Google Ads Announces Dynamic Exclusion Lists

Google announced Thursday, April 15 that it will be rolling out dynamic exclusion lists within Google Ads over the next few weeks. The update will give advertisers more control over where their ads run and lets them avoid showing ads near content they wish to avoid. With this update, Google is allowing companies a lot more control over their brand safety. Learn all about the latest Google Ads update in this article!

Google announces dynamic exclusion lists

Dynamic Exclusion Lists

Dynamic exclusion lists are placement exclusion lists that are dynamically updated in order to simplify placement management. The lists can include web pages or entire domains, and they will be available to be uploaded via a range of formats.

These lists allow advertisers to opt into third-party lists and keep their exclusions updated in order to protect their brand. An account can have up to 20 shared exclusion lists. Each list can contain tens of thousands of URLs and domains.

You can create your dynamic exclusion lists yourself. Or, you can allow a third party whom you trust to create the list for you. (For example, if SEO Design Chicago manages your Google Ads for you, we can also create a dynamic exclusion list for you!)

Why Does This Update Matter? 

Prior to this update, Google’s advertiser controls allowed search marketers to exclude certain websites, content types, and even entire topics from their campaigns. However, it was difficult for advertisers – and small businesses in particular – to keep up.

“So today, we’re announcing a new feature that will help simplify this process – giving advertisers the ability to use dynamic exclusion lists that can be updated seamlessly and continuously over time,” according to the announcement from Google.

“Once advertisers upload a dynamic exclusion list to their Google Ads account, they can schedule automatic updates as new web pages or domains are added, ensuring that their exclusion lists remain effective and up-to-date,” according to Google.

This update makes it easier for brands to keep up with their content to make sure there aren’t ads on their pages that don’t match their own message. These lists will make it easier for your brand to protect itself. Plus, it while require much less of your time to do so.

However, Google still encourages advertisers to use additional controls within their campaigns. This ensures ads do not show up in their content that do not match their brand or goals.

Don’t see the option for dynamic exclusion lists in your Google Ads account yet? Don’t worry, you should see it in the next few weeks.


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