.
  • Host exciting contests with giveaways to encourage your clients to get involved and tag their friends.

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Ideas for Advertising Health Clubs

Advertising for health clubs goes hand in hand with your local SEO strategy. Only by advertising can you showcase your unique selling point and how you are better than your competitors in your area. However, how do you go about it? Listed below are some ideas for advertising for health clubs that are sure to help you on your path to local SEO success.

Utilize Your Building and Property

Hanging banners on your building stating your offers and how you are different, along with yard signs on your lawn, could be one of the powerful advertising strategies. Just think about how many cars drive by your business every day and see these advertisements.

Print Media

Another advertising tactic is print media like brochures and flyers. You can distribute these in areas where your target clients are more likely to hang out. These print materials for distribution can carry your brand message, unique selling point, offers, and contact details. Well-lit photos of your health club’s interior and your team members and their messages can also be present on them.

Network Your Community’s Events

You could give a speech at a local gathering about all-rounded wellness and end with how your health club is committed to improving the local community’s quality of life. You could also set up a shop in the local farmer’s market or library event to spread awareness about your existence and your excellence.

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Why Are You Still Waiting?

To become a flourishing health club, you only need two things. First, you need to get in front of your ideal customer’s eyes. Second, you need to provide high-quality service that satisfies current clients and attracts new ones. 

This information from this article will help you with the first, and dedication on your part will bring the second one true. You can also ask for the help of an SEO agency like SEO Design Chicago to improve your local SEO for your health club. Our experienced team would be happy to help your health club grow.


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