How Entertainment Companies Get More Clients by Blogging

Entertainment is a large category. When thinking about starting a blog, ponder about what exactly you want to accomplish and what your subject will be. Is it a blog about rock music or action movies? Be as specific as possible. Entertainment will always be in high demand. You need to understand the market first. 

Entertainment Company Blog Tips

Before we jump into specifics about how a blog can help your entertainment company grow, we thought we’d share some tips to start you off: 

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Finalize the Focus Topic of the Entertainment Company Blog

Based on the type of audience you are targeting, do some extra research on what topics they are interested in. Your goal should be to develop a blog that will be attractive to your target audience. 

Define Your Niche

What part of the entertainment industry and market are you most familiar with? Knowing this prior to creating your blog will help you gain more authority, and then attract more traffic. If you know something well, you will do a better job talking about it. 

Bring Out Your Brand

Every company has its own style. To bring out your brand more concretely, you can start by giving your blog a name that captures what your company stands for. After all, nobody can deny that first impressions matter. 

Find Your Audience

To find the right audience, you need to have a deeper understanding of who they are and what they want. Their core desire is what your company – and your blog – should satisfy. When they read your blog, they should be able to find quick and easy answers to their questions. For example, if you are writing for rock music fans, then the tone and voice of your blog should speak directly to them.  

Provide Variety

Make your audience not only stop by to read an article but become avid visitors, and eventually subscribe and become leads. You need to upgrade your content regularly so that there are always some fresh updates and interesting news! More than just words, you should also make the blog visually appealing by adding videos, pictures, and other related audiovisuals. 

Promote Your Blog

It’s one thing to have your own blog and it’s another to keep it running. There are thousands of entertainment companies with blogs and for yours to stand out, you need to put extra effort to promote it. A good way to promote your blog is by using ads. You can be creative and even design apparel such as T-shirts, stickers, and notebooks.

Common blogs about the entertainment industry are often focused on celebrities and their daily life events. The likes of “Hollywood Life” and “E! News” have grown tremendously because they always know how to give what their audience is looking for. One of the most important qualities to have in your blog is the ability to keep the audience engaged and always waiting for more. 

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Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment marketing is marketing that entails any media for consumption by the public. This type of marketing can be done through marketing and establishing partnerships with other entertainment industries that can promote one another. 

Benefits of Entertainment Marketing

Brand Integration

When marketing is done well, it allows more individuals to have an understanding of your company and what you have to offer. Rather than coming off as someone trying to sell a product, be authentic. Connect with the target audience on a deeper level. Since the online world is the easiest way to reach many people, consider getting help from a digital marketing agency. SEO Design Chicago has a team of experts who have been working with Google Ads for over a decade. 

High Return on Investment

Product placement is a tool of entertainment marketing that fulfills the role of meeting the needs of the target audience in a more natural means. Various audiences can tap into the media provided and this boosts the returns to the entertainment company. A good example is Hulu. People are always searching for something to watch and entertain themselves.

Promoting different kinds of TV shows and movies that are most popular is likely to draw in more customers who can become dedicated subscribers.

Escape from Ad Blocking

Research shows that in 2020, ad blocking grew to 8% among desktop users and 10% among mobile users. It is continuously on the rise. Entertainment marketing is typically not affected by ad blocking because it is content-focused rather than monetary. 

Strategies for Entertainment Marketing

Strategies for entertainment marketing involve doing in-depth research of the target demographic (what type of media they enjoy, why, and how often they consume that type of media). 

Product placement shows the value in the product being provided through its actual content. The customers’ attention is captured through visual images and uplifting comments about the type of media. Through produce placement, the company’s brand can be interwoven to give a special touch to the media product. It becomes a part of the narration.

Entertainment has a quality that allows co-promotion. As a form of media such as a movie or TV show is being advertised, another product can be introduced to the target audience. When co-promotion and brand integration come together, entertainment companies can partner up to develop a brand new form of media. One can obtain a license for the product once the partnership is solidified.     

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Challenges of Entertainment Brands

Just like any other industry, there are certain challenges that entertainment companies face with their blogs and more. These are some of the challenges you may want to keep in mind.

Shared Consumer’s Attention  

With a wide range of options in the entertainment industry, competition among different media content is inevitable. Moreover, entertainment brands also compete with social media and gaming companies for the same target audiences. How do you make your brand get and keep the attention of consumers?

Crowded Marketplace

With the rising number of entertainment brands, consumers have too many different media services to choose from. For example, for movies, there are over 300 different video streaming services that consumers can pick from. For your content to be consumed, your entertainment industry needs to be innovative in promoting it. 

Maintaining Loyal Subscribers

With more options available, it is a lot easier for consumers to change their minds on which service to follow. Whatever won’t hurt their pocket would most likely be their more favorable option. Research shows that 31% of streamers think of changing their existing service to a new one.  

Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Entertainment Marketing

Pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising can be incorporated through campaigns in which advertisers get charged a fee when visitors click on their ads. To be successful in PPC advertising, you need to set up your account structure well and perform keyword research. Keywords are essential to sort out and select the most relevant ones for a search. PPC campaigns are popular for their tendency to drive traffic much quicker compared to an ordinary SEO campaign. 

Facebook Advertising  

Facebook has a pool of over two billion users with many smaller subgroups and audiences. It is not only a means of communicating but also a phenomenal platform to connect with potential consumers. For the entertainment industry, there is no better way to promote and boost sales than by reaching the target through Facebook advertising. Facebook also has a way to track what kind of visitors clicked on your page, where they came from and what in particular were they interested in.     

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Local Entertainment SEO Services  

Entertainment companies need to establish a good rapport with the local community. Local entertainment SEO helps entertainment companies to have a higher standing on the search bar and connects the local community better to their products.

One of the methods of building a strong local influence is through link building. Get involved in the community and promote their events through your social media and entertainment platforms. External links help boost the ranking of an entertainment company because they link from outside the website. When linked by other reputable companies, consumers are likely to explore your company’s blog and services.      

Google My Business for Entertainment Companies

A Google My Business profile allows new customers a chance to learn more about the company. It is easy to update and can be traced through regular Google Search and Google Maps. The most important part is to have a complete and accurate profile that matches the information on your website, social media, and other platforms. 

Entertainment SEO Analysis 

To grow and maintain your position as an entertainment company on online platforms, it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses. This also gives the company a better understanding of what needs to be changed or improved. On-page SEO examines internal and external linking, website page speed, and keyword selection. Activity reports analyze the traffic to see what kind of people click on the website, the top keywords, and other types of site evaluations. The goal is to see ways to expand your online presence so that more customers can have access to information about your company. 

To track your company’s improvement, you can check your rank among other entertainment companies around the world. Rankings show the keywords that your company had the highest ranking in. Through this kind of analysis, you can measure how well you have improved and what parts you need to develop further.  


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