How to Keep Visitors on Your Website

How do you keep visitors on your website? Well, there are many factors that help you make your website more interesting and more accessible to people. Some of the key factors include design, content, and the kind of web visitor you are drawing to your site. There are many different ways you can improve to help keep visitors on your site! 

keep visitors on your website

Web Design

The way people get to your site is varied. They could get there from clicking an ad, searching for a certain product on Google, or through a social media post. Your site needs to be accessible to everyone, no matter how they got to your site. This could be by placing an attractive and exciting home page that directs people to learn more. This could be done through making your page interactive. Even just utilizing your white space can improve your website.

Make a point to direct people to the place on your site where you want them to go. If you sell a product, make sure your shopping page is linked and easy to find. The biggest blunder people can make when designing a website is making it difficult to navigate! So, make it easy. If your site is readable, easy to navigate, and visually attractive, you are good to go. Those few simple things (though easier said than done) can definitely keep web visitors on your site. 


When people get to your site, you want them to be interested in what they are seeing. Make your content scroll-worthy! Don’t put an entire monologue about your company’s vision as your homepage. Keep things short and sweet. If you have things like blog posts that are longer, put them in their own section where people will expect to see that. Keeping your text informative but entertaining can be tricky.

Look around at other sites to get some good ideas of how to do this. Your content is just as important as your web design. People may be interested in how pretty your website is, but if your content is boring, you will not keep people visiting your site. You need to make sure you focus on content creation on your website.

Who is Your Audience?

When you are figuring out what kind of content you want on your site, consider your audience. If you’re selling something for kids, make your website fun with cute effects! If your site is for a law firm, keep it serious and informative. Once you identify what kind of web visitor you want, it is much easier to keep visitors on your site. You can also decide how much text content you want in your site depending on the audience. If you think your target audience would leave your site upon seeing a lot of text, add interesting photos instead.

Even if you don’t have a specific audience, there are ways to make your site more accessible to everyone through making it inclusive. There are many ways you can get the attention of web visitors without filling up your site with text. In fact, some of the best websites have very little text.

how to keep visitors on your website

Using Analytics

Using website analytics is another great way to keep visitors on your website. Analytics are used to see when people are viewing your site, how long they stay there, and if they become customers or not. Analytics can help you with CRO, or conversion rate optimization. CRO is the practice of getting those viewers who come to your website to become actual customers.

If people are coming to your site, but not purchasing your product, obviously something is not working. You need to get people to stay on your site, but the main reason for that is to get them to purchase your product. CRO usually focuses on your website’s homepage, your blog, and your shopping page. These are the places that usually need the most help if people are leaving your site. 

Google Analytics

If you don’t currently have analytics set up on your site, you will want to get Google Analytics set up. Google Analytics helps you get the best information so that you can find out where your problems are coming from on your site. It can help you decide what content to choose, and help you see what is working for you and what is not. It can also tell you about the demographics of the people visiting your site, and help you see if your advertising is working. Hiring a company to help you read those analytics and make changes that will help you is always a great option as well. 


Another great way to keep people coming to your site is adding a blog. Blogs are still very popular, and they can help you to increase your scope of things on your site. Blogs also help you to increase your SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is what helps your website be found in Google searches by web visitors.

Blogs help a lot with SEO because they are a great way to incorporate keywords. Keywords are important because Google uses their own analytics to decide what goes at the top of the search, and one of the factors they use is keywords. Keywords are commonly searched phrases or individual words that you can focus on to get your site found more easily. You can use them on your website too, but blogs are the best place for the use of keywords. 

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Why Blogs Work

On blogs, you can attract more website visitors by talking about different kinds of topics than you would find on your actual website. This gives you a wider range of keywords and will help your site get found by more people. Blogs are also more interesting, and people may want to read them and continue looking through your website. Blogs are also a great way to show your visitors that your site is more than just your product. You can talk about things like your vision, your employees, and even your valued customers. It gives you more freedom and helps your SEO and your visitor retention. What a great resource! 

Unique Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website

One of the best things you can do for your website is think of something attention-grabbing that will keep your customers from leaving your page. Web visitors want to be entertained. They also want to be informed quickly and simply. Once you have done all you can with design, content, and analytics, try out some of these to see if they will work for you! 


Videos are one of the most attention-capturing things out there. It has been proven that people tend to stay 60% longer on websites that have videos instead of just text and pictures. You can use this opportunity to make a product video that is fun and informative, or feature customer reviews. The possibilities for videos are endless! However, make sure it is professionally produced and edited. If not, it will instead drive customers away. Keeping customers on your site will be easy if they are entertained! 

Reduce Page Loading Time 

Something that always drives people away is loading time. If your website takes forever to load, people will not wait around for it to work. Site speed also helps your SEO rankings, so you want it to be good for those reasons as well. Actually reducing site speed has a lot to do with optimizing your code (HTML or CSS), images, and redirects, so it is a bit more complex, but it is worth it. There are many different ways and step-by-step processes to help you accomplish a faster loading time. It isn’t hard to find someone who can help you to reduce your page loading time if you aren’t an expert, so this is a great way to keep visitors on your website. 

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Promotions and Coupons 

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but keeping web visitors from leaving may have a lot to do with your current promotions. If you change your promotions often and keep offering limited-time offers, you will be able to keep people’s interest. Make your coupons easily accessible, possibly on the front page. Your web visitors will be able to see those right away and be drawn in!

Coupons are one of the classic ways to make people interested in your product. You can also change your promotions for holidays and times of the year, which makes it even easier. Keep your clients interested by giving them a little something back! It will also tend to make you more sales. 

Keep Your Customers Happy 

Also, the best way to keep customers coming back is by being an amazing company. If your products are great, your clients will want to come back and stay. People will recommend your company to their friends as well! As you work hard on your website to make it more user-friendly and analytically sound, you will see that people will stay longer. Keeping visitors on your website will be easy once you follow these steps! 

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