Why Local SEO Is Important for E-commerce Stores

The internet has become a crucial part of marketing. So crucial, that some companies have created their businesses to be completely online. This virtual business world has made it easier for clients to access stores from all over, never stepping a foot outside of their own homes. This luxurious take on marketing has encouraged a surge of online stores that won’t be going out of style any time soon. 

Online businesses continue to flourish as the world grows and changes. With this in mind, it is important to keep your business’s SEO game strong. Online store SEO is extremely important to bring your business to the top. Surprisingly, local SEO plays an important role for certain online stores to excel. You may make the assumption that local SEO for online stores doesn’t matter. However, in this article, we are going to go over why local SEO is important for e-commerce stores and how to optimize its marketing strategies.

What Is E-commerce?

E-commerce does not refer merely to online business (also known as e-business). It refers to a type of online business. E-commerce is the process of buying and selling products online. In other words, e-commerce allows users to make transactions that are regulated through the internet. One of the first examples of e-commerce was an online internet purchase of a large pizza from Pizza Hut. This was only the beginning of the groundbreaking phenomenon of buying goods on the internet. 

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E-commerce Business Models

To break down how e-commerce works, let’s discuss traditional types of e-commerce business models. Your business will most likely fall into one of these categories. Knowing which business model yours is will allow you to make logical decisions with your SEO, thus allowing you to improve your e-commerce marketing strategies.

The basic e-commerce business models are:

  • Business to consumer
    • This model is where a business sells to its end-user. Examples include Lawn Guru and Housecall Pro’s plumbing software app.
  • Business to business
    • In this situation, a business sells its product to another business.
  • Consumer to business
    • This model is when individuals sell their goods to companies. 
  • Consumer to consumer
    • In this model, consumers are connected to exchange goods and services with one another. Examples of this would be Craigslist and eBay.

SEO for Online Stores

Because technology is so popular in the 21st century, it takes more strategies to make your online business stand out. You have more competition in more locations. Want to rise above your competitors? You have to make it a priority to take care of your business behind the scenes. One way you can do this is to work on search engine optimization. Keeping SEO strategies in mind while marketing is a necessity for growing your business.

E-commerce SEO is so important because consumers have more options when they shop virtually. They can compare your store’s brands, prices, and quality to other online stores. But if you have impressive SEO, you’ll appear at the top of their search engine results pages. Consumers typically search online when they want the most convenient, and it won’t be convenient to go past the first page of search results. To get traffic towards your online store, you want to be at the top of the search results page. To get to the top, you need SEO for your online store. 

While it is important to be passionate about your business and the quality of your online store, it is also important to focus on SEO for your online store. Without a good marketing tactic, you won’t reach new clients. 

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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a marketing strategy that allows your business to have a flow of traffic from customers near you. It allows your site to show up when potential customers are searching for an online store within close proximity. Having SEO within your area, even for e-commerce marketing, is essential for getting customers near you to choose your business instead of your local competitors. With local SEO, you can target certain individuals within your location while they are searching online before other online stores do. 

Local SEO means optimizing certain techniques and keywords that are location-specific. It will improve the quality of your site to those who come across it. If someone views your website in a location that is hundreds of miles away, that will not be a very useful search for them, even for e-commerce. 

Why Go Local for E-commerce?

It is important to use local SEO for your online store. The idea that local SEO is only useful to a physical business, rather than a virtual one, is a myth. Although it may not seem like local SEO is a useful tool for an online store, the effects of targeting specific areas are almost always positive. Global SEO, while useful in some cases, most likely will not consist of your target audience. While your site might reach a wider range of people, it will lose its relevance and usefulness if it doesn’t resonate with what a specific person is looking for. This will make your online store less of an enjoyable experience, thus not improving your e-commerce strategy. 

Optimizing for global SEO rather than local SEO can cause a variety of issues if it leads you to reach the search page of a consumer that is very far away from your business location. These issues include shipping inconveniences, currency differences, time zones, and language barriers. With local SEO, you won’t have to worry about obstacles like this. 

Another benefit of local SEO for an online business is that it allows you to know your audience better. When you are selling your product, base your target location on demographics. What area of people would benefit the most from what your business has to offer? What do you sell that could be useful for this specific location? Think about who your audience is and how local SEO can find them.

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How Can You Optimize Local SEO?

You can dominate local SEO by using a few key strategies. Using keywords in your site, building links, and being active on social media are just some of the many ways you can optimize local SEO for online stores. Together, let’s get into some of these strategies.  


Keywords are one of the main elements that allow potential customers to find you on search engines. Specific keywords that might be used in a search should be used multiple times. For example, if someone was researching how local SEO is important for e-commerce stores, you might include the phrase “SEO for online stores” up to nine times in your article. If you wanted to incorporate local SEO into your strategy, you might include the keywords “near me” or “in x location” a number of times. 

Internal Links

You’ll want to include links that lead customers to other pages of your site. This will encourage more traffic to your site and might persuade customers to buy more products if they like what they are seeing. 


Target the audience you want with your photos. This will help illustrate your product and increase conversion rates. Make sure to add image alt text to make your images more accessible. 

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SEO Design Chicago for E-commerce Stores

Do you want SEO for your online store? Do you need assistance with your e-commerce marketing? SEO Design Chicago can offer an analysis of your e-commerce strategy, giving you tips for what is and isn’t working and how to improve. We can help you have a strong reputation and keep you updated on your online store SEO. Our tactics will lead to you having more customers, as we specialize in helping e-commerce companies grow their business. Within our agency, we offer all of the services you may need for e-commerce marketing. With our professional guidance, you will be able to meet all of your SEO needs. We specialize in helping you!

It might feel difficult to apply local SEO to an online store, but we’ll make it easy for you. We are well versed in improving local SEO, as our team specializes in serving businesses in different areas. We have assisted businesses in different areas of Dallas, Chicago, and Denver. This proves that we are a reliable source for local SEO, as we are experienced in working with many different areas of marketing. If you are interested in our guidance, contact us and we will work with you! 


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