Our in house photography exemplifies the great products on your website.

Great Photography makes your brand look its best and can be crucial for product photography or ecommerce. We do all photography and videography in house and do not rely on outside vendors that we don’t know. This allows there to be a seamless transition between website or content builds and moving assets to where they need to be efficiently. Our ability to integrate photography with our other services generates outstanding results which marry fantastic art and design with top notch SEO and web development. 

SEO Design Chicago offers a wide variety of photography options.

SEO Design Chicago does Photography and Videography for our clients in Chicago and across the country.  Some of the work we do for our clients includes

  • Product Photography in our studio
  • Onsite Location Photography
  • Headshots
  • Company Profile Pictures
  • Small Business Photography
  • Onsite Product Photography
  • Portraits
  • Photo Art



Our custom photography allows you to input exactly as much as you would like into the process. 

SEO Design Chicago has a great relationship with our clients and allows for a varying degree of interaction. Our staff has dozens of years photographing headshots, portraits, small business, and ecommerce photography. We value the input of our clients when producing your product. Therefore, we welcome any input into any special instruction or requests that may arise. 

“Being an interior designer, style is important in everything that I do. SEO Design Chicago implemented a custom website and fantastic photography through their on staff photographer. I continue to use them for new projects.”

Ryan H.

“SEO Design Chicago took an advanced look at my analytics and helped me to discover where the holes were. Working with SEO Design we were able to increase my ranking on searches and implement the correct coding and tags throughout my site.”

Paul Z.

SEO Design Chicago helped me to create a custom targeted PPC campaign at an affordable cost. With the keyword selection and targeting that they provided, I am increasing my leads in a growing housing market.”

Kelly G.


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