Becoming a Digital Content Creator

Content creation inspires creators and content viewers alike, bringing new ideas, projects, support, and knowledge to numerous people. It inspires them to share even more through digital content creation and sharing. Content creation can encompass many different elements depending on the types of content you are passionate about and thinking about creating and sharing. In this article, we’ll discuss what a digital content creator is and how to start your journey to becoming a content creator.

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What Is a Content Creator?

A content creator is someone who develops and shares educational, inspirational, and/or entertainment content. Content can be part of a light interest to begin with, can grow into a deeper passion, and even become a larger life pursuit or full-time job. Artists, crafters, business owners, chefs, authors, and athletes are just a few examples of the wide range of inspired, knowledgeable individuals who define what a content creator is and can be. Anyone seeking to grow and share their ideas, perspectives, and inspirations regarding their particular interests can become a content creator.

Content can be more physical, at least in its beginnings, but should become digital media on online platforms at some point. This physical content can come in various forms due to the general nature of the term “content” itself. Examples include books, magazines, art pieces, songs, recipes, and poems. Engaging and social content related to these includes tutorials, recitations, inspirational talks, and public interviews. Creators expose these types of content to viewers through public businesses, local stands, exhibits, or special related events. Content creators can come from all levels of educational, financial, and experience backgrounds related to their content and experience high levels of success.

What Is a Digital Content Creator?

There are many types of content creators and content you can create and share, but digital content is any content shared online. This content is what makes the individual a digital content creator. Sharing digital content is done through online forums such as blogs, social media sites, or business websites. Content creation is rapidly rising in popularity due to the rise of the internet and social media as forums for sharing and connection. These forums have made asking questions and seeking answers, gaining and building inspiration, and finding new passions easier than ever before.

Digital content and content creators have made it easier than ever before for people from all over the world to see and build upon one another’s ideas and passions which they might not have otherwise been as ably exposed to. Posting your content digitally allows for much wider viewership, benefitting your brand and business beyond potential opportunities for exposing content to the public in person. It can also be less costly. It’s the difference between paying for physical building materials, vendor fees, and extended periods physically exhibiting and producing content with the hopes of viewership and sales in contrast to digital exposure with links and contact information to generate sales. The latter helps better support production and shipping costs in general.

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Before Starting Content Creation

Before becoming a content creator, there are a few things to consider. You should start by answering certain questions in terms of serving your content passions, increasing branding, engagement success, and potential sales as desired. Answering questions of content types and goals can help produce a content strategy that will achieve success.

What are you most passionate about providing and sharing creative content about? Make sure you are passionate about the content, ideas, products, and services you are discussing. This will provide means for more engaging content, a more enjoyable experience as a content creator, and increased growth. Content creators who enjoy their work do it more frequently and consistently than ones who consider it unenjoyable work. Secondly, do you have predominantly personal or professional/business goals for your content? 

Thirdly, do you want to begin with more physical or digital content? A large portion of regular physical content is transferable into digital content later through video and audio recording. But other types of content you can create are more possible through digital means in general. Examples include entertainment and lifestyle reviews such as albums, clothes, or products, podcasts and radio content, and video game playthroughs. Digital exposure makes these content types more accessible, thus more profitable.

First Steps to Becoming a Digital Content Creator

Once you have answered some of these initial questions, other aspects to consider are the right tools to aid in your success. There are many tools, applications, and programs available for building your content’s combinations of copy, image, and video materials. Some established online forums and social media platforms also have special guides, tips, and curated tools to aid in digital content creation. 

There is an ever-increasing number of tools available for unique, personal, and professional digital content creation. These tools can help new content creators just starting who are not sure where or how to begin creating consistently engaging content and sharing it. Unique tools not typically at an individual’s disposal can also increase a digital content creator’s branding. Standing out from the ever-increasing amount of competing creators is extremely important. 

Content creation can be a highly viable option in terms of supporting yourself financially. This is especially true if given a certain level of attention and time commitments. The more time you are willing to spend on the content, the more engagement, followers, and sales you are likely to yield. Many content creators provide for themselves financially through their content creation given the aforementioned aspects. Attention to content creation over time can pay off in big ways and be worthwhile if you think being a content creator is of interest to you.

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Tools for Digital Content Creators

Canva is one of the most beneficial tools to take advantage of as a digital content creator. It allows for increased image quality, including handy templates, media graphics, and other design tools. Canva also provides more value in comparison to other tools due to the comprehensiveness of its free version. Crello is another worthy option for improved graphics creation for less knowledgeable designers or beginning digital content creators. There are thousands of images, illustrations, and videos to choose from. This provides you ample variety of content types and needs with more room for personal branding and creativity. 

Prezi allows for unique presentation creation, including design, interactive graphics, and chart options. Hashtagify tracks Twitter and Instagram hashtags. It gives you custom suggestions, the best hashtags for your particular audience, the top influencers and competitors in your digital content area who are using those hashtags, and recent tweets and posts using those hashtags. Aspects such as hashtags can increase outreach and engagement. Grammarly is a worthwhile tool for all of your post and/or copy content. The extension provides all-in-one grammar and spell check assistance.

Posting Digital Content

If you desire to create your forum or website, some of the best software includes Wix, phpBB, WordPress, vBulletin, and Squarespace. Each has its benefits but all are largely comprehensive and give good support for your unique goals.

If you desire to post your digital content to an established social media site, the major platforms to choose from are Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube. Certain types of content have found success on one or more of these given platforms. Each has its own distinct atmosphere, audience, and tools. One may feel like a better fit for you and your content.

YouTube and TikTok are ideal for video content, but Snapchat and Instagram are also great platforms for this. Pinterest is great for fashion, lifestyle, and DIY content. Twitter and Facebook are largely for copy content but have considerable audio and video content as well. 

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Being a Digital Content Creator

To become a digital content creator, you simply need to have an investment in a particular type of content. You should also be passionate about sharing it with the world. Take initial steps to define whether or not to pursue more personal or professional content, at least to start. Decide whether to begin with digital content or more physical content to later convert to digital for outreach. Take advantage of recommended tools and forums for your success. Then simply begin creating your desired content by using the unique tools of your trade and posting it. SEO Design Chicago is here to continue bringing you the best updates, tools, and marketing methodologies for your digital content creation success.


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