What Are the Best Ecommerce Research Tools For Your Online Store

Best Ecommerce Research Tools For Your Online Store 

Ecommerce research tools come in both free and paid formats. Finding the right products for your online store is one of the building blocks of its success, but how do you know if it’s right? Given that your brand and the products you present are closely connected in the customer’s mind, awesome products will help build the reputation for your store. Building your ecommerce website can be enough of a challenge without professionals.

Luckily, there are many ecommerce research tools that you can use to pinpoint winning products to offer to your customers. Here are our top picks:

If you are working for a startup or your online store is strapped for funds, it may be a smart choice to go with a free product research tool and save some money. After all, you can always upgrade when the need or opportunity arises.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher was developed as a free version of AMZ Tracker. This is one of the most popular paid ecommerce research tools on the market. It works as a browser plug-in with real-time product updates. Also, it has a user-friendly dashboard which sellers can access and view their data and interests from one place.

It features bestseller ranks, pricing tracking, ratings and reviews, estimated sales and all other perks necessary to make the right call for choosing the perfect eCommerce products and staying ahead of your competitors. The tool boasts accurate sales estimates that are updated in real time and track tens of thousands of different Amazon products.

For precise estimates that don’t require a lot of research and time from the user’s side, Unicorn Smasher offers the so-called Opportunity Score, where all information about a single product are compiled comprehensively to form the final score. You can use these points to rank different products you want to include in your store and compare their success after you start selling on your website.

Unicorn Smasher is a perfect free ecommerce research tool regardless of the niche you’re selling in, due to the massive number of products and categories included.

Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector

There’s no thorough and complete strategy of product research without an extensive research of keywords. Luckily, there are tools that focus solely on this and Keyword Inspector is one of the best around. 

Keyword Inspector is considered to be one of the most effective and feature-rich free ecommerce research tools. It enables sellers from all industries and niches to make educated speculations on products that will achieve massive success.

This tool has almost 500 million Amazon keywords in its database. It also works as a reverse ASIN search, one of the most useful tricks in product research. This tool allows you to track exactly what your competitors are doing well. You can also track which target keywords they are using in their top-selling products. You can then apply the same tactics to your own products.

Among other features, Keyword Inspector offers Amazon’s Choice Search. This is a tool for discovering trending keywords, free suggestions tool, search terms tool and tutorials for learning how to find your way using the tool. 

Compared to other free product research tools available on the market today, Keyword Inspector offers the widest array of useful and convenient tools that are available at no cost to you. 



As you can see, Camelcamelcamel has a slightly simpler, not-so-flashy, website design compared to some other tools. Basically, the main point of the website is to provide free, easy-to-use services that will fuel your Amazon sales. There’s no sugarcoating, attracting users with flashy slogans and promises, but simply straightforward tools with explanations how to use them. 

You can use camelcamelcamel as a web application or browser add-on. 

Compared to other product research tools on the market, Camelcamelcamel will likely get you the best return on investment. If budgeting is one of your priorities, you should definitely consider opting for this ecommerce research tool.



Offering products is a lot like thriving at the stock market: the ultimate goal is to buy low and sell high. To do this, you need to have a bird’s eye view of your product price and know exactly where you stand with your current pricing. When you do this kind of research, you will also find out when your competitors usually drop their prices. For all of these features, Keepa is a great product research tool. 

This tool has one of the richest databases for product research, with more than 1000 million products in its base. It’s perfect for tracking seasonal price changes or analyzing price histories of particular products to observe how the product price has behaved over time and under what influences.

To help you reduce the possibility of missing any opportunities, Keepa has the price drop alert feature that you can set up for any products that are of interest to you.

One of the best features of this tool is that it works as a browser plugin. It will show a price history graph analysis for every product you visit on Amazon. Next to the history, you will also be able to view any recent price drops. 

Google Trends/Keyword Planner

Google trands

Who can tell you the most about what type of products and words users search for on Google? Well, Google, of course. And best of all – their tools are free!

