The Best Content Marketing Platforms

A content marketing platform is a software tool that enables marketing organizations to streamline their marketing processes from start to finish on a single platform. Essentially, it is where they can plan, brief and collaborate efficiently, instead of using spreadsheets or emails. This is particularly useful when it comes to saving time and energy. It’s also excellent for generating positive PR particularly when combined with marketing automation. In this article, we will be giving you the inside scoop on top content marketing platforms and tools. 

content marketing platforms

Top 5 Content Marketing Platforms

Below are top rated content marketing platforms by users. Now before getting into the platforms themselves, here is a quick guide on getting started with content marketing.

This tool is known for its simplicity and easy-to-use interface. This CMP allows you to quickly organize, collaborate and create effective marketing strategies. With’s friendly visual layout, you can delegate tasks to your designers, writers and editors with the click of a button. allows you to grow your team as anyone can join without prior training since the CMP provides more than 200 templates for creating posts and leaves room for customizable workflow. Gain access to a calendar and time to display your data, or use a number of other methods including Kanban, Gantt, map, form, or workload.


This platform gives you full control of your marketing processes from the ideation, creation and unique optimization and measurements features. SEMrush offers a strong approach to optimizing SEO potential for your content plan. The CMP aims to boost your content plan by finding popular search queries online, such as relative topics, headlines and questions. 

The platform is also centralized towards finding what suits your audience best as it offers actionable optimization tips on your content plan, and finds content promotional opportunities based on mentions. Furthermore, SEMrush allows you to integrate third-party applications such as Google Docs. This ensures your content is SEO friendly.


StoryChief is an editorial CMP which makes it possible to seamlessly create and publish articles across several platforms at the same time. This CMP makes it easy for editors to collaborate and review each other’s work with StoryChief’s notification system, which alerts users when a new article is posted, and also plans future stories with the visual content calendar. 

Create campaigns by grouping stories together and measure your content’s success by comparing to other stories in the campaign. 


ScribbleLive allows marketers to manage the lifecycle of their content. This includes being in control of all stages, from conception, to planning, creation and all steps in the buyer’s journey. 

This CMP allows you to publish content across multiple channels, and create premium interactive content, which can be tracked by conversions and hosts a social media manager.

ScribbleLive is perfect for promoting live events with its live publishing feature, which can also be suitable for in-venue engagement. This CMP also allows you to manage your content with an editorial calendar.


Kapost allows you to deliver content to the right person at the right time by giving you full control of all editorial processes. Team members work easily together by being able to review each other’s work in all creative stages, as well as create and update workflows. Organize your content with Kapost’s content store where you can keep track of the status of each asset, the following steps, author and set submission deadlines. Kapost also allows marketers to measure results of distributed and promoted content. 

content marketing platforms

Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing tools have a broad span. They cover email content, personalized content, marketing automation, web analytics, seo analytics, funnel analytics, social media, influencer marketing, paid promotion, blogging tools and many more. As the demand for high quality content is rising, so has the available tools. The list is ever expanding and as a result marketers have more and more areas to consider. Each technology offers a different service. While some might help actually create the content, others might help with the distribution or evaluation of the effectiveness for your content. 

In addition, content marketing tools have become increasingly complex and it can often be difficult knowing where to start. There are so many ways to group these tools.

The following lists the main categories: 

  • Producing
  • Optimizing Conversions
  • Measuring
  • Distributing 
  • Organizing
  • Composing

content marketing platforms

Best Content Marketing Tools

There are 5 common types of content: video, infographics, blogs/articles, podcasts, and social media. What might work very well for one industry might not at all for another, so choosing which type of content to create can be tricky. Let’s explore some options for the best content marketing tools to help you choose accordingly. 

Also, remember to be consistent with your content marketing strategy. It is not something you can just do ‘from time to time’ but rather needs dedication to achieve success. 


This platform is an all-in-one inbound marketing tool that includes a specialized marketing, sales and customer service hub. Hubspot focuses on growing your organization by building lasting relationships with your customers through valuable content and experiences. This is the ultimate tool to help your team generate quality content and leads on the marketing hub. It then turns leads into customers by engaging potential buyers in the sales hub. 

Hubspot offers a unique customer service hub which aims to turn buyers into promoters, by solving their issues to ensure success that generates word of mouth. This CMP provides tools to guide your SEO optimization, social media, email, landing pages, marketing automation, and web analytics.


The advantage of this tool is in the fact that it provides info on what content does best in relation to competitors and it tells you which influencers would be most prominent to choose from given your industry. 

First off, you can simply type in your desired keyword such as “fashion blogger”. Then, you get a list of data points from various social media platforms regarding how many times the term has been used. This would be a great way to determine where to best reach your target audience.

Another great feature about this tool: the ease. It’s very user-friendly and you will find yourself getting the hang of it in no time. 


Buffer is a great tool for managing more than one social media platform at once. It knows when optimal sharing times are to and generates the meaningful results you are looking for. Scheduling posts for later across multiple social media platforms saves you time and energy – particularly if you have a worldwide audience with different time zones. 

In addition, it also allows for great levels of flexibility, especially when seeking approval from a manager or advisor. You would have all the content ready to go in one. In case you want help creating the content, Buffer has an easy-to-use image creation tool called Pablo. 

Another great feature Buffer has is precision market testing – that is, experimenting to find what works best with your target audience. 


The benefit of Ahrefs lies in the fact that it offers not just one, but seven different tools including crawl report, position tracker, site explorer, content explorer, Ahrefs alert, and more. In specific, the content explorer tool is particularly useful given that it provides the competing blog posts in your niche. Explore what trends are being discussed and how to get involved in the conversion.

You also have the position tracker, which provides real time tracking of keyword rankings. This tool is especially for new content marketers as it offers a 14 day free trial period. See the impact it has on your strategy and work from there. 

Google Analytics 

A free analytics tool offered by Google, this tool is great for tracking your progress and is definitely a necessity to be familiar with. As you are posting and creating content, you might forget that you must also track and assess the process of how your work is doing. This includes how much traffic is being generated, which content is optimal, which keywords are bringing in the most leads, etc. However, this tool will take some time to figure out so be patient and make use of the valuable numbers. 

For instance, the “default channels grouping” report will tell you where the majority of your search results are coming from – either organic search, paid search, direct, referral, social, or “other”. These insights will tell you where you should be spending most of your time and energy investing in. 

content marketing platforms

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