Top 10 Content Marketing Hacks 

Are you looking to improve your content marketing strategy? Do not worry, there are several marketing hacks you can utilize to improve your content. Regardless of if you are looking to improve the quality of your content or the number of interactions your content gets, there are several tips you could be using to improve. After all, content marketing increases the traffic to your website which could lead to more sales in the future. This is why content marketing is a great way to attract more customers. If you have yet to make any content for your website, use some of these tips to get started today. It is never too late to start. 

1 – Share your Content on Social Media 

One of the best content marketing hacks is to make sure that users can see your content as easily as possible. A great way to make your content accessible to consumers is to make your content accessible with the different social media platforms. Depending on the type of content you are producing, this could mean several different things. 

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For example, if you are creating blogs, you should make sure that the blogs can be easily read on all social media platforms. For websites that allow long-form blog posts like Reddit or Facebook, consider making a post that contains the content of the blog. This is often better than posting a link to a blog since users are usually less likely to interact with an article link than a post on the website. 

When applicable, you should try to post all the content you are producing on every single one of your company’s social media pages. This ensures that you reach as many consumers as possible.

2 – Create Eye-Catching Headlines 

One of the best digital marketing hacks available is to make sure that the titles of your content grab the reader’s attention. This is especially true if you are attempting to increase the amount of engagement your content gets. You only have about 8 seconds to grab a consumer’s attention. This is why the title of your content is crucial for increasing engagement. 

So how do you create titles that make consumers want to interact with your content? First, make sure to include the main topic of your content in the title. This might seem self-explanatory but misleading titles can often make consumers upset. Second, you also want to ensure the most interesting part of your content is included in the title or within the first paragraph. This will intrigue readers to continue to interact with your content. Also, be sure to match the tone of the content in your title. You do not want to write an article with a serious tone and then have the title sound sarcastic or funny. 

3 – Utilize Keywords 

Adding keywords to your content can be a great way to attract more customers. Keywords are words that consumers often search for on search engines. Using these words in your content will help your content get a higher placement in Google’s algorithm. Using keywords is a great marketing hack as long as it does not take away from your content.

For example, if you find that Facebook is a good keyword, try using it only when Facebook is relevant to your content. You should not try inserting it into content that does not actually make sense. How do you find which keywords are popular? Simply look on Google for good keywords to use for the topic your content is focused on. If you are writing an article about softball, your keywords might be bat, ball, and diamond. 

4 – Make Your Content Related to Your Business 

Another way you can attract clients is by creating content that is related to your business. Consumers on your website want to see content that in some way is related to your business. It does not make sense that a consumer would go to a clothing website and be interested in interacting with content that is about food.

This does not mean that you can only make content that is about your business specifically. As long as it is in some way related to the industry your business is in, you can make content about it. Maybe talk about leaders in your industry or highlight smaller independent contributors. As long as it is in your industry, it is a great marketing hack because your consumers will probably want to read it. 

5 – Incorporate Trends into Your Content 

Incorporating trends into your content can be a great digital marketing hack. Look at popular hashtags and see what is trending on various social media sites. If you see a trend that could fit well with your brand, you should create content around that trend. Typically, you should look for trends that are positive and on the less serious side. 

An example of a brand picking the wrong trend is DiGiorno Pizza. The hashtag WhyIStayed was trending on Twitter, which was used by users to share why they stayed with their abusive partners. DiGiorno Pizza tweeted that they stayed because “you had pizza”.  As you could imagine many consumers were upset that DiGiorno made this tweet. DiGiorno had to apologize, explaining that they did not understand the context of the hashtag. This is why it is so important that when you use trends to attract clients, you understand the full context of the trend.  

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6 – Include Calls to Action in Your Content 

If you are still looking for more marketing hacks to improve your content, you should consider using a call to action. A call to action is telling the consumers who are interacting with your content what they should do next. It could be as simple as telling a consumer they should follow you on social media for more content. Calls to action can also be a great way to encourage anyone interacting with your content to either check out your website or make a purchase. Any call to action can help you attract clients, it just depends on what your specific end goal is. 

7 – Promote Your Older Content in Your New Content 

Regardless of the type of content you are creating, promoting your older content can be a great digital marketing hack. If you are writing blogs or articles, a great way to do this is to provide links to your previous articles whenever they are relevant. If you are creating video content, you can usually provide links to the other videos in the description of the video. 

Promoting your old content is such an effective marketing hack because it encourages users to engage with even more of your content. After all, if a consumer likes one piece of your content, they will likely enjoy your other content as well. The more of your content a consumer enjoys the more likely they are to become a customer. 

8 – Use Email Marketing to Promote your Content

Email marketing can be a great way to promote your content to any consumer on your email list. Using email marketing is such a great marketing hack because it exposes users to your content that might not have seen it otherwise. You can also use the intriguing headlines of your content in the emails to draw the attention of consumers on your mailing list. This will encourage users who might normally ignore their emails to open it and find out more about your brand. After all, most consumers are used to getting emails that have promotions. Sending out emails that feature other types of content will grab their attention. 

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9 – Try Creating Different Types of Content 

Sometimes a marketing hack can be as simple as trying out different types of content. Some consumers might not be responding well to your content simply because it is not a type of content they like to consume. For example, if you only make articles as your content, then you are missing out on a whole audience of consumers that prefer to view video content. You do not even have to create all new content. You could take some of the information you have in one medium and say all the same information in another medium. Through trial and error, you can find out what your audience likes the most and what you should continue making.

10 – Quality Over Quantity 

While you are making content, you should remember that it is always better to prioritize the quality of your content over the quantity of your content. Obviously, you want to have as many pieces of content as possible, but you should not compromise the quality of your content just so you can keep creating more. It would be better to produce 3 quality pieces of content per week than to create 5 poor quality pieces each week.

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