How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story

When you add a link to your Instagram story, it is a great way to keep followers engaged while obtaining new ones at the same time. Instagram was rolled out in 2010 and was instantly popular. It is one of the apps that still continues to grow each day. Instagram consists of sharing images and videos to a feed where followers can view and like your posts. The feed is on an algorithm and generates posts from followers that are most relevant to your preferences. Your own personal page saves and arranges all the photos you have ever posted. Instagram posts are expected to be good quality photos that are well-edited, well lit, etc.

Instagram Stories

As time progressed, Instagram created Instagram stories. Stories are more casual, and they give less pressure to post a perfect picture. Instagram stories allow for businesses to advertise products and showcase deals and exciting launches. This promotional feature supports links. While it might seem difficult, knowing how to add a link to an Instagram story is actually quite simple. Links are integral for your business as they help increase customer retention and even brand loyalty. Not to mention, links that redirect are fun and interesting and move people away from scrolling on the same screen on their phone for hours.

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How to Put a Link in an Instagram Story

Putting a link in an Instagram story can boost your social media strategy like no other. It has been discovered that Instagram stories have increased how much time users spend on the app by at least ten minutes. This added exposure allows users to recognize your brand and familiarize themselves with your business and the products you offer. This added attention is only beneficial if you are generating more traffic to your site which is where Instagram story links come into play.

Photo Uploads

The first way you can put a link in an Instagram story is by uploading a photo. First, you will upload a photo to your Insta story and then you will click on an icon that looks like two linked chains. Choose, “URL” and copy and paste your link into the box. Finally, publish your story.


Another way you can redirect users is by tagging another account on your Instagram story. If they tap the name a button shows up that users can click to land on that account’s profile. That account can then add links in their bio for users to click on too. You must have at least 10,000 followers, or be verified, or have a business account for the link feature to show up on your Instagram story.

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Instagram Business Accounts

Having a business account is a must because it also provides free insights on how well your content is reaching its intended audience and what adjustments you need to make. You are able to see what time of day is achieving the highest impression rate and what posts seem to be most popular. Videos are always an interactive way to highlight your brand and/or product. Users only have to view videos for it to count as an interaction, whereas photos must be liked or commented on. The algorithm uses interaction rates to find out who is seeing your posts and tracking others. The higher interaction, the more people are seeing your posts.

Swipe Up

Users can literally swipe up and be directed to whatever website you link. The old days of users being redirected to your profile so that they could click on the link in your bio are over. The fact of the matter is, the more people have to click, the higher the bounce rate is going to be. We live in an instantaneous society where people want results in one click (or one swipe) which is exactly what the swipe up feature does. The swipe up tool has revolutionized Instagram stories. Links are directly available on Instagram stories, so there is no more confusion or aggravation for users. When you swipe up, the link does not take you out of the app and into a search engine, it simply pulls up the page. When you are done, you can swipe down, and you will return to the Instagram page you were on before.

Benefits of Links

Instagram story links are a powerful tool for marketers. The average time a user is on the app increases, and ways to reach consumers are easier than ever before. The trick to links is to successfully employ the feature so overall sales and profits increase. Utilizing links has many benefits.

Increased traffic

The strategy for better traffic is normally centralized around content. In this case, however, focus on the ability to lead your consumer to where you want them. Instagram story links are simple and send prospects to your website through the chosen URL you attached. Your stories should still be interesting and engaging, but content is not as integral to the amount of traffic.

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Identifying leads

While not all users who click on your link will convert immediately, it still gives you the opportunity to identify the consumers who are interested in your products. You can then target them individually and create an ad experience you customize to their preferences.

Data Insights

You can track how many people swipe up on your link and conduct A/B testing on different ad campaigns. If a story gets double or triple the amount of swipe ups compared to another, it is more effective and can help drive your future strategy. You can also track what time of day seems to achieve the greatest exposure and use that to your advantage as well.

More Conversions

Instagram story links result in a higher conversion rate. Because of the ease of Instagram story links, users are more likely to convert than if they had to click on ten different areas to land them on the desired page.

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How to Add a Link to Instagram

Knowing how to add a link to Instagram goes far beyond adding links to Instagram stories. While Instagram story links are easy, they are not always the right choice. Links can be added in numerous spots on Instagram, it really just depends on your audience and what you are trying to achieve. Understanding your target market is first and foremost. Some demographics might not even bother to ever look at Instagram stories. For example, if your campaign is targeting 50-year-old females, and it has been researched and discovered that this group of customers only scroll through their feed and profiles, you will never reach this demographic. This is why you have to consider where you are posting the link in correspondence with your audience.

Add a Link to your Instagram Bio

Instagram allows its users to add links in their bios. To do so, simply click on “edit profile” and include your link in the website tab. Anyone who clicks on your profile can also click on your link. This way of attaching a link is much more personal which can be a good or a bad thing. It is a good thing, because you are reaching consumers who have something in common with you and your business and are more likely to convert. On the flip side, you are depriving yourself of more exposure.

Take Advantage of a Link Service

Link services allow you to place a link in your profile that pulls up multiple different links. This is a great approach if your profile is more general and your business offers different categories of products and services. For example, if you are a farm with multiple levels of your business, including a restaurant, venue, etc. your link service can pull up links to these separate tabs of your website. This way you can be assured your customers are finding what they need.

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Increasing your Social Media Strategy

Implementing Instagram links are a sure way to boost your social media strategy. Social media is taking over marketing and is a huge part of our day to day lives. For this reason, you want to make sure you are capitalizing on various features to strengthen your profile and increase your attractiveness to consumers. For help with your social media strategy, contact SEO Design Chicago, where a team of experts can develop a personalized plan that is sure to impress your customers!


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