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In today’s busy world small business owners can often find it challenging to create a website that will serve their business in the most effective manner possible. Usually dentists, mechanics and store owners are not also online marketing experts and that is okay. Luckily, SEO Design Chicago is here to help. The modern world is all about specialization, so you can let us handle your online presence while you focus on your strengths.

Content creation for small business is where SEO Design Chicago shines. Over the years we have learned that having a business’s website full of quality content is of the utmost important when it comes to standing out on the internet. To some providers out there content creation for small business simply means filling a client’s site with as much content as possible. Here at SEO Design Chicago we realize that it is much more efficient to value quality of content over quantity of content.

For example, if a doctor’s office specializes in orthopedic surgery and treatment we want to create content that focuses on the services provided at the office. Some might think it’s a good idea to post an array of medical information and see what sticks. Unfortunately, this will muddy the waters and not attract the potential customers we are trying to hone in on. You can count on SEO Design Chicago to thoroughly research your business and ensure that we are creating only quality content.

Why Does My Business Need Help With Content Creation?

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We have the knowledge and tools to make sure your website works hard for you. This means that our quality content will drive more customers to your business in the long run. Quality digital content consists of multiple factors. 

First of all, content needs to be visually pleasing. We build sites that are easy to navigate and use only high resolution images. Next, it needs to be informative. We research not only your business but your industry as a whole and put that knowledge to good use. Our written content will strive to be informative and engaging for your potential customers. It will also be clearly spoken without errors. More and more people are turned off when a business has a shoddy online presence. Allow us to make you look good. Lastly, we use our expertise of search engine optimization to use keywords and phrases that will bump you to the top of Google searches. Advanced analytics and years of experience help us decide which keywords will increase your visibility and have you leapfrogging over the competition in search results. Inserting these words seamlessly into a website’s online content will lead to more potential customers learning about your business and hopefully becoming a customer.

What Kind of Content Development Does SEO Design Chicago Provide?

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When it comes to content creation for small business there are many avenues we can pursue to provide an all-encompassing brand content marketing plan. Making your website a source for industry wide news is a smart move to draw attention. Those that may be seeking information about your industry as a whole will then be exposed to the services or goods you offer and realize that you deserve their business. 

Press releases are another good way to give your business credentials that consumers care about. We will capitalize on this and boost your online profile and increase your website traffic with outstanding newsworthy stories about your brand, submitted to news portals and press release distribution services.

One of the most useful parts of an overall content strategy is maintaining an active blog. We can help you create a blog and find a voice that will keep customers coming back. Our content writing is top notch and can be made very personal for the purposes of a blog. When it comes to a blog people like to feel as if they are communicating with an old friend. We know how to have a friendly tone while still being informative and including keywords that will encourage traffic.

Case studies are a no brainer when it comes to proving your worth to somebody visiting your website. If you are able to give specific examples of how you have succeeded in the past you will give your target audience confidence that you will succeed again in the future. Tell us about your performance and we will turn it into a case study that will lead to growth across the board.

Content creation for small business is just one of the wide array of services we offer at SEO Design Chicago. For anything from graphic design to social media management contact us today for all your digital marketing needs.

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