Best Fashion Company Marketing Ideas

Think about the last piece of clothing you bought. Where did you find it? In a store? Online? 

Nowadays, you can find fashion both in-person and online, however, the latter is growing at a rapid speed. Because of this, it is essential for a fashion company to engage in online marketing. 

Are you part of a fashion company? Chances are that you are looking for more clients to buy your products! If you’ve been struggling to boost your business, blogging is a great tool, especially for fashion companies based online. In fact, even if your main focus isn’t online sales, blogging is still a great way to boost your in-person sales because it will help increase public awareness about your company. 

A blog is a piece of writing that discusses a specific topic in detail related to your industry. Using search engine optimization, also known as SEO, a fashion company can use keywords to market its services. Luckily, a blog is a perfect place to use keywords!

fashion company marketing

Fashion Company Keywords

You may be wondering what kind of keywords you should be using in your fashion blog. Keywords can be words and phrases that are made up of anything related to fashion, even if it isn’t directly related. For instance, keywords can be about clothing, fashion designers, or new trends. Keywords can also be about topics adjacent to these, such as caring for your clothes, or sustainable fashion. 

It is essential to use keywords like these in conjunction with local keywords. Local keywords are words and phrases having to do with your area of service, or a location that you’re interested in marketing to. For instance, if you are focused on marketing your fashion company to people in Orlando, Florida, you will use location-specific keywords in addition to those related to fashion. Keywords will include “Orlando,” “Florida,” and other location-specific words such as popular attractions in the area. 

Your keywords can also include terms like “near me” or “in my area” to market to people searching for local fashion companies. Since search engines like Google take your location into account when you search for something, these keywords will help local options pop up in a user’s search even if you didn’t use these keywords. But, it is important to remember that keywords only optimize your content if they are similar to or match a user’s search. Because of this, you should use these phrases in your content in order to appeal to those looking for local options. 

When engaging in SEO, it is essential that you mentioned your keywords multiple times throughout your content, not just once or twice. Repeating fashion keywords in your content will ensure that it is being optimized and that more people are seeing it. 

Fashion Company Blogs

Now that you have your fashion keywords down, creating your fashion blog is the next step! Just like fashion keywords can be about anything related to fashion, blogs can similarly be about fashion itself or adjacent topics. For example, your blog can be about fashion trends, models, people in the industry, a history of fashion, or anything else you can think of.

Blogging for fashion is incredibly important in marketing your services. It gives you the perfect opportunity to create a dynamic set of content on your website, which web users appreciate, as it shows you care about the industry you work in so much that you are actively creating content about it. 

Overall, blogging for fashion diversifies your content, which helps it appeal to more people. If someone can find a piece of information on your blog that is related to them in some way, they will feel more comfortable buying products from you. In this way, blogging serves a dual purpose of content creation and credibility building, both of which are essential for you to market your business. 

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Clothing Blogs

Much like fashion blogs, clothing blogs are similar in that they show the care and appreciation you have for the industry you work for, as a blog takes dedication and time. A blog will also differentiate you from other clothing or fashion companies that do not have one, giving you more credibility than other companies. 

While a fashion blog is more about the industry itself, a clothing blog will be more specific about clothing and related information. For example, a clothing blog could have a post about jeans, the fit of dresses, or how to fashion a scarf. These are just a few examples. Really, clothing blogs can be about anything related to clothing at all!

Fashion Advertising

Fashion advertising is much like many other industries. Companies in the industry should utilize print advertisements in places like newspapers and magazines, as well as large-scale marketing such as billboards or commercials. All of these will bring in clients, much of them locally. 

It would be a miss for a fashion company to neglect to use online platforms to advertise, though. This is because so many fashion sales nowadays take place online. Because of this, companies should engage in online fashion advertising, which can take place on a number of platforms. For example, fashion companies should have a program where people can make an account on their website and receive emails about products and brands. 

Fashion companies can also collaborate with other companies to gain exposure. For example, if your fashion company focuses on sustainable fashion, you can partner with a sustainability organization to create even more buzz for your business. 

Fashion advertising should appeal to a specific demographic of buyers. For example, the marketing of clothes for kids will be different than the marketing of clothing for high-worth professionals. The first group will need clothing that is easily washable and comfortable, while the second group will need something that makes them look professional and classy. 

Because fashion markets to so many different people, your advertisement campaigns should focus on different demographics to ensure that everyone is being marketed to. A blog also comes in handy here, as you can write content specific to these groups of buyers. 

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Social Media for Fashion Companies

Social media provides a huge opportunity for fashion companies to market their products. But, what platforms should they use? The short answer is all of them! There are some specific websites that are more useful than others, however. 

For instance, Instagram has the highest rate of engagement out of all social media platforms, so it is essential that social media content for fashion companies includes the use of this app. Instagram is also a great tool for fashion advertising because it relies on visuals. What else relies on visuals? Fashion! The whole industry of fashion is based around how clothing looks (and secondarily how comfortable it is), so it is important to use social media to show off your products. Instagram acts similarly to blogging, too, as the captions can act as short-form blog posts. The use of hashtags acts as keywords, and since fashion companies get more clients by blogging, the use of Instagram is a must!

The social media strategy for your fashion blog can also include the use of Facebook and Twitter. Not only do both of these sites allow companies to advertise on them, but they also provide the opportunity to engage with specific demographics of clients that the other platforms may not reach. 

In short, marketing on social media helps you reach a massive audience that you couldn’t ever reach offline. If your marketing is targeted, this is the perfect opportunity to gain more clients and make more sales. 

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Blog Down the Catwalk

Overall, blogging is an excellent way for fashion companies to get more clients! This is for many reasons, such as the use of keywords. Blogging also provides the content creator a way to insert images of products and links to other important posts, too. In this way, blogging provides you an opportunity to engage with your own content on your website. 

Plus, fashion companies can use permalinks in their blog posts to link to other related content on their own website. This will boost engagement with your website, and in turn, will increase the sales you make. 

We encourage you to not just walk the catwalk, but to blog down it, too! Blogging will increase the number of people who see your products and will improve your public image, too. 

Are you a fashion company interested in boosting your business? Then there’s no reason to look any further. Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you create content in all forms to get more clients. Blogging is something we put extra focus in, as we have teams of writers working on content for companies in many industries all over the country. Check us out today to learn more!


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