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Google Ads Form Leads

Google Ads has recently released the beta for Google Ads Form Leads.  This is an exciting new way to use Google Ads to generate more conversions for your business.  We will go through the process of setting up these Form Leads.  Learn how to setup Webhook Integration.


Creating a Lead Form Extension 

First select the campaign that you would like to add the lead form extension to. Google Ads Form Leads work particularly well for service related businesses such as

  • Plumbers

  • Electricians

  • Contractors

  • Doctors

  • Education

  • Automotive

  • Real Estate


You can choose from the following options to use for your Google Ads form:


  • Learn more

  • Get quote

  • Apply now

  • Sign up

  • Contact us

  • Subscribe

  • Download

  • Book now

  • Get offer

Google Ads Form Extension


Lead Form Fields for Google Ads


Write a description for your business.  Like everything else we do, we like to A/B test to find what works best.  Create at least 3 options of forms and let the data tell you which form to go with.  The best part about these forms are the fields that come preset.  These are exceptionally useful for sales organizations by zip codes, so that you can properly assign leads to sales reps.

Fields for Google Ads Leads


Creating Form Submission Message


After a user submits a form, you need to indicate your Privacy Policy Page.  If you do not have one yet, this is the time to build one.  Privacy Policy pages will likely be important to Google in the near future.  This section of the form setup also includes the webhook integration.  This will be the most difficult part to setup if you are not an experienced coder.  Learn how to setup the webhook portion of the form by following these instructions on Webhook Integration


Google Ads Webhook Leads Google Ads Leads Forms will be the next greatest thing from Google.  For help setting up Google Ads Leads Forms, contact us today!

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