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These days, paid media marketing is a popular advertising strategy used by companies both big and small. Social media ads, billboards, and commercials are just a few examples of how this infiltrates our everyday lives. Facebook advertising has become increasingly utilized to reach a broader audience, as Facebook has over two billion users active daily users. It is a channel in which advertisers are able to reach their audience based on specific factors. These targeting factors include the users’ interests, likes and dislikes, demographics, location, and more. 

With Facebook Ads, advertisers are able to choose their budget even daily if needed. The more you spend, the more frequently your advertisement can pop up. Although any exposure is good exposure, it is important to invest a proportionate amount of dollars to how effective you would like your ads to be. By the end of this article, you will have learned how Facebook advertising works, how to do it yourself, and how it can benefit both your business and your target audience.

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Facebook Ads

The main purpose of using Facebook advertising is to get your business exposed to its targeted audience affordably and effectively. Advertising on this platform has become increasingly popular in recent times as its number of users continue to grow. Promoting your product or service through this platform will be effective if you expose it to the right audience. Utilizing Facebook to your advantage can be beneficial for both small and larger companies. It also doesn’t always have to require a huge budget to meet your goals through this platform. All you really need is an advertising objective, and making sure your showing your ad at the right time to the right people. Within Facebook’s advertising, there are organic ads and paid ads.

Organic Ads

Organic Facebook marketing does not involve having to have a budget. However, this approach may be more time-consuming than using paid ads. These posts will appear on Facebook by following a good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Search engines, such as Google, will see they have this and make sure these organic ads are in some way beneficial to Facebook users. An example of this would be ads for informational websites with tutorials for making something. When searching something on Facebook and sites come up, these are not paid ads because there is no “sponsored” label seen. Organic advertisements on Facebook will pop up simply because of their relevance in keywords to what users are looking for. 

This type of marketing strategy will bring in organic traffic over time, as the advertiser is not paying for any service from Facebook. Although no budget is needed necessarily, advertisers will still have to invest some amount of money into its marketing strategy. Organic marketing is different than paid Facebook Ads because they don’t target a specific audience. Instead, it leads them to their business by providing useful information they want. This inbound marketing tactic will slowly draw your audience to your platform, but that traffic can be permanent in the future. The main goal when using Facebook organic advertising is to get search engines to notice your content with relevant keywords and other important SEO strategies.

Paid Ads

Paid advertisements will most likely always have some visible indication such as “sponsored” or “ad” next to them. Facebook provides many tools for advertisers to use to help create their ads perfectly for its audience, which will be analyzed in the next section. When focusing on the cost, there are certain choices that have to be made that will affect this. For example, it depends on what bidding model the advertiser chooses. There is cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), cost-per-like (CPL), and cost-per-download (CPD). The cheapest option of these would be the first. The most expensive would be the second. Understanding what you are trying to achieve with your advertisement will help you choose which option is best.

Other influencing factors that can affect its cost include your targeted audience and their network, budget, objective, placement, quality, seasonality, and your industry. For instance, the gender and even age of your target audience will affect the cost of your campaigns. This could be because there are more younger users of Facebook than older. No matter how large or small an advertiser’s budget is, it is important to use it wisely.

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How to Advertise on Facebook

When choosing to use Facebook to advertise your product or service, you must consider how much you’re willing to invest in promoting your business. This will depend on many factors, which we have previously analyzed. Your first priority should be establishing an objective for your ads. Advertisers must establish whether their focus will be on brand awareness, traffic, or conversions. Investing into these goals may cost you now, but will help increase not only the value of your company in the future but also its reach. 

Once you understand your goals for your ads, you must choose which format of Facebook Ad to utilize. With image ads, you can give users a visual to what you are promoting. This allows them to gain interest in your ad as well as raises awareness for your company. With images, it can eliminate any confusion about what it is they are looking at. Video ads can capture the attention of your target audience quickly while engaging with them. An interesting aspect when using Facebook Ads is that it can be shown to users through Facebook Messenger as well as the feed page. 

Another useful tool to use is called Facebook Ads Manager which helps create and edit paid ads on the platform. This tool is popular when creating ads because it guides you through choosing the placement of your ad and helps track your targeted users. This feature even allows you to choose your objective, such as “awareness” or “reach.” To make sure your ads will give you the outcome you desire, you should utilize this tool and others offered to your advantage. As they guide you through creating the perfect ad for you, it makes it easier to reach your audience.

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How Social Media Advertising Affects SEO

There are many important benefits that can come from social media marketing for your business. These advantages stem from the simple fact that billions of people are on social media platforms on a daily basis. So, of course this is a smart choice to gain visibility for your brand. In terms of helping the search engine optimization of your business, these external channels, such as Facebook, help you connect with your audience and boost content performance. By providing you with access to a larger range of users, your search ranking can be increased as traffic boosts to your site. It is an indirect way of enhancing your brand’s reputation as well as organic traffic. 

Using Facebook advertising also allows you to prove your brand’s credibility and reputation. If users happen to see your product or service on a platform they’ve used for years, they will most likely feel safe using your site. Using any social media platform when advertising provides more room for engaging with your audience in a creative way. This is also known as “social SEO,” which refers to advertisers using social media to indirectly impact search visibility in a positive way. Using social media is also highly effective when it comes to backlinks. Social media backlinks are links available for users on platforms like Facebook that take them to your site. Backlinks are important when it comes to SEO performance because it generates more traffic for your site.

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Facebook Ad Example: Lead Ads

When using Facebook for advertising, you can choose to use images, videos, carousel, collection, and Facebook messenger to reach your audience. Facebook also has something called Facebook lead ads. These ads avoid the issue of users being brought to websites from links within ads they come across. The purpose of these is to conveniently engage with users, as it requires little action from the user. Like other tools discussed, lead ads bring your specific targeted audience you desire right to you. Therefore, it can only help your SEO as you interact with your users more effectively for you and them.


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