How to Advertise On Google

Have you ever seen big companies advertise on Google and wonder how they do it? You might be missing out on tons of profit by not running frequent Google ad campaigns. As a marketing manager or entrepreneur, Google Ads can be a huge asset. There’s room for businesses of all shapes and sizes to grow. Advertising on Google can help you target your specific audience and fine-tune your re-targeting strategy. There’s a lot of information out there about advertising on Google but it doesn’t have to be as much of a headache as the narrative of Google Ads is made out to be.

Today we’re breaking down a step-by-step guide to the whats and hows of Google Ads. Why are Google Ad campaigns important? How can ad campaigns boost your ROI? All you need is a Google account and a website link to get started. Once your email is set up, we can start your journey to e-commerce profit.

how to create Google ads

What Are Google Ad Campaigns?

Google Ad campaigns describe the advertisements set on Google by a business for a set time and set audience. Google campaigns have a daunting feel to the title because everyone wants to get the perfect from the start. Who wouldn’t want that? Little does everyone know that Google Ad campaigns are a craft that gets perfected over time.

It takes time to create well-performing advertising for an audience that has never seen your ad before. What was thought to be a solid Google Ad in preparation doesn’t always perform well with an audience. An example of this would be catchy headlines. For the sake of this article, we’ll be using a new luxury watch website as an example for your upcoming Google Ad. This is purely for example use and the tools can be used in any industry. 

Let’s say you want to create a Google Ad campaign for your luxury watch company and thought your target audience would react very well to the headline “Luxury Sport Watches | Handcraft Designs.” However, that may not perform as well as something short and punchy like  “Luxury Sport Watches | FREE Shipping Worldwide.” It’s all pretty hard to gauge unless you’ve run a few A/B testing campaigns. 

What Is Google Ad Campaign Testing?

Before you create your advertisement on Google, you should already have a clear idea of who you are targeting your products on your site.  Group testing is only great to test Google Analytics. It could be a waste of money as you’ll be spending lots of money on costs per click for such a broad audience that may not be fully interested in purchasing your product.

Campaign testing is great if you already know your target audience and you want to test different calls to action (CTAs) or punchy headline hooks. Call to action or CTA is a term used for words or headlines that call upon a potential customer to take action. They often create urgency and are a good way to get conversions. An example of a call to action (CTA) is “Call now” or “Follow for more tips.” 

Before we dive into how to set up testing ads for Google ad campaigns, first we must discuss how to start the Google Ad process. How do you start creating a Google Ad? It’s simple and pretty straightforward!

Google ads campaign

How To Create Google Ads

To create a Google Ads account, you want to have a Google email (Gmail) account for your business. Then you’re going to log in to your account using the Google Ads page. Once you log in, you’ll want to switch to expert mode. Expert mode allows you to create different types of campaigns like search campaigns and create testing groups.

Here’s a quick checklist to get your campaign rolling from start to finish:

  • Login to Google Ads Manager and create a campaign.
  • Select your campaign type.
  • Create a campaign name and network.
  • Insert your target audience stats and metrics.
  • Select languages.
  • Insert your budget (daily, weekly, start/end date).
  • Enter billing information.
  • Choose keywords.
  • Add negative words.
  • Enter an enticing headline and description.
  • Launch your campaign!

Creating Your First Google Ads Campaign

Once you create your account and you are ready to create a campaign, you’ll want to start your keyword research. This is our favorite part of the process because you can see what’s popular in your industry on Google and what is low competition.

Google is always rolling out a new feature that helps search engines retarget ads from business owners. It’s important to do your research and manage the keywords on your campaign weekly.

Google Ads Keywords Research

There are many different keyword tool sites to use on the internet. The best and most reliable is to use Google’s Keyword Ad Planner because it comes straight from the source itself and is always up-to-date. By using Google Keyword Ad Planner, you can type in your niche topic to see what is most searched for around that topic. You’ll notice that the most popular searches are highly competitive searches. This means, a lot of businesses in that niche run ads on that search. You’ll want to select a searched keyword that has a moderate competition rate, but is well viewed, and has a low cost-per-click rate. Using low cost-per-click rate keywords are good to use at the beginning of your journey with Google Ads because Google charges per click. 

Having a cost-per-link rate that’s in cents is good. As more people click on your site, regardless of whether they buy anything or even stay, more money comes out of your ad budget. This is why you need curated ads to advertise on Google smartly and cost-effectively.

If you’re unable to access Google Keyword Ads Planner at the beginning of your campaign creation, there are similar programs on sites such as and Ahrefs.

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How To Enter Your Keywords Into Google Ads Campaigns

So, you have picked two to three keywords after researching…What should you do now? Once you have your optimized keywords, you’ll want to type them into your campaign to start advertising on Google. BUT there’s something you should do to even further your optimization. Here are a couple of ways you can enter the keywords into your Google Ad campaign to create better leads.

  • Writing your keyword as it is without any special characters.
    • Google is a keyword search engine. If your keyword is Luxury Watches, then anyone who searches Luxury”and/or Watches will be directed to your site somewhere during the competition.
      • This strategy is common for those just starting Google campaigns and can lead to a big loss in investment due to the large audience clicking on your site that may not be your target audience.
  • Using “quotations” around your keyword.
    • When you write your keyword surrounded by quotation marks, Google takes it as a phrase match. As previously mentioned, Google is a word match search engine, however, when you use quotations people will only see your advertisement when searching for that phrase. An example of this is “luxury sport watches”
      • This strategy is a nice mix of broad and exact matches. Depending on your industry niche and demand for products, this may be a good strategy. We would recommend this strategy for low competition niches.
  • Using [brackets] around your keyword.
    • When using brackets surrounding your keyword, Google will show your advertisement to exact match searches. Only people who search for “luxury sport watches,” if your keyword was written as [luxury sport watch], will see your advertisement. 
      • This strategy is a great tool for advanced keywords and niches. Brackets are good in a highly competitive market and avoid extra link clicks. This strategy is for you if you’re looking for precision and confidence that every click-through is as close to a good sale guarantee as keywords can get.

Hopefully, this brings clarity in your pursuit of choosing the right keywords!

how to advertise on Google

Google Ad Examples

Check out these Google Ad examples to gain some inspiration for how to advertise on Google yourself.

  • Example 1:
    • Headline: “Contracting Service: Hire The Best – Trust Your Job To True Experts”
    • Description: “Connect your business to expert professionals who know how to do the job right. Satisfaction guarantee. Quick hires. The trusted company for providing quality contracting services.”
  • Example 2:
    • Headline: “Pear Phone | From Only $24 a Month”
    • Description: “The new Pear phone. New Colors. Buy Now. Made from the trusted Pear brand. Over 1 million sold and customer stratification guaranteed.”
  • Example 3:
    • Headline: “Car Wreck Law Firm | Expert Legal Advice”
    • Description: “Claim the compensation you deserve TODAY. Don’t wait. Transparent and Professional. Any car wrecks and red light accidents that need legal claims.


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