Why Local SEO is Important for E-Learning Professionals 

With technology advancements on the rise, digital education has become a more popular way of learning. In this way of learning, students are taught virtually and can have a more personalized, convenient learning experience. Like anything, this form of education has its pros and cons. 

Some students may value an in-person learning lesson rather than e-learning, and this may make it difficult for e-learning professionals to reach the right audience. That is why it is important to have a marketing strategy such as local SEO to make sure your e-learning business is never on the decline.

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Having an Online Presence

As an e-learning professional, having an online presence to advertise yourself is key. Marketing tactics such as having your own website and having profiles on different platforms will allow you to put yourself out there. Having an online presence will bring the awareness of potential students to you. Once they know about you and how to reach you, they will consider participating in your services.  

Once you have put yourself online, you can’t expect everyone to find you immediately. You need to go the extra mile and implement marketing strategies in order to be seen. Building up your content, knowing your audience, and optimizing local SEO will bring your digital education business to the top. 

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is local search engine optimization, a marketing strategy that increases your site’s chances of appearing at the top of search engine result pages. It has all of the same ideas as traditional SEO, just more geared towards a specific place. Traditional SEO might have certain keywords that don’t suggest a specific location so that the audience targeted is worldwide. Local SEO will include “near me” or “in Charlotte” to signify a certain location, narrowing down search results to reach a targeted audience. 

This type of SEO is useful because it allows businesses to reach more relevant audiences. Reaching a worldwide audience might bring more people to your site, but chances are that your site will apply to fewer of these people versus a local audience. This can be due to reasons like the convenience of location, language barriers, demographics, time zone differences, and currency exchange. This is applicable to both virtual and physical businesses when it comes to education.

Benefits of Local SEO

If you utilize local SEO as an e-learning solution, it will benefit your site traffic, ultimately bringing more attention to your business. 

Optimizing local SEO as your e-learning solution will:

  • Be cost-effective
  • Bring more awareness to your business
  • Bring you to the top of search engine result pages
  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Make your content have more quality
  • Allow you to know your audience

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Why Is Local SEO Important for E-Learning?

In order for e-learning professionals to be successful, they need to utilize SEO. It is extremely important to reach your target audience in any business, but especially for e-learning professionals. Unlike physical schools, potential applicants typically won’t be able to find you as easily through word of mouth. This is why it is extremely important to use search engine optimization, so students will find you at the top of their search results. With more people pursuing online education for their learning experiences, your competition is bound to increase. Showing up at the bottom of search page results will decrease your chances of site traffic since most Google users click on their first few link options. With local SEO, you can earn the first spot on your target audience’s search page results.

How to Optimize Local SEO for E-Learning

E-learning marketing can be optimized through SEO services and steps you take for your site yourself. 

Here are some ways to optimize local SEO for eLearning:

Have Original Content

Having customized content for your site will make you stand out against your competitors. What makes you unique? Why should a student pick your business over another business? How can you fulfill your potential customer’s needs? You need to incorporate original content creation that will have the information you need to rise above the competition. 

To obtain the content you need, you can utilize an SEO agency such as SEO Design Chicago to help you. SEO Design Chicago is a marketing agency with offices in multiple locations that will analyze your site and assist you in optimizing local SEO. We specialize in unique marketing strategies that boost your business. We have plenty of experience in local SEO and marketing for e-learning professionals.

Have Quality Content

When creating your content, make sure to implement content that shows your worth. When pursuing a career such as eLearning, it is important to know your values. Digital educators have a passionate longing for knowledge and for spreading that knowledge to others. They are also very self-disciplined and good at multitasking. These are values that you have to incorporate into your content that will not only keep you going but keep your audience engaged with you.

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Use LinkedIn Marketing 

E-learning services should be considering LinkedIn marketing.  LinkedIn can be used to step into the media world and bring awareness to your brand. This platform also provides many different advertising options. You can have text ads, inmail ads, dynamic ads, and sponsored content. These different options for your eLearning business lead to more eyes on your site and more search engine optimization.

Use Facebook Advertising 

SEO companies typically recommend Facebook Advertising to e-learning specialists.  Facebook Ads allow you to reach future audiences through Facebook, which is a great platform for businesses. Worldwide, 1.6 billion people are connected to businesses through Facebook. With such high numbers, Facebook is proven to be a very successful marketing tool. Local competitors are bound to be using Facebook as well, so you will want to jump on that train as soon as you can. 

Incorporate Keywords

Keywords are certain words or phrases that should be incorporated into your content multiple times. What these keywords are depends on the message you are getting across. If you are trying to explain why your business is the best in your area, some of your keywords should say “best e-learning professionals near me” or “top 10 digital educators in my area.” Whatever you think someone will search when looking for a business like yours is what you should make sure is incorporated into your material. The more you are able to do this throughout your writing, the more likely Google will recognize your site as a match and put it in search engine result pages. Utilizing keywords is a necessity for local SEO. 


To use localization is to incorporate your location into your site’s content. Think about demographics, images, or keywords that apply to your area. This will attract potential local e-learners and allow Google to optimize your site when people are searching nearby. 

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Pay-Per-Click Services

Having pay-per-click ads essentially means buying visits to your site. While it may not seem ideal to pay when someone clicks on your advertisement, it is actually very beneficial in the long run. If it costs a few dollars for your ad to get clicked on, but a student pays you much more for that after you have a lesson with them, it would have been worth it. While having this type of marketing strategy will cost you money, it will end up benefiting you by bringing more viewers to your site. 

Promoting Your Business

Promoting yourself online is the optimal way to reach people. Having different marketing and SEO techniques takes your content to the next level. Since your e-learning business is fully online, it is even more crucial to advertise yourself as much as you can. Creating your own website is the start, and spreading your content to more platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn will give you a boost. 

Technology, as we know, is constantly on the rise. With this in mind, you should have confidence in your e-learning business. Use technology’s advancements as a way to reach your customers and encourage them about your benefits. 

Local SEO is also on the rise. Not only is it becoming popular with small businesses, but potential clients are making more use of local searches. Promoting your business with local SEO is especially useful today because studies have shown that local searches have grown by 200% in the past two years. This means 200% more people search with “near me” or location-based phrasing. 

With technology and local SEO increasing in value, it is safe to say that these two factors will bring your digital education business to the top. Have ambition, optimize strategies, and get to the top of search engine result pages. You know your business best, and you care for it the most. Let these factors encourage you to boost your brand. You’ve got this.


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