Turning on Post Notifications for Instagram

Creating a social media presence can be a little intimidating and oftentimes requires a lot of work. There are some techniques that work better than others and if you’re new, you may find yourself trying out a few different things. Instagram may work best for you if your content relies heavily on photos and videos. They have gone through a few changes since their inception in 2010 but the mission is still the same: capture and share the world’s moments.

While you can use Instagram for personal reasons, you can also use it for business pursuits as well. If you are an influencer, it can be an effective way to reach a large audience. If you are a business trying to promote your services or products, Instagram can offer the ability to reach an untapped market. Your goals might be to get your followers to follow you or in some cases, purchase something. In either case, enticing followers into receiving notifications for your Instagram page is the goal.

If you are just starting out, you may be tempted to ask your followers to turn on their post notifications or subscribe to you. Though it may be direct, it’s ultimately not as good a strategy as it seems. You want authentic followers – those who are drawn in by your content organically. In this article, we will discuss how to enable notifications in your Instagram settings.

how to turn on story notifications for instagram

What are Instagram Post Notifications?

As a consumer, when we turn on post notifications for Instagram or any other social media platform, it is because we are interested in seeing more of that person’s content. We want to be updated on our favorite people and don’t want to miss out on their posts. So, that is where notifications on Instagram come in. You can go in your Instagram app settings or device settings and receive notifications every time they post.

Should I Enable Instagram Notifications?

Perhaps you follow a comic artist and are waiting for the latest comic strip. Or, you might really enjoy the latest influencer and you can’t wait to see their latest video. You could be interested in a community garden’s Instagram page and are eager to see the next project they are working on. Regardless of interest or type of content, turning on post or story notifications for Instagram in your notifications settings can help keep your chosen content on your radar.

That being said, consider what it takes as a content creator to cultivate that interest. As the person on the other end, you of course want as many people captivated by your content as possible. Enticing them to turn on push notifications will help keep your followers up to date on your latest content. So making sure you are drawing in followers rather than pushing them away is essential to your page, and in some cases, your business.

Push Notifications

A push notification is another phrase for push notifications. A push notification is an alert sent by the Instagram app, even when the app is not open. You can receive push notifications on Instagram by turning them on in your phone settings or in your Instagram account.

Benefits of Being Able to Customize Your Experience

There is a sea of content on the internet. Not just on Instagram but any social media platform. Just take a scroll and you can find yourself lost for hours in the abundance of videos, pictures, and information. However, not every consumer likes every type of content that’s out there. We all have varied interests and as a content creator, your content is not going to suit the palette of every person on this planet. The great thing about being able to turn on post notifications in the Instagram app is that it empowers the consumer. You have the ability to adjust push notification settings in your Instagram app.

Let’s say you see an artist’s page, and in general, you like their art style or topic. Occasionally though, their art just doesn’t resonate with you. Maybe sometimes they post something too political or something that rubs you the wrong way. You like them enough to still want to follow them, but you don’t want to see every piece of content they produce. You have the power to turn off push notifications for that page. That way when you want to see them, you can, rather than being bombarded with content you may not want to see. Having the ability to turn on or off push notifications for Instagram allows the user to have control over the content that they are being notified of and ultimately creates a better experience for them.

how to turn on post notifications

How to Turn Notifications on For Instagram

The actual act of turning on post notifications for Instagram is simple. You can turn them on or off for a specific page or turn them off for all accounts at once.

Here is now to enable Instagram notifications:

  1. On the home page, click the profile picture of the account you wish to follow.
  2. Click the bell icon located in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Here you will see the different notification types: Posts, Stories, IGTV, and Live Videos
    1. For Live Videos, select the option to get all notifications, some notifications, or turn them off completely.
    2. For Live Videos, the default is “get some notifications”
  4. Toggle the slider to indicate if you want to turn on the notification
    1. Notifications are defaulted to being off.
    2. If it is white, the notification is off.
    3. If it is blue, the notification is on.

Instagram Notification Settings

Whenever the account of your choosing shares a post, you will receive a notification. Keep in mind that the accounts are not notified when you turn notifications on or off. This level of anonymity can be helpful for some. Also, note that you have to go to each account individually in order to turn their push notifications on or off.

How to Turn Off Instagram Notifications

You can turn off or pause all Instagram notifications by doing the following:

  1. Go to your own profile by clicking your profile pic at the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. Click the three-lined icon at the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select “settings”
  4. Select “notifications” (it will be the second option next to a bell icon)
  5. Here you will see “push notifications” listed at the top.
    1. You can toggle the “pause all” option to pause all types of notifications
    2. You can go into each listed option to customize what you want to see and not see in general

Remember that your experience as an Instagram user is what you make it. You are in control of your own experience and being able to cultivate a feed full of your own interests is your benefit as a user. So feel free to adjust notifications how you like.

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What Makes People Want to Follow You on the Instagram App?

As you can tell, turning off Instagram post notifications doesn’t take much time at all. As well, knowing what it’s like to be on the consumer end of things will help you if you transition into being a content creator. If you are trying to grow your brand or become an influencer, you’re going to want to learn techniques to get others to turn on their notifications for your content

Perhaps you want to start selling on Instagram, and you want your potential followers to stay updated with your latest products. Or you might be an artist who wants to show their craft to the world. Instagram is suited towards a wide variety of audiences and the best way to get others to turn on post notifications to your specific page is to create good content that will make them come to you. Asking for followers or for people to receive notifications about your posts can sometimes be the quickest and easiest way to ensure they never do. The idea is to make them want to follow you without a strong suggestion.

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Creating Marketable Content that Entices Followers to Turn on Post Notifications

You may be familiar with the Instagram app on the fun and casual side of things. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always translate to knowing how to create the type of content that helps develop your brand and draw in followers. Since Instagram works best with photos and videos, learning how to make visually appealing content is essential. If you are doing things yourself, you might use Photoshop or Adobe InDesign. If you are a beginner, you might try Canva or Pixlr. Both allow you to make amazing visual content with little to no design experience.

How the Instagram Algorithm Works

You might also be wondering how the Instagram algorithm works and how it fits into people seeing your content. There are six factors to consider when creating your content:

  1. Interest: Know your target audience and understand what they like. That way Instagram puts the content in the feeds of those who you’re gearing your content towards.
  2. Following: How many followers a user has will factor into the content they are shown.
  3. Relationship: Those you are closer to appear more in your feed. Creating content people will interact with, comment on, and like will make them “closer” to you and appear in their feed more.
  4. Frequency: Based on how often the user uses the app. The more they use, the more chronologically accurate their feed will appear.
  5. Recency: More recent posts appear first, so understanding the best times to post on Instagram will help.
  6. Usage: How much time a user spends on Instagram will determine what posts they’re shown.

Unfortunately, you aren’t able to control all of these factors, since they are heavily dependent on what the user is doing. However, knowing how things work can help you understand how to create more engaging content. Whether you are a business trying to grow your brand or an individual looking to gain more exposure, having a solid marketing strategy and strengthening your online presence is essential.


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