How to Create Readable Content

Whether you are guest blogging, writing a news article, or running your own website, readable content is imperative. If your audience does not understand your writing, they will likely not go back to your site for content. Readability plays a role in your site’s success, as well as its growth. If you have ever tried to read a poorly written or structured piece of writing, you know how off-putting it can be. Readability can also affect the SEO of your site. This makes it so your site will not be ranked as high in search engines. This article will tell you about what readable content is, the importance of it, things to avoid, and tips to create more readable content

What is Readable Content?

Readable content is all about whether your reader or audience will understand your content or not. Readability is simply how easy something is to read and understand. While this may seem like an obvious concept, it is important to ensure that your target audience can actually understand the message you are trying to deliver. You’ve probably come across a blog post that was difficult to get through, and this can be for multiple reasons. Sometimes these issues are because of the site’s design. For example, if you have colors or fonts that are difficult to read or distracting, your audience will be unable to focus on your content. However, in most cases, a text’s readability is primarily affected by the quality of writing and the structure.

Getting the Full Effect

Another reason why having readable content is important is because if your readers don’t understand what you are trying to say, they will not get the full effect of your content. When you’re creating content, whether it’s through writing, graphic design, or social media, you are creating a message and a story. If the story is not well written or well designed, it will not be understood in the way you intend it to be. This can lead to confusion, as well as misunderstandings of your brand. When you’re creating content, whether it’s through writing, graphic design, or social media, you are creating a message and a story. If the story is not well written or well designed, it will not be understood in the way you intend it to be. This can lead to confusion, as well as misunderstandings of your brand. A crucial part of having a successful website or online business is having a loyal customer base that is built on trust. This cannot be done if your content is written in a way that is difficult to understand by your audience.


The Importance of Readable Content

Writing content that your readers can easily understand is crucial. Not only is it important for your audience to understand what you were trying to say, but it’s also important to your website’s success. If you are monetizing your site, this is even more important, because you want to build a level of trust with your readers and keep them engaged. Readability can also affect your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). This is because Google considers readability as a factor when it ranks your pages, because the goal is to connect searchers with content that is both relevant and useful. In order for your site to perform well, quality and readability must be top concerns.

Creating Good Content 

Trying to read a blog post or article that is poorly written or badly structured can be off-putting to your reader. This will cause your reader to likely not finish the article. In some cases, not go back to your site for information again. If you were creating content that is unreadable to your reader, and they are put off of your website, then there is a higher likelihood of your website being pushed down on search engine rankings. This will cause your audience to shrink, leading to an unsuccessful site. In order to grow your audience, you want to make sure that your content is not only shareable, but is also readable to your core audience. If your core audience is understanding what you were trying to say and is excited about your brand and your story, it is more likely for them to share your content with those around them. 

readable content

Content Mistakes to Avoid

When writing anything, but especially when writing something you know others will read, like copy, it’s important to make sure to avoid mistakes. These mistakes are easily avoidable, and it’s important to keep them while you are writing in order for your website to be as successful as possible.

Unreadable Copy

Readability is key when it comes to writing content. A mistake many make is writing content that is difficult to understand. It’s important to ensure that your audience, or anyone else who comes across your content, can understand its meaning. If your audience doesn’t understand your content, they will likely not go back to your site and read your content because they will be unable to understand your writing. In order to avoid this problem, think of your audience, and ensure your writing will match their level of understanding and tone of voice. 

Not Considering the Audience’s Perspective

Another common mistake is not taking your audience’s perspective into account while writing content. If you have a website where you sell, stay focused on helping your clients learn to solve a problem. Writing solely from the perspective of the website owner will put off any potential customers or audience. It is likely your readers don’t care much about your industry or why you think your products or services are great. This issue is one that can be easy to avoid. You can hire a professional SEO writer, write in first person and use “you” rather than “I”, and make sure your writing is for your reader.

Not Using Keyword Variation

In 2021, search engines like Google are more intelligent than ever. They don’t consider just the keyword, but also synonyms and the meanings behind those keywords. Using a tool like Google Phrase Match will allow you to not use just the direct keyword, but also the meaning of those keywords. If you have a keyword like “creative”, it can feel repetitive to use it consistently throughout your writing. This will bore the reader and they won’t stay engaged. However, if you use alternating keywords, your users will read your content and continue to go back to your site. 

Tips to Create Readable Content

In order to create readable content for your audience, it’s important to keep the structure of your writing in mind. While the content itself is important, if the structure is readable, then you have a higher chance of your reader understanding your content. 

Break Up Content into Paragraphs

No one wants to read a long block of text. It can be taxing, and is easy to lose your place while reading. Instead, having paragraphs of varying lengths will keep your readers focused on your content. In a visual context, looking at paragraphs looks more readable than one big piece of text. This will allow for your writing process to be easier and more organized, as well as be more readable for your audience. A great way to distinguish new topics for different paragraphs is to use headings.

Use Headings

Using headings to define the topics you are writing about will allow the reader to understand what they read. This also gives your reader the opportunity to skip to the parts of your writing that interest them. Having your topics broken up into smaller parts will make your content more readable and organized, which will allow for your reader to more easily understand your writing.

Shorter Sentences

While longer sentences are sometimes unavoidable (or even necessary), you should aim to avoid a sentence longer than 20 words. At the same time, you also want to avoid using only short sentences. Having a mixed sentence length will give your writing a more natural rhythm, adding readability to your writing. 

readable writing


As well as being more visually appealing, using images and graphics to break up your content. This will make your writing more digestible to your audience. This is because they get to take a “break” in between your content. It will make your content more appealing to have some visuals placed into your post, page, or design.


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