Google’s free tools are a great platform for any type of market research, but you can easily test queries for products that you plan on selling and see their search volume and competition. Naturally, the ultimate goal is to pinpoint those products and keywords that have a huge search volume with low competition. This can be extremely hard, but if you manage to find these keywords – you’ve just struck gold!

Primarily, Google Keyword Planner was intended as a tool for AdWords advertisers to identify the best keywords that will make sure that their campaign performs in an optimal way. However, the applications of this tool are endless and people are using it for everything from SEO and blogging to product data to finding out about the human nature!

The best part about product research using Google tools is that it will include all the data from different online marketplaces, instead of focusing just on Amazon, which many of these tools do. This is why it can provide comprehensive data about the words users enter when they want to buy something.

If you’re selling on Amazon exclusively, you might want to focus on some other tools that offer more precise overviews of volumes on Amazon’s search.

AMZ Base

AMZ Base

Paid product research developers like to advertise that free options are very limited. They are inaccurate and don’t offer the same technological capacities as paid apps. Often, they mention browser extensions as one of the perks for buying their premium product research tool. However, AMZ Base is a browser extension that can be used for product research, and it’s absolutely free!

It’s incredibly simple (as you can see from their website – just the necessary), but it’s very effective and convenient. For sellers who are looking for fast and straightforward way to get info about Amazon products they’re interested in – AMZ Base is the right pick. 

After you search for products (or locate them using their ASIN), you can find the suppliers for them on Alibaba. For every product, you can check different listings on various online marketplaces like eBay or AliExpress. Also, you will be able to access historical prices for each item.

When you install the AMZ Base extension to your browser, you can just hover any image of a product and an ASIN number will be fetched. This is one of the easiest processes of getting an ASIN on a product, among all product research tools. 

The tool can also help you estimate and calculate your profit, by taking into account Amazon fees and predicting your profits according to historical data. 

Marketplace Pulse

Marketplace Pulse

Now here is something quite different than what you think of as ecommerce research tools. As a curious, data-driven seller, you’re probably looking for insights, tips and trends everywhere. Luckily, there are many people out there who share their expertise and establish themselves as thought leaders who predict the future of an industry.

For the eCommerce industry, this is the Marketplace Pulse. Just like in other industries, a thought leadership platform serves as a tool to predict trends and tendencies long before they ever come into the consciousness of your competitors. 

This tool is a data-driven platform that allows you to use insights to tailor the future of retail trends. You can read about comparisons between different online marketplaces. You can also compare the success of particular products or hear about some of the trends that await the industry. All in all, Marketplace Pulse is intended more for a bird’s eye view over the industry, rather than research of individual products. However, findings from this tool can be directly applied to your other product research and sourcing efforts.

So far, Marketplace Pulse has brought some of the most valuable insights about the online retail industry.



Sonar is an amazing ecommerce research tool. Especially, if you want to find keywords and trending search queries to determine which products you want to sell. It’s incredibly simple to use and total beginners can just jump straight in and start discovering potential products for their online stores.

After you enter a keyword or ASIN, you will be shown a list of keywords ordered by search volume, presenting you with the most popular terms connected to your initial keyword. On the right, you will find a list of frequent words that appear next to your initial one. Finally, you will have an overview of all the relevant products on Amazon that you can compare.

Next to the general keyword research, you can also do an index check to see whether your products are being indexed by Amazon. If not, there are one of three reasons:

  1. You don’t have backend keywords
  2. This keyword doesn’t appear in your product details
  3. Amazon doesn’t consider this keyword relevant to your product

Sonar is a free version of Sellics (which we will talk about below). As a user, you will have access to the Sellics Amazon Training academy with loads of useful lessons. These include running successful PPC campaigns, identifying winning products and much more.

Final Thoughts

Using the right ecommerce research tools can definitely skyrocket the success of your online store and ensure that you consistently provide higher value than your competitors. Before you start utilizing free or paid tools for product research, make sure you take a look at all the differences between various tools and choose the one(s) that fits your purposes the best. 


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