What is Adobe Creative Cloud? 

If you work in the software, marketing, or design industries then you might be familiar with some of the different applications Adobe offers. The software licenses for the individual Adobe applications can be very expensive on their own. Adobe Creative Cloud allows users to pay a monthly fee for several of their applications. This makes the Adobe applications obtainable for more consumers.

An Introduction to Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud can be used for almost any task in the areas of graphic design, video editing, web development, and photography. It has over 20 different that can either be purchased individually or as a complete package. Adobe Creative Cloud has helped millions of people bring their ideas to life. Digital art, photographs, videos, and various other projects can be significantly enhanced by using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Some of the most popular Adobe applications available in Creative Cloud are:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Spark

what is adobe creative cloud

There are various versions of Adobe Creative Cloud, each offering different Adobe applications for different prices. Adobe Creative Cloud has been a useful way for many consumers to get access to the Adobe applications they want and need. In fact, the Adobe Creative Cloud apps have been downloaded over 376 million times. It is important to learn what services exactly Adobe Creative Cloud provides and which version of Creative Cloud is best for you to purchase.

Different Versions of Adobe Creative Cloud for Individuals 

There are several different versions of Adobe Creative Cloud available for individuals, each offering a different combination of Adobe applications. There is the photography plan which offers Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and 20GB of cloud storage. The photography plan costs $9.99 dollars per month.

Even if you just want to use the Photoshop application, it is actually cheaper to purchase the photography plan than Photoshop on its own. The Photoshop application costs $20.99 per month by itself. Additionally the Lightroom application on its own costs $9.99 dollars per month.

If you want to use all of the applications Adobe offers, you will want to purchase the all apps option. The all apps plan is a great option for creative professionals and content creators, as most use some combination of these programs. The All Apps plan costs $52.99 dollars per month. Additionally, if you want to purchase software individually, you can at various prices depending on the software.

Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Animate, Dreamweaver, Dimension, and Audition all cost $20.99 per month individually. Premiere Rush, Lightroom, Adobe XD and Spark cost $9.99 per month individually. InCopy costs $4.99 per month individually.

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Different Versions of Adobe Creative Cloud for Institutions

Depending on what institution you are a part of, you might be eligible for a different pricing option. Businesses, teachers, students, schools, and universities are all eligible for different versions of Creative Cloud pricing.

For businesses, there are two options. You can either purchase all applications for $79.99 per month or a single application for $33.99 per month. It might seem like businesses are paying more than individuals. However, this option means that you purchased the license for any employee in your business to use the software. This is convenient for large businesses with many employees using these applications.

Individual teachers and students can purchase access to all applications for $19.99 per month. If you are a student or teacher who uses Adobe applications, you should take advantage of this deal since it is the cheapest one available.

Schools and universities have more options available. They can pay either per-user or per shared device. If the school or university is purchasing Creative Cloud per user then it will cost them $34.99 dollars per month for every application or $14.99 dollars per month for a single application.

The university or school can also pay $142.00 dollars per year for access to every application per student. For a shared device, the school or university can pay $330.00 dollars per year for every application.

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Is Adobe Creative Cloud Really Worth it?

So is Adobe Creative Cloud actually worth the price? Well, it really depends on how you want to use the Adobe applications over time. If you frequently use Adobe applications, it is worth the cost.

Although it is true that the monthly subscription model of Adobe Cloud means you might pay more long term. The advantage of Adobe Creative Cloud using the monthly subscription model is that whenever you are done using the applications, you can cancel your subscription.

You of course have to remember to cancel your subscription. Remembering to cancel your subscription is one of the biggest downsides when purchasing something through a subscription model. However, if you know that you only need to access some Adobe applications for a small period of time, Adobe Creative Cloud is the best option you have. As soon as you are done using the applications, you can simply cancel your subscription.

How to Download Adobe Creative Cloud

Now that you know more about what Adobe Creative Cloud is and how it is priced you might be wondering how to install it. After you have purchased the plan that is best for you, you will have the opportunity to install whatever applications came with your plan.

Once you are logged into your Adobe account you can download each application from your dashboard. Each application included in your Creative Cloud plan will have to be downloaded individually, for both the mobile and desktop applications. Many of the applications also have mobile versions that can be downloaded on your mobile device.

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What are Adobe Fonts?

You will also have access to Adobe fonts, or Adobe Typekit, with your subscription to any of the Adobe Creative Cloud packages. You can use the fonts in Adobe Typekit regardless of which Creative Cloud version you own. Adobe fonts library provides you access to thousands of fonts that you can easily download and use for your next project. Adobe Typekit for Creative Cloud is free and unlimited with your subscription.

You can access the Adobe fonts either in the Adobe app or on Adobe’s website. Once you have a font or multiple fonts you wish to use, select the “activate fonts” toggle. Then next time you log into your Creative Cloud account, the fonts will be available in the font menu for you to use.

You can then activate the fonts in any of the applications compatible with Adobe fonts. Additionally, you can use the fonts online as long as you have already activated it. Adobe Typkit for Creative Cloud’s extensive fonts library means you will easily find what you are looking for.

Can Creative Cloud be Installed on Multiple Computers?

Many people want to share their Adobe subscription with their friends to split the cost. You also might be wondering if Creative Cloud can be installed on several computers. Luckily, each application that is included with your Creative Cloud subscription can be downloaded onto two computers. However, they cannot be running at the same time. If they are opened at the same time, both sessions will be shut down.

Additionally, if you were to try to install an Adobe Creative Cloud application on a third device, the other two applications would deactivate. The advantage to this is that if you upgrade your computer at any point, you can install the Adobe applications on your new computer.

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What are the Minimum Requirements to Run Creative Cloud Applications?

Before you start installing Creative Cloud applications on your computer, you should make sure your computer can run the Adobe applications first. If you have an Apple computer you need to make sure that you have at least MacOS version 10.11 installed. If you are planning on running Creative Cloud through your browser, you will need to have at least Safari version 7, Firefox 4, or any version of Google Chrome installed.

A Windows computer needs at least Windows 7 installed to run the Creative Cloud applications. If you plan on running Creative Cloud in your browser, you need to have either at least Internet Explorer version 11, Firefox 4, or any version of Google Chrome. As long as your computer meets both the browser requirements and system requirements you can start using Adobe Creative Cloud.

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