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As the technology industry continues to grow and integrate into our everyday lives, many aspects of our lives have become easier. Advertising is one of those aspects, as online advertising has become extremely popular. Digital advertising is a common form of marketing that is utilized by millions of businesses and companies to promote their brand. There are several different styles of digital advertising such as email marketing and using social media ads. 

Display advertising is a popular tactic to reach an audience through banner ads that can be viewed on search engines such as Google. These ads can be shown on any article, website, or video that people search. Google display ads are Google Ads displayed within Google Display Network that reaches billions of internet users a day. With Google Ads, it is a pay-per-click (PPC) type of advertising which enables businesses to target more users than ever before. PPC advertising on Google Ads requires advertisers to pay a small charge only when someone visits your site through the ad itself. This charge can be anywhere from $1 to $50, although it’s usually $1 to $2 for most. After reading this article, you will understand exactly how Google Ads work, how much it can cost, and the many benefits of using Google Display Ads.

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Google Display Ads

Within Google Display Network, nearly all Internet users are able to be reached from around the world, making this network popular for advertisers. This network consists of millions of media platforms such as apps, sites, Gmail, and more. Within these platforms is where advertisers are able to display their ads for viewers to see and engage with. Each website or platform within this network gains revenue from Google for allowing their ads to display there. 

The most attractive part about creating Google Display Ads for the advertiser is that they can choose with what content they want to place their ads. This is beneficial because the ad can pertain to the specific interests of its viewers, reaching its target audience more effectively. Google Ads appear usually in the form of an image or another type of media along with information on the product or service. Although the sites are not Google-owned, they are a part of Google’s network. These display ads are beneficial for advertisers looking to increase their brand awareness due to higher visibility

There are different types of display ads that advertisers may choose from. There are responsive display ads, uploaded image ads, and Gmail ads. Responsive display ads may offer your brand maximum audience reach because it is able to insert ads in any format available within Google Display Network. This is because it adjusts the size and overall appearance of an ad to fit in any setting. It is the most popular type of display ad for this reason, as it automatically develops ads. 

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Benefits of Use

There are many benefits of creating Google Ads when it comes to advertising your brand. One of the main ones is that Google pairs these ads with content similar to the advertisement. This is not only efficient for the advertiser, but it’s also good for viewers because they are seeing ads that may be of interest to them. Google Ads easily and directly connect businesses with their target audience. 

As discussed before, Google Display Ads are most beneficial for businesses looking to optimize their brand awareness, as their ad’s reach is greater than before. The main objective of creating an ad on any platform is to increase your sales. Google Display Ads are able to accomplish that for your business, as their retargeting efforts grab the attention of many users. Retargeting users allows them to see what websites they have once borrowed from advertisements. Multiple studies have shown that companies who use Google display ads have seen their sales increase in the near future. 

The average click-through-rate (CTR) is around .46% for Google Display Ads, which is higher than most. This means that your business’s website can potentially boost its traffic greatly using this route. An important factor that advertisers take into consideration when choosing to use Google Ads is how many people they are able to reach. Building greater brand awareness for your business is another beneficial factor here. This is because nearly 90% of internet users are reachable with Google Display Network. As users of this network continue to see an ad that is tailored to their interests and likes, this will heavily influence their consumer purchasing choices. This can help conversions within your website as well as develop customer loyalty. Creating a relationship with your customers that is engaging is important for sales and overall business growth.

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Google Pricing

When choosing a budget to stick to when advertising, Google Ads pricing can help you get the most out of your ads. Since Google uses pay-per-click ad charging, you will get charged when someone clicks on your ad through Google’s network. This engagement-based system does not require any fees to be paid upfront when establishing your Google Ad. There is no clear answer to the question of how much Google Ads cost, as its pricing depends on several factors since ads are customizable. 

For this reason, Google Ads is a top choice for both larger and small businesses or enterprises as they can choose how much they want to spend. Per click, the average cost on Google Ads is about $1 to $2. This can come to up to $10,000 a month for medium-sized businesses. In other words, advertisers will get out what they choose to put in with Google Ads. Based on the industry, product, or service being advertised, the cost per click may differ. For example, the finance and insurance industry has spent over $4 billion while the hospitality industry has spent much less with Google’s PPC system. 

The cost your business desires to spend monthly will depend on which ad format is chosen and how many clicks per month is satisfactory for you. The amount of clicks your advertisements receive is a clear indicator of how successful your budget has been. It will also show you whether or not you should alter it in order to maximize its potential. It’s important to be realistic with your monthly budget and bid amount. Your bid amount is helpful for maximizing your business returns and conversions. The more you are willing to spend, the greater the quality of your Google ads may be.

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How to Work Google Ads

Before going and creating your Google Ad, it’s important to have a solid content marketing plan. This will help guide your advertisement in its structure and budget. The first thing you’ll have to do is create your Google Ads account, which is fairly simple. Next, you must set a goal for your ads. The options provided are sales, leads, website traffic, product/brand consideration, brand awareness, and app promotion. For example, this could be wanting to turn traffic into leads for your site. 

Choose Your Campaign

Then, there are four different campaigns to choose from which are search, display, shopping, or video. As mentioned previously, display campaigns are mainly chosen to spread brand awareness. The shopping campaign option is very commonly used by e-commerce websites. When defining your campaign’s audience, Google allows you to choose a location based on where you aim to target your ad. This is important for making sure your advertisement will reach the correct audience and optimize your end goal. 

Choose Your Budget

To choose your Google Ads budget, you must first calculate your conversion rate along with your profit per sale. Then, you are able to type in this daily amount and choose standard delivery. This makes sure your budget is stretches out over time. The next step is to define your ad’s bidding strategy to help maximize your chosen budget. Creating your Google Ad extensions is important because it will help your ad stick if you add the proper amount of information. Once you do your keyword research to help your ad’s SEO, you can go on to create your ad. 

SEO Design Chicago can help anyone perfect their keywords with the expertise and tools you need. Google Display Ads gives you the option of customizing your own targeting options. This simply means that advertisers can choose where to place their ads based on their marketing strategies. When choosing between the three different types of display ads in Google, make sure to pick the format that will best suit your strategy’s goal. To see the effectiveness of your Google Ads, you can measure click-through rates as well as your conversion rate.


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