7 Ways to Make an Article Go Viral

Writing quality articles is a way not only to help your articles go viral, but also help your business. The best news is, you don’t even have to be a professional writer to create viral articles! SEO Design Chicago can help your business write viral articles so your business can flourish. This article will cover the basics of how to write viral articles and how to make them go viral. 

how to write viral content

How to Write Viral Articles

Before articles can go viral, you need to write them first. There are several tips to keep in mind as you are writing your soon-to-go viral articles:

Write Good Content

No one wants to read an article with bad content. It’s important to create engaging content. As you get started, think about creating content that engages your reader before they even sit down to read them. Surprise your reader. Tell your reader how and why they need your business and tell your story well. 

Narrow Down Your Audience

You might be thinking, “don’t I want to appeal to as many people as possible?” Although it’s good to keep in mind that there are many different types of people who are going to read your article, if you’re trying to appeal to everyone, you’re going to appeal to no one. One technique to try is to think about one person. Sit down and take time to figure out who your main audience is. Once you figure it out, your article becomes a lot easier to write. 

Take Your Audience on a Journey

Your article should be a story. This helps your article sound less generic and more personal. Describe a situation to your reader, and keep in mind how you want your reader to learn and feel by the end of the article. This creates a sense of discovery for your reader.

Learn from Others

Do you have a favorite author? Maybe several? One technique you can try is to practice writing like them. Pick one or two other authors and take note of what they’re doing and how successful it is to the reader. You might find that writing shorter sentences works. Maybe a specific grammatical style works better. After a while, you’ll learn what works best.

Trademarks are Important

If you want to go viral, your article has to stand out from the others. Articles are published on a daily basis. If you want to write a viral article, you’re going to have to have a trademark that makes you unique. 

Embrace Feedback

In order to get better at article writing and eventually going viral, you need to listen to the feedback you’re given. This includes viewing all of your comments and emails and responding back. As you read through your comments, you’re going to see how the audience is responding to your article and who that audience is. You will get to gauge what your audience is interested, and you can plan accordingly. You want your audience to learn from your articles, and if you find they aren’t, you can change up your articles.  

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Viral Content

There’s more to a viral article than just the words in the article. You need viral content. Content is generally what you choose to write about. There are other forms of content that can accompany your article as well, such as video and photography, to name a few. When choosing content for your article, you should keep several things in mind:

Use Original Images

You most likely will not want to use free stock photos. You might have noticed someone else using the same photo on their article. That’s because many people use free stock photos, and the same photos keep getting recycled. If you don’t want to look too generic, then come up with your own photos. Show your audience what your business offers that others don’t. When you use original photos, it not only personalizes your article, but also your business.   

Add Value by Building Relationships

You need to build up a reputation in order to make your article go viral. Social media platforms is one way to share your articles and build relationships. Find groups that share your interests. As you find relatable groups and pages, you can begin adding value to your business by sharing your articles and links. As you do so, make sure you respond to any comments you have, as this will build relationships.

Create Interesting Titles and Headlines

Part of writing a powerful article that could go viral is creating a grabbing title. If your title isn’t catching to your audience, then the chances of your article ever getting read is slim. When thinking about a viral headline, remember your audience and what they’re interested in. You might have an initial idea for a great title, but be sure to experiment–don’t go with your first idea (or even your first few)–some of the best ideas come after many attempts. SEO Design Chicago has trained professionals who can help you create the perfect title to help you go viral.

How Many Words?

Get your point across quickly. You might have noticed that many platforms limit the number of words or characters you’re allowed to use. This is by no accident. Your audience wants to get something out of your article, but doesn’t want to become an expert on the topic by reading one article. You don’t want your article to be too long, otherwise people will get bored and not read it all, but you don’t want it too short, otherwise you might not have everything you need to say. Make sure your article is more than 800 words. Keep it short and sweet.

Always Include a Call-to-Action at the End

Including a call-to-action in your article gives your audience something to do after they finish your article. This keeps them interested in your product or service. Some examples include phrases such as email me, sign up for my newsletter, check out my website, etc. There are many ways to write a great call-to-action

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7 Ways to Make an Article Go Viral

After you finish writing your article, you might think you’re now finished. However, if you want a viral article, there’s still more to do. Now that you’ve written your article, it’s time to make it go viral. Here are 7 strategies to help your article go viral

1: Do the Legwork

A well-written article doesn’t just go viral. It takes work. After your article is published, there are several steps you need to take to make your article go viral:

  • Share with related pages: If you know of related pages on social media, share with them.
  • Share with related groups: If you’re on different social media groups, share with the groups that relate to your article. This expands your audience.
  • Tag related pages: When you tag related pages, you’re helping both parties involved. Not only do you share each other’s audience, but you increase the various types of people in your audience. You also receive more support and traffic on your own page. 
  • Tag the people you interviewed: If you interviewed anyone for your article, you should tag the person. This builds trust with the other person and your own audience.
  • Send your article to publications and ask them to share: Publications can help your article go viral as you can increase your demographic, reaching a wider audience through location and interests. This is especially true depending on the type of publications you choose.
  • Respond to all comments: Responding to comments is a great way to gain your reader’s trust and interaction as you go viral. Make sure you don’t leave your audience member’s hanging. This is also a way to know what your audience is interested in learning about. 

7 ways to make an article go viral

2: Generate Positive Emotions

When your story evokes strong emotion, it’s more likely to gain more attention from the audience, and, as a result, go viral. In addition, articles that evoke strong, positive emotions have an easier time gaining popularity. 

3: Play the Numbers Game

Something you need to ask yourself is, “how often do I need to post content?The more you write and post, the more likely you are to go viral. Create a solid schedule for your articles and posts. Also make sure you promote them on social media. Like and share their posts. 

4: Give Credit Where it’s Needed

Link sources you cite to your article. This builds traffic and adds credibility. You can also follow them on social media. 

5: Study Your Statistics

Look at your statistics for your articles. Compare and contrast them. What works and what doesn’t? Why?

6: Time is Everything

There are specific times during the day that are more active online than others. Find times during the day and week that work the best for your advertising. This will increase reading, likes, and shares of your content. 

7: Give Takeaways 

Similar to the call-to-actions, your article needs to offer some sort of fresh information for the audience, otherwise, the article was a waste of time for them. You need to be new and original. Be sure to include practical and actionable takeaways. 

how to write viral articles

Ready to Write a Viral Article?

Now that you know some strategies and tips to write a viral article, you are ready to get started. For additional help at answering any questions you might have concerning writing viral articles, contact SEO Design Chicago today!

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