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Our data is constantly being tracked, attacked, or both. Okay, that might be a bit of an over-exaggeration. That being said, we do, more or less, live in an era where some of our most closely guarded information is being held online. Given what we know from the past, what we store online is susceptible to tampering. Everything from personal to intimate financials to data we downright deem confidential are under the threat of leak by unauthorized or even unknown parties. 

This is especially true if you own a business whose daily interactions happen via the internet. Projects, customer, shareholder, and stakeholder information are susceptible to leakages. In turn, this can lead to potential revenue losses and/or a ruined public perception and trust. It is in this day in age that cybersecurity is as important as it’s ever been. How can you utilize it to not simply protect, but to bolster your business’s defenses from any future attacks? Businesses and individuals alike are utilizing encrypted cloud storage for such an occasion.

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What Is Encrypted Cloud Storage?

First off, encryption is a method by which information is converted into secret code and can only be accessed by the holder of the key that decrypts it. Cloud storage, on the other hand, acts as a digital cache provided by a third-party vendor that saves your information for future use in any location. 

So, what does the combination of the two make? Much like the transference of information provided by cloud storage and encryption’s ability to convert information into secretive coded language, encrypted cloud storage is what bridges both. In doing so, that same information is transformed into illegible text before it is sent into the cloud. Cloud encryption in return, helps prevent the possibility of hacking and leaking of your data.

Why Are Encrypted Cloud Storages Important?

Because of encryption’s continued evolution, the likelihood of hackers getting into your storage and leaking all your personal information is in a sense an act of great performative actions in itself. Seemingly, hackers come across in television shows and movies as ingenious and ruthless when it comes to breaking into protected data. However, the process itself is often far more laborious than what it is portrayed to be. Believe it or not, platforms protect your content from such nefarious acts more than you would think. 

How Does Encrypted Cloud Storage Work?

Keys are important. There are keys to your house, keys to your car, and keys to your safe. Keys when used in tandem with locks, are literally an age-old line of defense to protect your property and yourself from any outside harm. Of course, only those who hold the keys can access the property. Well, encryptions are the digital lock and key that protects your information through sophisticated encryption algorithms that are indecipherable to the general public. It is the dissuasion to illegal entering of your property. 

A typical encryption technique that is often used by some of the best secure cloud storage platforms is AES or the Advanced Encryption Standard. That takes plaintext data, turns it into blocks, and applies the encryption using the encryption key. Sounds like a lot, huh? Luckily, for the person who doesn’t have any formal training in encryption, they don’t have to worry about understanding the technical jargon that comes with the process. It has already been done. All that you have to do now is reap the rewards.

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What Are the Benefits of Encrypted Cloud Storage?

First and foremost, your privacy remains private. We don’t like our personal, intimate, confidential information getting out and being available to prying eyes. Encryption aids in anonymity! Not only that, but companies that are the providers of an encryption service such as Google Drive encryption, are to be compliant with the rules and regulations set up by FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards), FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act), HIPAA (Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act), or the PCI/DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Lastly, the users should be able to hold the providers’ integrity to a high standard. Despite how great encrypted cloud storage is, nothing is absolute. You are asking for a rude awakening otherwise. If by any chance your information does have an unwanted and/or unauthorized visitor, you will be notified so you can take action as soon as possible.

The amount of possibilities for online businesses is near endless when it comes to protection with encrypted cloud storage. Cloud storage allows businesses to forego any structures or departments dedicated to storing information. The collaborative environment can prosper while being able to safely transfer information between departments without having to worry about information leaking since the provider has made it so. 

More Benefits

Some other benefits for business also include:

  • Encryption Guard Against Breaches – Even if your data is stolen, it will be near impossible to read the scrambled language.
  • It is Easier to Manage Remote Work – All encrypted data can be sent remotely to your workers only.
  • It Helps with Disaster Recovery – You can easily access your files using encryption.
  • Encryption Helps You Comply with Regulations – As mentioned earlier, with customers feeling safe knowing their privacy is protected under government law, as a business, you comply with the laws as well. In doing so, your business can avoid potential fines and lawsuits. 
  • Control Access Levels – You choose who can access what, when you feel is the appropriate time and place. 

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What Are 7 of the Best Secure Cloud Storage Platforms?

Now that you have read what encrypted cloud storages are and why they are important, it is only natural that now finding out which ones are the best. The highest-rated platforms are:

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • IDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • SpiderOak One (Backup)
  • Box (Personal)
  • Apple iCloud Drive

What Are the Flaws of Encrypted Cloud Storage?

Most of the analogies given earlier pertaining to keys are just as likely to have the same rule for actual keys to apply to an encryption key. For instance, have you ever lost a key? Once you lose that key, it will be almost impossible to ever get back into your cache of saved data. 

To that point, you do not actually control the data. Yes, you have complete control over who sees, receives, accesses, and adds to the information. Still, the actual encryption keys fall solely in the hand of the provider. With that being said, any third-party companies that your provider is connected to have access to the information. You can even make the argument that Google Drive encryption can be decrypted. You would not be wrong in assuming so, considering it happened. In 2020, Google had a massive security leak. In the event that it should happen again, you should have all resources available to prevent your information from getting leaked.

Although our data is protected by complex algorithmic processes, given the Facebook-Cambridge Analytical Information leak, a person’s fears are validated. So, it is very clear that not everything is completely, one hundred percent foolproof. In the case leaks are still a fear, it would be to one’s benefit to use two-factor authentication in all places where it is available. This can all be fortified once you use a strong password that does not include your first and/or last name, birthday or anything that may be immediately recognizable. 

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What Can SEO Design Chicago Do to Protect Your Privacy?

At SEO Design Chicago, we will help put you on the path to understanding how you and your data will be protected. At SEO Design Chicago, we use the extent of our resources to protect your precious information. It should be noted, however, that when you visit our website you consent to our collection and use of your personal information as described in our privacy policy at that time. Still, only the SEO Design Chicago staff will be able to access the information you provide.


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