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How Can Content Sponsorship Increase Sales for my Company?

Content sponsorship is the sponsoring of content that engages its audience and educates them about the sponsor, while subtly influencing them to buy the product. Sponsored content is usually paid for by an advertiser, but the post is created by a blogger or influencer. Depending on the platform, the content could be either a video, or a blog post. Sponsored content can be beneficial for the sales of a company. The content is already targeting your audience, and based around your brand. Content sponsorship provides an advantage to brands, and should be used wisely. 

what is sponsored content

How Content Sponsorship Increases Sales

If you are offered a chance to have content sponsorship on your page, take advantage of it. You will still be promoting your brand, and will have a sponsor backing you for the specific content. A good example is creating a video on a cooking channel, and one of the ingredients is sponsored by a big brand. You are still targeting your cooking audience, while one of the ingredients you use sponsors you. This will help you out with sales because it is not a random advertisement. Your content has always been about cooking; now it just features a sponsor that makes the cooking better. This type of content sponsorship helps your branding. You do not have to interject a random sponsor halfway through your content. Instead, you mention them as part of a process. More sponsored content examples later will cover this too. 

What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content, as mentioned above, is a type of content that is paid for by an advertiser. It engages, educates, and interests an audience, and sticks to the brand’s main topic. Basically, when asking what is sponsored content, think of an infographic, or an informational YouTube video that has a sponsor. It provides quality information, while using a sponsor’s product as part of the content. 

how can content sponsorship increase sales for my company

Benefits of Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is trustworthy content. Your audience knows that you are the one writing up the content, just with a promoted product. If you follow the normal content creation steps, your sponsored content will remain high quality like the other content you post. Also, the offers you receive for sponsored content should remain relevant to your business. A cooking blog should be sponsored by an ingredient, rather than an audiobook. Relevancy keeps your target audience interested, and the sponsored content better. Sponsors understand this too, and want to sponsor those who will benefits their products. Sponsored content can also lead to higher engagement rates. According to professional researchers, 75% of audiences say that if content peaks their interest, they will engage with it. Therefore, a higher engagement rate means that more people are viewing products being sold. This can boost sales, and grow a business. 

Downsides of Sponsored Content

While getting a sponsor could mean a lot to some, it is not always as simple as it seems. Tracking how well sponsored content is difficult. The sponsor does not know if their involvement was the reason that audiences viewed the sponsored post. Most advertiser involvement in online sponsor content is done to increase sales for the advertiser. They seek to do content sponsorship, because a content creator could help them both benefit. Another downside may be that some of the audience does not trust a sponsored post. While there may be no reason for this feeling, you cannot change the way they feel about the post. If they do not trust sponsored content as much, then sales may not increase. While there are downsides to sponsored content, it can still increase sales for your business. 

What To Do Before You Accept a Contract

Chances are, you will be receiving an offer to do sponsored content at some point on your platform. There are a few measures to be taken before accepting this type of offer. A successful sponsorship will elevate the perception of your brand in the mind of the consumer. An unsuccessful one will do the opposite. In order to get the most out of the sponsorship, you need to analyze what values you will gain. For example, your brand may be emphasizing a specific lifestyle. If the sponsorship offer will not reinforce that lifestyle, then it may not be a good idea to go for it. Once you have analyzed what the sponsor offers your brand, then you should decide whether or not to activate it.

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Creating a Marketing Campaign 

After learning what is sponsored content, you may be interested in having some on your site. Sponsored blog posts really do have a great effect on your brand. Once you decide to go ahead and accept a content sponsorship, you will need a plan. Creating a marketing campaign is the best way to start off. Target the goals you wish to achieve. Plan out how you will then proceed to achieve those goals. If you want more site visitors, then your marketing campaign should focus on that. Creating a marketing campaign for sponsored content will create a path to follow to reach a good level of success. Whether you are the influencer creating the content, or the one who is offering the sponsored content, a marketing campaign is necessary to both. 

Sponsored Content Examples

Knowing what is sponsored content without some examples really doesn’t tell you much more than just a definition. Some sponsored content examples will be shown next. The first example of sponsored content was done by Proctor & Gamble. They marketed their detergent, Oxydol, on the radio in the 1920’s and it worked! Today, there are multiple other platforms to market content on, and sponsored content examples vary by platform. On Snapchat, Taco Bell and other fast food restaurants offer photo filters. These filters can be used when you snap a picture and send it to a friend. While it may seem subtle, Taco Bell knows that they are engaging with their audience in a fun way, making it more likely that they will visit their business. As you see, sponsored content is everywhere. Businesses rely on sponsored content to increase their sales, and many platforms are happy to show the content. 

Other Examples

Snapchat is not the only platform where you can find sponsored content. Other examples can be found all over the internet. YouTube influencers always bring up sponsored content in their videos. They usually subtly transition into it, and give a minute long explanation on how to use the product. For the most part, the influencers keep their content relevant to their channels. Advertising a product that is irrelevant to an audience expecting something else will reduce trust. That way, both the sponsor and the influencer can suffer. Sponsors know this, so they will avoid offers that can hurt them. 

Blog Sponsors

Blogs also have sponsored content. When you are reading a blog, some of the content on there may have small text that says who sponsors it. Most sponsored blog content is relevant to the overall theme of the blog. It follows the same rules as the other platforms. Something too irrelevant won’t pass with the audience and may receive a high bounce rate. On the other hand, when done properly, an affiliate link on the blog can increase sales for the sponsor. The link would be placed on the blog, and readers can click it. This will take them to the site of the sponsor, where they can look at products offered. Sponsored content on blogs can help increase sales just like on other platforms. 

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How Do I Receive an Offer for Sponsored Content?

While you understand what is sponsored content, you may still not be getting offers for it. If you want to be receiving offers for sponsored content, you need to have a larger audience on your platform. Having a larger audience means that more people interact with your content. Someone who offers sponsored content is seeking to increase their sales. They will seek a large platform to then advertise that content. If you are struggling to get offers to write sponsored content, work on increasing your reach. Sponsored content advertising has many benefits, for both sides. Getting an offer to have sponsored content offers should be a priority for your page. 

The Future Of Sponsored Content

Sponsored content will always be around. Businesses find so many different ways to get their content out there. As seen in the examples, there are multiple platforms such as Snapchat that have opportunities. When these opportunities exist, advertisers will be able to generate sales by providing sponsored content. The platforms also earn some revenue because they get the content out to the audience. While sponsored content does not guarantee an increase in sales, it certainly helps sales. People will trust the influencer or platform that they receive the content from. Thus, they will know that the product is worth their time. If that is the case, then they may become a new customer. Overall, sponsored content will always be around. Advertisers use these platforms to increase sales and get their name out there. 

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