Google AdWords vs Google Ads – What’s the Difference

What’s the difference between Google AdWords and Google Ads?  Essentially, Google Ads is just a rebrand of Google AdWords, but a few things have changed.  Why?  The goal of Google Ads is to make it easier to advertise on partner pages for every level of business; from small brick and mortar stores, all the way up to enterprise level corporations.

Google AdWords

Believe it or not, Google AdWords launched all the back on Oct. 23, 2000.  Wow!  Most of us were still learning what the “interwebs” – oops – internet was at that point, let alone knowing, or understanding that businesses could “pay” to be on Google.

Google AdWords was originally designed as a text based platform.  This allowed marketers to buy keywords in a demand/competition/relevancy pricing environment.  These text ads would then appear as a user searched those particular keywords, typically on the top, right (originally) and bottom of the search engine results page (SERP).Of course, there was a lot more that went into Google AdWords and AdWords strategy- but that’s a post for another day.

Google Ads

As we mentioned before, Google Ads is a rebrand of Google AdWords.However, Google Ads incorporates more than just text based ads.  Google Ads incorporates all of Google’s current advertising verticals, including, but not limited to:Google Display Network (GDN) which includes remarketing and banner ads, Videos (YouTube), Google Adsense (yet another post for another day), even new verticals such as Google Maps and apps on Google Play, and of course, the tried and true, Google AdWords.

Google AdWords vs. Google Ads – Simply Put

This is not knocking AdWords by any means.AdWords is/was/still a robust platform.  Now it is simply a part of the “All-In-One” Google Ads platform.  Think of AdWords (on its own) from back in the day, to Google Ads now, is like Super Mario Brothers (the original) vs. the entire cast of Mario World.

Need Help with Google AdWords/Google Ads?

Phew!  Google Display Network.  YouTube.  Remarketing.

Sounds like a lot of things to think about.Create relevant ads for Google Ads, and of course, monitor and manage.Google does offer solutions to help with all of this, such as the Google Marketing Platform.But, for many business owners, small, medium, and large, even if you have the knowledge of where to start, then implement, then monitor…….the real question is time.

Haven’t we all said at one point or another, “I know, I’ll get to it when I have the time.”

Whether you are an AdWords Pro, or someone who has heard of Google Ads/AdWords, the team at SEO Design Chicago would be happy and honored to help.

Let us take the wheel and help steer you through the world of Google AdWords, and now, Google Ads.Or, if you like to do the driving, but hate looking at the speedometer, let SEO Design Chicago, keep an eye on your MPH, aka, Google Ads Analytics.

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