Advanced Google Searching Techniques

Advanced Google Searching

This article will give you some tips on advanced Google searching. It will help you learn how to search more effectively – and teach you lots of tricks you probably never knew existed – on Google. Think you already know all there is about searching on Google? Think (and search!) again. For example, did you know you could use Google as a calculator, or a stopwatch? Keep reading to find out how. 

Even if you use Google every day, you will learn some new ways to use the search engine while reading this article. You might even want to bookmark it in your browser for future use. 

Google search terms 

What are some advanced Google search terms? They are the words or phrases you enter into Google’s search engine. The word or phrase often is (or contains) a keyword, which is what marketers bid on in their search campaigns, and are trying to rank for in the search results. 

Google Search operators

In this article, you will learn several different Google Search operators and how to use them correctly. What are Google Search operators? Obviously, you know you can type any search word or phrase into Google. 

What you may not know is that there are several shortcuts you can use to help you with your search. For example, if you use an asterisk in place of a missing word, it’s a wildcard and Google will match it with any word or phrase. Or, you can use a command like “define:” to use Google just like you would use a dictionary. “Define:” is just one example of a Google search operator. 

Google Words: Tips for advanced searching 

Tips for advanced Google searching

Be specific

Make sure to use an explicit phrase for your search term. For example, if you’re looking for a digital marketing agency, searching “digital marketing agency” in double quotes will make sure you get an exact match, and not just ones about digital marketing or just about agencies. 

Eliminate words from your search

If you want to exclude a certain word from your search, put a – sign in front of the word you want to eliminate. For example, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency but you don’t want to look for one in London, type “-London” in the search bar after the term you are searching for. 

Search this or that

If you want to look for This OR That, simply add the capitalized “OR” in your search. For example, if you want to look for a digital marketing agency OR a website design company. 

How to search for all words

If you’re looking for a site where all the words you’re searching for appear, type “allintext:” followed by all the words you’re looking for. Keep in mind, though, the words might not all be next to each other on the webpage. For example, you can search allintext: digital marketing agency Chicago offers advertising.

Search for words in text

If you want to search for two separate phrases on a webpage, type the first term then “intext:” followed by the second term. For example, you can search “digital marketing agency intext: Google ads.” 

Search for words in text

Search for words in title 

Similarly, if you want to find a web page with certain words in the title, type “allintitle:” then the words you’re looking for. 

Search for words in the title and text or URL

If you want to find a page where one word or phrase appears in the title and another word or phrase appears in the text, URL or somewhere else in the article, first enter the first term then “intitle:” and then the second term. 

Search for words in URL

If you want to search for a word or phrase specifically in a website’s URL, type “allinurl:” followed by what you’re looking for. 

Search within a website 

If you want to search a website for a certain phrase, and that website doesn’t have a search feature, here’s a trick. Type “,” followed by the phrase encased in quotes. For example, if you want to search SEO Design Chicago’s website for information about marketing, search “” followed by “marketing.” 

Search a website

Find a related website

If you want to find a website similar to a website you already like, type “” 

Search for all links to one website 

If you want to search for all the webpages that link to SEO Design Chicago’s website, for example, use the search “” 

Search for synonyms

If you want to search for not just one word but also all of its synonyms, use a ~ symbol in front of the word. 

Google dictionary

Use Google as a dictionary

If you want to look up what a word means, just type “define:” followed by the word you want to look up. 

Learn how to pronounce a word 

Not sure how to pronounce that tricky word? Use the define trick and then click the megaphone and turn your volume up. 

Replace a missing word 

If you’re looking up a phrase or song lyric, but can’t remember one word, just add an asterisk in place of the word you forgot. The asterisk is called a wildcard. For example, if you want to look up the Ernest Hemingway novel but forget the whole title, you can put “The Old * and the Sea,” and Google will fill in “man” for you. 

Search local news, or news in one place

If you want to see the news in a certain location, use “location:” followed by the place you’re looking for. For example, to see Chicago’s latest and breaking, just use “location:Chicago.” 

Local news

Search for a specific kind of document 

If you want to find a specific kind of document related to a topic – for example, a PowerPoint presentation about Chicago, type “filetype:ppt” and “Chicago.” 

Use Google to translate for you 

If you want to translate a simple word or phrase into another language, simply type “translate hello to German” into Google and it will give you the answer. 

Reverse phone lookup

If a phone number calls you that you don’t know, just type “phonebook:” into Google, followed by the number. 

Search area codes

Just want to know where that number that just called you is calling from? Type the three-digit area code into Google, and it’ll tell you.

Find a zip code

If you need to find a zip code for an address, simply type the rest of the address into Google and it will show you. 

Search a stock 

Type a ticker symbol into Google, and it will give you all the latest financials and a thumbnail chart for the stock. 

Use Google as a calculator 

Next time you need to do some quick math, forget using your phone app or an actual calculator. Instead,  type the calculation you need to do into Google and it will give you an answer. 

Google Calculator

Tip calculator

We all know trying to figure out how much to tip can be a pain. Simply type “tip calculator” into Google. Then tell Google the bill amount, the percent you’d like to tip, and how many people are splitting the bill. (This is especially helpful when you’re out to dinner with a big group!)

Use Google as a timer…

Next time you’re baking brownies, just type “30 minute timer” into Google and it will begin counting down for you automatically. 

…or a stopwatch

Simply type “stopwatch” into Google, then hit start! 

Check the weather 

Want to know what the weather’s like in Chicago? Just type “weather Chicago Illinois” into Google’s search bar and you’ll see the temperature, if it’s rainy or sunny, and a weeklong graphic of highs and lows. 

Google Weather

Sunrise and Sunset 

Planning a romantic proposal? If you want to know what time the sunrise or sunset will be, simply type “sunrise” or “sunset” along with the location name. 

Find flight information

Just type any flight’s airline and flight number into Google (example: AA 131), and you can find out if the flight’s on-time or delayed, what terminal and gate it will land and take off from, and even give you a countdown till it lands. 

Sports scores and schedules

Missing the big game? Or want to see your favorite team’s schedule for the whole season? Just type the team name (for example, Chicago Cubs) into Google and you’ll get their latest results, full roster and full schedule. 

Find sports scores

Compare foods 

Not sure which food is healthier for you? Just type “x vs z” into Google and it will tell you which option has more calories and how many different kinds of nutrients are in each. 

Search through a numeric range

If you ever want to search something between years, for example, who won the World Series each year between 2010-2020, search “World Series 2010..2020.” Simply include two periods (..) between the two years. 

Are you a better Google Searcher?

After reading all of these tips and tricks, you would most certainly be an advanced Google searcher! Hopefully, this article taught you a lot more about how to use Google and advanced searches. Maybe you’re even ready to take the next step and use Google Ads. If you have any more questions or need more help, contact us at SEO Design Chicago.

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