Tips for Posting Native Video on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn native video allows you to post a video to your LinkedIn account. This means you can then share that video with others on LinkedIn, and anyone who goes onto your profile page. This article will tell you why using LinkedIn native videos is a good way to build your brand, how posting videos on LinkedIn can help you stand out, some LinkedIn video ideas, and other LinkedIn video marketing tips.

how to post native video on linkedin

How to Post Native Video on LinkedIn

We all know that businesses should be using LinkedIn for marketing. And video content is extremely popular. But you might not know much about posting videos on LinkedIn. LinkedIn native video launched in 2017, so it is a relatively new feature.

If you’re wondering, “do I need to post videos on my LinkedIn feed?” Well, since its launch, it has been determined that LinkedIn videos generate three times the engagement and interaction that a post just consisting of text would. That is why it is important to learn how to utilize the video feature on LinkedIn.

Making the most of videos can help to build your brand and expand your audience. Both of these things are important on LinkedIn, as this can lead to new career opportunities. To create a LinkedIn native video, simply open up your LinkedIn application, and click on the video icon.

Once you grant the application access to your camera and microphone, press the red record button. This will begin the recording. When you are done with the video, press the red button again to stop it. It will then give you the option to upload the video onto LinkedIn, so click the yes option. And now you have your uploaded video.

If you are using a desktop, go to the homepage and click the video icon that appears on the top of the homepage. You will then be able to upload a video onto your page that you want to share.

Video Content for LinkedIn

So now that you know how to upload videos to LinkedIn, now we are going to talk about what to put in said LinkedIn videos. The main reason for posting videos on LinkedIn is to build your brand and share your content or ideas. The large number of users means that by using LinkedIn to share videos, you can potentially connect with thousands of people. But creating video content, especially professional LinkedIn videos, can be difficult.

LinkedIn Video Specs

The first key in creating videos for LinkedIn is to make sure they are between three seconds and ten minutes long. They also have to be under five gigabytes in size. Both of these requirements are designated by the LinkedIn application. If your video does not meet them, then it will be unable to be posted. For the best possible return and views on your videos, the sweet spot is around three minutes long.

You can also tag relevant people in your LinkedIn video post. Make sure to add a short, written description of your video. You can use a LinkedIn video to introduce yourself or your company, and what you are about. A video can easily and quickly explain your brand, without being bogged down by boring text exposition.

You can also demonstrate which services you offer, or any new products or ideas you may be launching. Make sure you also design your videos with a sound off option, as almost eight five percent of social media videos are viewed with no sound. This can be down by adding closed captions to your video. Posting LinkedIn videos is a great promotional tool for yourself or your company, and you would be wise to take advantage of it.

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Tips for LinkedIn Videos

Now that we have gone over what you should be in a video for LinkedIn, next, we are going to go over some tips to make your videos more successful. There are several ways you can make the most out of LinkedIn video. It’s important to keep these tips in mind when you create LinkedIn videos.

Number one is to ensure that you have good audio quality and your video is easy to view. Good audio quality is important, as people will not watch your video if there are annoying noises or inconsistent volume throughout it.

In terms of making your video easy to see, you need good quality lighting, and a good camera angle. Since LinkedIn is a professional network, you should act professionally in your videos as well. This means dressing appropriately in business attire, and using appropriate language, such as no slurs and no slang.

Also, make sure your background is free of anything that may be distracting for viewers, ensuring they get the main points from your video. Your body language is another important factor, so sit up straight and do not slouch. These presentation tips can be the difference between a good quality or bad quality LinkedIn native video. They should be implemented to ensure the best possible responses for your video.

LinkedIn Live Video

Debuting in 2019, LinkedIn Live videos are still a new feature of LinkedIn. This feature allows you to have a live broadcast on LinkedIn, and interact with people during your broadcast. This is very similar to platforms such as Instagram live, as both allow you to interact with people in real time.

A LinkedIn live video is different from a LinkedIn native video, as the live video is not pre-recorded, but is happening in real time. In order to use the live video feature, members of LinkedIn must submit an application to the company. The application goes over what you will need to create live videos for LinkedIn. Once your application is completed and approved, you will then be able to post LinkedIn live videos to the application.

The best way to do this is to make sure you have a way of filming your video and monitoring the comments on the video at the same time. This allows you to answer people’s questions in real time, which leads to better community interaction. One way of doing this is to use your laptop’s camera to film the video, and your phone to read comments you can respond to.

All of the professional tips discussed for LinkedIn native videos also apply to LinkedIn live videos. This ensures that they are appropriate for the platform of LinkedIn, and fellow professionals will not be turned off by them. To get the most views for your LinkedIn live videos, choose relative and interesting topics, and provide an informed opinion on them. Try to stick to a broadcasting schedule if you can, as more people will come back to view and interact with your live videos if they know when you will be streaming them.

The best video length for live LinkedIn videos is between ten and fifteen minutes. This gives you enough time to explain your topic, and have the time to interact with viewers, while not bombarding them with information. Following these tips will give you the best shot of making a successful live video on LinkedIn.

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The Value of Videos on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most valuable resource you can use for finding a job and promoting your brand or company. LinkedIn is also a great platform for advertising. It has over five hundred millions users in countries all over the world. Of these five hundred million users, barely one percent consistently create and share content on LinkedIn, including videos. This means that posting a video on LinkedIn has the potential to be viewed by a massive amount of people. However, not many are utilizing it.

Creating a brand is hard in this digital age. Many people are using the internet to do so and it creates an oversaturated market. To combat this, make use of every tool available to you to get you and your brand in the spotlight. According to a study, 91 percent of marketing executives say LinkedIn is their go to place to find new, quality content.

Making a LinkedIn video is a great way to demonstrate said quality content that those executives are looking for. Having a LinkedIn native video on your page can make it easy for an employer to find out who you are and what you are about. If you are going to try cold messaging on LinkedIn, having video content on your profile never hurts. Neglecting the video feature on LinkedIn is simply not taking advantage of all the tools available to you.

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Promotion on LinkedIn

As we have discussed, promoting you or your brand and business on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to gain new followers and customers. Using LinkedIn for marketing is an important strategy. Posting LinkedIn videos is a fantastic method of promotion, just make it only a video. Writing an article and including a video in the article will get much less views than just the video itself. Millions of people from around the world use LinkedIn daily for a variety of reasons. That makes it a great way to promote yourself. By continually uploading creative and interesting LinkedIn videos, you can build a following and build more awareness for your brand.

The best part is, this service is free, so everyone should be taking advantage of it. The internet is a massive place and ever expanding. So, there is a great deal of competition in every sector of it. Using any resource you can will help to set you apart from the competition. LinkedIn native videos are a great way to do this. That’s because they tell the audience what they need to know about you and your brand. You can do so in a clear, concise, and entertaining message. If you have not been using them, now is a great time to start.

LinkedIn Video Ads

If your LinkedIn videos aren’t performing as well as you had hoped, you can also create LinkedIn video ads. A LinkedIn video ad campaign is an excellent way to engage your target audience. Just make sure to create your LinkedIn video ad according to LinkedIn video specs.

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