How Gyms Get More Clients by Blogging

Are you the owner of a gym looking to boost your business? Keep reading! Gyms get more clients by blogging, and this is an excellent way to increase traffic to your gym. 

Even though a gym provides in-person services, it is still important to create ample online content, as this will help build attention around your business. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an excellent way to boost your listings in a client’s online search. A blog provides a great opportunity to use SEO tactics to your advantage. A blog helps create the kind of community you value for your gym, which is important for new clients to see to feel connected and included. This article will discuss how your gyms can start getting more clients by blogging

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A Beginner’s Guide to Gym Blogs

A blog is a short-form piece of writing discussing a certain topic. Your gym blog can be about anything related to gyms. For example, you can write a blog post about different types of workouts, diets, or gym equipment. These topics aren’t the only ones you can write about, though! Additionally, you can write lifestyle blogs, especially those having to do with self-care or healthy living. You can even write blog posts about health issues, or preventative measures to reduce health issues.

Blogging will help boost your business by bringing attention to your gym. Writing a blog shows future clients that you care deeply about your industry and that you are dedicated to helping people live a more healthy lifestyle. 

Many people feel intimidated going to the gym, so it is important that you cultivate a gym culture that is accepting, open, and encouraging for all people. Blogging for gyms is a great way to do this, as the content you write has a huge effect on how people feel about your gym. 

Who Should Write Blog Posts?

Blogging is a way to diversify your content, too, which helps cover more bases in terms of SEO. Basically, the more content you write that includes keywords, the more traffic you will get to your website. If you’re wondering who will actually be responsible for writing the blog posts, the answer varies. Blogging could be a joint effort by several members of your team, you could ask for guest posts from other local businesses, or you could hire a company like SEO Design Chicago. This way, you can get a diverse set of voices contributing content to your website. 

For example, perhaps one of your personal trainers focuses on strength training for athletes, while another one of your personal trainers focuses on helping people with weight loss or stamina. In both of these examples, each personal trainer could write blog posts about their specific interests. This could be a major incentive for people to come to visit your gym in person.

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Gym Keywords

It is essential to utilize keywords in your blog posts. Doing so will be helpful for search engine optimization, or SEO. If your keywords match the ones in users’ searches, then your content will appear higher in their search results. 

You may be wondering, what are gym keywords? The short answer is that any word if it is related even vaguely to gyms can be used as a keyword. Some common gym words may be “working out,” “deadlift,” or “elliptical.” 

It is important to use these keywords in conjunction with words and phrases that have to do with your location. For starters, gym owners can use words like “near me” or “in my area” in order to appear locally in people’s searches. Additionally, gym owners can also use the names of their areas, too. For example, gym owners in San Jose, California can use these terms in their content in order to show up locally. 

Social Media for Gyms

Gyms can rely partly on social media to market their services. Social media is an excellent tool for gyms to use for many reasons. For instance, one way that social media helps gyms market is by targeting specific audiences. Sites like Instagram and Facebook allow users to join communities, and many of these communities are focused on health and fitness. 

Social media also often acts as a venue to post short-form writing pieces or visual content, both of which can be interpreted as types of blogs. For instance, you can write a caption on an Instagram post that can be informative or inspiring. In this caption, you can utilize keywords in the form of hashtags, which will help with the SEO of your business. 

Your social media profiles are also a great place to repurpose your blog content. You could create multiple posts using different parts of each blog post. This can help increase the reach of your blog posts exponentially.

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Local SEO for Gyms

Local SEO for gyms is especially important because a gym is an in-person business. It is simply the use of search engine optimization for the purpose of boosting in-person traffic to your business instead of just online. 

For local SEO, it is important to use those local keywords in your blog posts. This is not all you can do for local SEO, though. In your blogs, you can also use your knowledge of the area you work in to draw clients in. For example, you can use language that people in your community use, or refer to local spots in your area in your writing. 

Local SEO for gyms can also take on other forms, too. For example, you can write pieces in local papers and magazines, or make postings for your gym in public places, such as the library, coffee shops, or restaurants. 

Using local SEO will allow future clients to feel confident in your services. It will also make your gym be seen as a reliable and trustworthy place to go, which is important for gym-goers as a gym is a place to care for one’s health. 

Marketing for Gyms With Blogging

A blog can help improve marketing for gyms by providing demographics and other information about the people who read your writing. For example, you can learn about where your clients live, or their age range. Both of these pieces of information will help you advertise more effectively, and lead to better business outcomes. 

Local SEO for gyms will also help a ton with marketing. This is because knowing your area will help you understand the types of services people need. Different areas also have different attitudes towards health and wellness, and being keyed into these ideas will help you be better in touch with your community. 

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Gym Advertising Strategies

Of course, once you learn more about the best way to market your gym, you can begin advertising it. Both local and in-person advertisements are important to spread the word about your gym!

In terms of online advertisements, you can create listings for your gym to be put on Instagram or Facebook, allowing easy access to sign up for a gym membership or meet with a personal trainer. You can also create commercials and videos online to show people what your gym looks like, and introduce them to your gym’s staff. 

In-person advertisements are also important, as a gym relies on foot traffic to generate revenue. In-person advertisements can be placed in newspapers, magazines, placemats, billboards, buses, and more! The point is to simply advertise in whatever local way you can. 

You can also advertise specifically to niche audiences that you become aware of through blogging. For example, perhaps you find an exercise that is very beneficial for the elderly. Once you know this information, you can advertise in places you know have large client bases of older folks. 

SEO Design Chicago Can Help With Your Gym Blog

In conclusion, blogging is an excellent way to market your gym. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about knowing where to begin with blogging, the team at SEO Design Chicago is here for you. We can help you with setting up your blog and consistent content creation! However, our capabilities are not limited to blogging. We have the expertise to help you with any area of digital marketing, web development, local and online advertising, marketing, social media postings, and more! Check us out and learn more about how we can help you market your gym!


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