Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Content marketing is a huge part of how sales are driven over the internet in the twenty-first century. It is an important way of involving people with your brand and products, and has become so widespread that almost all companies are doing it. However, there are some common content marketing mistakes that happen frequently. This article will tell you the ten most common marketing mistakes, and how to avoid them. 

Content Marketing Mistakes

Don’t Forget to List Your Content Marketing Goals

The most common mistake that happens to anyone who is a content creator, especially a beginning one, is not thinking through what you are actually trying to accomplish with your content. If you are putting out a ton of blogs or videos, but they are all disjointed and have no clear overall theme or ideas shared between them, then you will find it hard to gather a large following and actually market your content. This is because people will not know exactly what content you are trying to produce, and will go to other places for more tailored content.

This is a major content creation mistake, and will ensure that you do not grow outside of a small following. Now once you have taken steps to narrow the focus of your content and channels, now you have to actually take the action. The SMART system is a great way to accomplish your goals. This system focuses on setting goals for yourself that you are likely to achieve, and then building new goals using that experience. It helps avoid a possible social media content mistake, which is expecting your follower count to soar after only posting for a few months. It’s important to create a content marketing strategy before getting started. Then, have a clear goal in mind and then take the right steps to accomplish your goal. 

Don’t Utilize Just One Content Marketing Platforms

The next mistake is to not box yourself in to one platform when trying to market yourself or create new content. There are a massive amount of platforms to utilize to promote your content, and confining yourself to just one limits your audience. There are podcasts, YouTube, blogs, Instagram posts, twitch streams, and tons more platforms for you to get your message out on. This is primarily a social media content mistake. It’s easy to only be on Instagram or YouTube and not put your content on other platforms. The best way to get your content seen and heard is to put it on several different platforms. This is a good way to avoid a main content marketing mistake. 

Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Don’t Forget to Know Your Audience

The third mistake people make when it comes to creating content is not knowing who their audience is. You need to tailor your content for who you are trying to reach as an audience. If you run a basketball blog, you should not be blogging about food or hockey. Just discuss basketball and things connected with it. This content creation mistake is easy to avoid, as all it requires you to do is understand what your audience wants out of your content. This ensures that you are marketing your content to people who would actually care about and would pay attention to it. Once you understand your audience, you will have an easier time creating content suited just for them. 

Don’t Forget to Market Your Content

Another mistake concerning content creation and marketing is the actual marketing of your content itself. A person can be the foremost authority on cooking barbeque, but nobody knows it because they do not properly market their content. If  nobody is viewing your content, then you will not be able to sell anything from it. Distributing content to the right people in an effective manner is a massive part of content marketing. Reach out to others who have been successful in creating content like yours, and see how they were able to build a following. Be active on a site such as Reddit, where you can share your content to communities who have a built in interest to it. A huge content marketing mistake is simply not promoting yourself and content as much as possible. Try email marketing by accruing a list of emails of people who want to read your content. Post more on social media and interact more with online communities to better market oneself to grow a following. 

Content Mistakes

Don’t Focus Too Much on SEO 

A surprising mistake content creators make is focusing too much on search engine optimization, or SEO, when marketing their content. Search engine optimization focuses on using different keywords and ads to generate more website traffic. Obviously, when you are trying to build a following you would want to generate the most amount of traffic for your content. So then why is it a bad idea to only focus on search engine optimization when marketing your content? This is because there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people publishing millions of forms of content everyday. This leads to an over saturation of content in pretty much every market imaginable, with most employing some form of SEO. This is most prevalent as a social media content mistake, as it is more important to differentiate oneself from the competition. Instead of zeroing in on just using SEO techniques, try and make your content more creative and interesting to draw in an audience. It is a content creation mistake to not have your primary focus be on the content itself.

But Don’t Forget SEO, Either

Not utilizing search engine optimization at all is another content marketing mistake people make. A previous point said to not overly focus on SEO, but you must not forget about it. Yes having creative content can set you apart from others, but you still need to market it. You still need to have an interesting title for your content, so it features better on search engines. And you have the proper writing style and format for your content to have a better chance of being seen. Another key factor of content marketing is having the correct keywords in place to help direct web searches to your content. Search engine optimization should have a place in your content, it just should not be the only focus.

Social Media Content Mistakes

Don’t Be Overly Ambitious At First

One of the most common mistakes people make in content creation and marketing is being overly ambitious in the start. If you blog for one month, and are upset because you don’t have as many readers as you were hoping for, give yourself more time. Do not get discouraged too early. Instead, alter or update your content. Do not get upset if you aren’t an overnight success. The best way to succeed is to constantly evaluate your content and audience. Then, keep tailoring your content to better connect with your audience and what they’re looking for.

Don’t Produce Poor Content

A seemingly obvious mistake concerning content creation and marketing is simply having poor content. If you are not putting effort into your content, then people can easily see that and will avoid it. Same goes for if you feature incorrect content or barely upload any content. As stated previously, there is a ton of content already published in pretty much every space of the internet. It is very hard to stand out, or build a new following, and to do this you need quality content. One social media mistake that can hurt your follower base is to not upload consistently. If you don’t upload or update content on your website, you can lead people to go to other sites that are always pushing new content. This is something easily fixed by positing quality, well thought out content on a regular basis.

Content Creation Mistakes

Don’t Be Too Pushy

 Another content marketing mistake is to not be too pushy with promotions or advertisements. For example, many YouTube channels feature sponsors who pay the YouTuber to promote their products. The same goes for podcasters reading advertisements for their sponsors during the podcast. These ads are a great way to earn more revenue, but beware of pushing them too hard.  You need to have a healthy medium and make sure that your content is still the primary focus. This is a content creation mistake that can be easily avoided at the beginning. As you get more followers, it can be something that becomes difficult to balance. This is primarily a social media content mistake.

Don’t Do What Everyone Else is Doing

The last content marketing mistake is simply doing what others are already doing. We all know those unspoken rules that exist, such as waiting two days to call a date. These can exist in content marketing too, such as only posting at certain times, or emailing on certain days. If you do everything that others are already doing, you will not gain any ground on them. A social media content mistake is following others ideas, instead of creating your own. See what works for you, then continue to adjust based on how your content evolves. Settling into a simple routine is a content creation mistake, as it limits your creativity. 

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