How to Create Engaging Posts on Social Media

Creating engaging posts on social media is a key way to build a larger and more consistent following on social media. Engaging posts can also become valuable aspects of your business marketing strategy. There is a huge audience of social media users across numerous platforms that are waiting for you to engage with them. In this article, we’ll discuss why and how to create engaging posts on social media as a successful part of your social media and business strategies.

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What Are Interactive Social Media Posts?

Interactive and engaging posts on social media show and encourage continued engagement from audiences and customers. This is a key distinction between posts that simply explain or relay information. Don’t just post it and leave it. Continue to follow the responses and connections garnered by your content and make consistent adjustments to your responses and content. Social media by design is for connection, not simply selling and being advertised to. Keep an adherence to connection and connectivity at the forefront of your social media strategy for optimal success. 

Customers are wiser every day to advertisements. They connect and choose to do business with those that make them feel valued and seen. One useful consideration is native advertising, which blends into a given social media website in function, feel, and appearance. It blends better into your content and audiences respond to it more positively than direct, targeted advertisements.

Tools for Interactive Social Media

When creating engaging posts on social media, another useful tool is a social media scheduling tool. They help maintain consistent production and the posting of interactive content without you having to single-handedly work to post frequent or everyday content. Consistent, attuned posting and monitoring through a scheduling tool also help find new viewers and potential clients more frequently, engaging and turning them to your website and/or business. 5 of the best social media management tools are Buffer, Hootsuite, MeetEdgar, SocialPilot, and Sendible

Buffer is almost exclusively for social media scheduling while Hootsuite provides more all-in-one services including scheduling, analytics, and monitoring. MeetEdgar helps to automate your social media posting. SocialPilot is geared toward smaller outlets and teams, and Sendible boasts high affordability for all of its features, making it a current popular choice for small budgets. Some tools also identify the peak posting times for a given social media platform, maximizing visibility.  A helper tool combined with its unique services especially helps to manage multiple social media accounts and regular posting on each, yielding wider exposure and engagement.

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Social Media Engagement Ideas

There are many workable ideas for increasing social media engagement that aids in stronger, established business outreach, connections, and profits. Examples of interactive social media posts include links, deals, (some of which you can time for increased engagement and interaction over a small period), and actively participating in online conversations about your content and business. Some social media websites also have specific advice on best practices for increased following on their site, such as Twitter.

Ask questions, encourage feedback, and participate actively in any back-and-forth discussions that relate to you and your business. These behaviors encourage customer loyalty and effectively increase the potential for positive word-of-mouth between current and potential new customers. Diverse forms of attuned social media engagement encourage consistent audience engagement. The three main social media focuses to keep in mind are content type, posting time, and posting frequency.

Discussion Engagement

A great way to maximize and further encourage social media engagement with your desired audience is to consistently and quickly engage with and respond to posts discussing your business. The experiences customers have with your business that they relay and discuss over social media should ideally be met with a response that reaffirms engagement, service, and quality. Work to respond individually, as quickly as possible, and with full, meaningful responses that relay positivity and continued commitment to them. Hearing back from the owners and operators of a business someone has been a customer of helps them feel more valued by the company and more likely to be a return customer.

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Encourage Reviews

Another effective social media engagement idea is to encourage reviews and feedback. Reviews and feedback allow you to hear the perceptions of your business by the customers you want to encourage long-term. Reviews also provide you a means to regularly check into and become more aware of problems and concerns toward your business. You can more quickly look into the individual issues and work toward resolving them. Encourage reviews in your initial posts, by your behavior, tone, and your responses throughout review discussions.

It also helps to explicitly ask for these reviews. Request specifics such as individual products and services for more meaningful discussion and feedback for both parties. What have been the customers’ experiences with the business, website functions, and customer service? Posted polls also directly engage audiences and diversify responses. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have built-in poll functions making this an easy option. An overwhelming majority of marketers and advertisers continue to agree that aspects such as social media reviews and feedback play a critical role in business success.

Convey Value

Customers want to truly feel that they are important and valued by your business. Taking the time to engage with the customers reviewing or discussing your business shows how highly valued they are as a customer. Explicitly express their value to you in initial posts as well as in discussions and correspondence. Express a strong and consistent desire to hear from your valued customers. You want to hear how you’re doing and being responded to. Relay that their feedback and impressions are significant, a top priority to your business. This sets a business tone of quality customer service and positive, genuine customer relations. The inclusion of positive feedback and customers feeling valued and seen by a business makes for more engaging posts on social media.

Relay that any issues discussed are serious to you and will be promptly looked into, evaluated, and resolved. When a resolution is found, make sure to relay this quickly as well. All of this consistent and prompt content goes a long way to encouraging equally consistent and prompt responses and connections from your audiences. It is all invaluable exposure that builds customer-brand relationships, positive representation, and will continue to provide a high lead-to-close rate. Personal testimonies of a business’s quality are essential to positively marketing your business.  Customers are much more likely to believe and positively respond to other customers’ discussed experiences. These testimonies make a much bigger difference in your success than company testimonies or outbound marketing and provide for more interactive social media posts.

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Photos and imaging also help to create more engaging posts on social media. Simple blocks of text without a break in content type greatly decrease engagement. Something to look at which relates to a given piece of content as well as to a business’s brand, values, and ideas causes a viewer to pause and engage. Get creative and continue posting content with imagery that speaks to your audience; is emotional, colorful, lively, and relevant. Photos used as content imaging should ideally be original, personally taken, or taken for your business as opposed to stock photos, to give a tone of personal relevance. Another way to incorporate diverse imaging and invite engagement is to post and respond with appropriate GIFs or memes. 


Always be authentic and honest about your content and business. These aspects also relate to customer conversion. Viewers unfollow brands that appear inauthentic or impersonal. Decide if your brand is sassy, upbeat, or something else. Your brand’s name, values, identity, and viewpoints all help distinguish your business from the competition, support attuned following, and encourage loyalty.

Stay Relevant

Finally, interactive social media posts require an awareness of current social and cultural events going on day-to-day. Post and comment about local and national events and holidays to invite engagement on those dates. Combine celebrations with deals and specials run by your business to commemorate as well as to tie these events to customer growth and profit. Deals can incentivize account and content following directly.

Engaging Posts Make a Difference

When thinking about how to create engaging posts on social media, look to SEO Design Chicago for social media engagement ideas that help maintain and promote your business. Optimize outreach through scheduling tools and discussion engagement that expresses brand tone, customer value, and authenticity. Produce diverse content by requesting reviews, creating polls, and contributing active visuals. Each of these aspects helps convey consistency, relevance, support, and genuineness which make a big impact on customer relations and business success.


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