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A group of musicians that specialized in wedding performances needed a responsive website to showcase their group to high-end clients. We provided them with a responsive one-page website with parallax images that scroll up and down as you glide through the page. There is also a built-in audio player for clients and potential clients to listen to their music before booking the band. Clients can also download an updated playlist to see all the songs that the orchestra is able to play.

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Responsive website for desktop and mobile

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music streaming player embedded in the website


A wedding band needed a new, responsive site that allowed for potential clients to hear their music. They needed an advanced system to play the music that would provide the best sound quality. The new website also needed to include a unique and different way to show off the custom photography of the group.

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Website Updates

SEO Design Chicago was able to help this client by providing them with a new custom website. By building their website we were able to provide them with a unique site that fit their needs of a single page website with music streaming capabilities.

Google Analytics

We were able to initial a Google Analytics report to give the group a better idea of who their online demographic was. Showing them where interest was coming from and how they used the new website allowed them to know what areas needed their attention.

Conversion Rate Optimization

By incorporating Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) into this clients website analytics we were able to help them improve engagement in their site. With everything laid out on a single page it wasn’t the problem of getting people to view specific information but to have them take action and reach out with new opportunities for the group.

Google Ads

By utilizing a Google Ads campaign for the group we were able to promote them, and their new website, to new audiences. This was a great way to draw in new interest, connecting the group with multiple new opportunities.


  • Developed a new website that was more tailored to their needs while also being better optimized for search traffic
  • Provided the client with an effective way to showcase their music and previous performances on their new website
  • Initiated a digital advertising campaign that promoted the group and their new website to new audiences
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