Real Estate Marketing

Is an open house still the best way to sell properties?

For a real estate firm to be successful in the modern world, a strong digital advertising plan is essential. SEO Design Chicago has experience working with both Commercial and Residential realtors. Online marketing is now the standard for realtors, as print solutions are not as viable and successful as they once were. Real estate marketing agencies work with many different vendors, platforms and solutions that may be great for your real estate agency marketing needs.

Location and income are obviously very important factors for matching the right property with the right buyer. Real estate advertising with digital marketing allows you to target potential buyers, sellers and customers targeting location, demographics, and interests in your real estate ads.

Video ads are super useful to show walk throughs, virtual open houses and they can be leveraged on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Have you tried all the ways that online marketing can target real estate buyers, sellers and leasers?

Real estate advertising

Real Estate PPC Advertising

  • Google Ads and Bing Ads can help you in branding and also to locate buyers and sellers in specific communities and cities.
  • Paid Search Real Estate ads can be an effective way to draw in buyers you have been overlooking and also to retarget the potential clients that get top your site.

Real Estate Facebook/ Instagram Advertising

Social Media Platform Setup and Optimization

  • Creation and optimization of social media profiles with custom created social landing pages and graphics
  • Integration of Social postings and engagement through analytics

Real Estate Content Creation

We are a full service digital marketing company that can handle of your content marketing needs. High resolution photos or a virtual tour are essential to any quality real estate listing. Before people have the chance to visit a property in person they want to know that it is worth their time. If the photos are of poor quality then they will never envision themselves there. SEO Design Chicago will make sure that your website offers the best digital experience and that your properties are displayed in the best light possible. We can take and edit photos, create virtual tours, and handle video production.

real estate content creation
  • Real Estate Social Media Content Creation

    Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are where more and more buyers and renters have been finding properties. It is a great place to engage customers with a focused internet marketing campaign. We are a creative agency that will find ways use your social media presence to put listings to buyers where your competition does not.

  • Real Estate Website Content Creation

    The content on a real estate website needs to be constantly updated as properties are bought and sold. SEO Design Chicago can make sure that your content is clear and up to date.

Real Estate Local SEO Services

Localized SEO is as important to real estate as any other industry. As they say “location, location, location”. This applies to the digital world too! We’ll make sure your results are popping up in the locations where prospective buyers are interested. If a buyer or seller does not yet have a real estate agent, Google may be the first place they go to see who is highly rated in the area.

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  • Real Estate Local Search Rankings

    Local SEO for realtors relies on several factors. SEO Design Chicago will figure out what it takes to make sure your company rises to the top. Google Business and Bing Local will assist in your listings appearing at the top of searches when optimized effectively.

  • Real Estate Online Business Listings

    The more directory listings your real estate firm is listed on the better. People rely on sites such as Zillow and It is vital that you have a strong and consistent presence on all sites.

  • Google Business Pages for Realtors

    Google My Business is key for any real estate company creating their online presence. Using this tool will get you to the top of Google search rankings. It also gives you the opportunity to share firsthand accounts of successful sales you have conducted.

  • Bing Local for Real Estate

    Yahoo and Bing can easily be forgotten, but they can be a part of your plan too. Because they might be overlooked by other real estate marketing firms, you can stand out on these platforms with the right plan.

Real Estate SEO

SEO Design Chicago has the right real estate marketing services for you to have the best SEO. This means that your past successes will be what people see first when they search for you. It also means that when a buyer or renter finds your listings when they meet the specifications they are looking for. Only the highest quality images will appear in the top of search results.

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On Page SEO Optimization

  • For starters we will look at where you currently stand in terms of SEO. Whether you have an extensive portfolio or are just beginning with a few listings we will make sure your site is optimized for the correct keywords.

Real Estate SEO Services

  • Some of the most common services that SEO Design Chicago will provide for real estate include: photography, graphic design, and content creation. These all play into your SEO results.

Geographic Landing Page SEO Services

  • Custom built content that is optimized for specific neighborhoods and cities can help you stand out among other realtors when prospective buyers or sellers are looking for a realtor or property.  Our team creates custom landing pages built to increase your ranking in local searches.

Link Building for Real Estate

  • Our services include Link building as well. Link building can be something that real estate agents don’t have time for between showings and contract negotiations. Mentions on local community websites  will increase the number of people that find out about your house, or condo  properties for sale or lease. Links on these relevant pages can only benefit your exposure and website ranking.

Real Estate Analytics and CRM Integration

Understanding your data is crucial in real estate.  We provide customized dashboards and analysis of all campaigns and search term rankings. With over a decade of experience in custom integrations, our team can also connect and integrate various platforms to your CRM.

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Web Analytics for Real Estate

  • SEO Design Chicago can help make sense of the data given by Google Analytics. We can use this to tell you where interested buyers are located and what they are looking for.

Social Media Analytics for Real Estate

You are using social media marketing tactics, but are they working?

  • Constant updating of your social channels will greatly improve your chances of moving properties. If you are giving the most current information on prices and availability, people will respond because they know you are a good source for this information. Real Estate advertising options like Facebook and Instagram have algorithms and targeting options that will place your property in front of interested parties trying to make moves. People spend long amounts of time on these sites, so it only makes sense that they will find real estate there.

Marketing Analytics for Real Estate

  • A focused real estate marketing strategy will give you the best chance of success against other real estate firms. We will look at all parts of your plan and determine what is working and what is not.
  • Our team of real estate marketing consultants will work with you to shift focus to the services that give you the best tools to reach customers. We can find out what is unique about the listings and services you offer and use that to your advantage.

Website Development and Graphic Design Services

Understanding your data is crucial in real estate.  We provide customized dashboards and analysis of all campaigns and search term rankings. With over a decade of experience in custom integrations, our team can also connect and integrate various platforms to your CRM.

commercial realtor seo

Website On-Page Optimization

Optimization of code and meta descriptions on your website includes:

  • Header Tags Optimization
  • Meta Descriptions Optimization
  • Alt Tags Optimization
  • Page Title Optimization
  • Image File Size Optimization
  • Internal Linking Recommendations
  • Site Redirections
  • Grammar and Spell Check
  • Title Tag Optimization

Website Development

  • Create custom pages

Website Design

  • Rebuild your website or install a new theme

Graphic Design

  • Custom Graphic Design Services

A consultation with SEO Design Chicago will give us the opportunity to explain how you can benefit from our Real Estate advertising services. We look forward to the opportunity to work with any real estate firm, whether you buy or sell houses or condos or land plots. Reach out today to find out how we can use digital marketing to help you move properties faster than ever before.

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