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Our team performed a website migration from one platform to another, content creation, paid search, and ongoing on-page SEO. The firm also needed assistance with reviews.

increase in organic search results


Responsive redesigned website for mobile and desktop

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 Increase in new leads from the internet


A medical surgeon group needed ongoing content creation for a site that was not getting any traffic besides their home page and a few holding basic information. The medical group also had issues with local search optimization appearance, as they weren’t showing up in searches for businesses like theirs in the area of their location.

orthopedic patient website migration
orthopaedic surgeon website design


Content Creation

When a person is looking into getting surgery they will often have a lot of questions. With the power of the internet it can be easy to research on your own by searching for answers to questions and concerns. With this audience already searching its important to have information out there tied to your business for them to find. Creating content that answers highly searched questions can result in an increase in web traffic and a higher likelihood your business will show up in search results. This is what we were able to provide to this client in order to help improve their outreach.

Website Redesign

This client needed multiple adjustments to their website. We were able to migrate their website from one CMS to another, giving them a better way to update their website themselves in the future without having to start over. We also helped optimize their website so that it would perform better from an SEO standpoint.


There are many things that go into improving SEO. With this client we were able to help improve their on page SEO while working on their website redesign. This included improving meta tags, researching and implementing top keywords, and cleaning up any excessive HTML coding that was left over from previous website developments. This process didn’t stop with just their website, we were able to help improve their website by incorporating other tactics off of their website such as improving their Google My Business listing and getting more favorable reviews for their business.

Link Building

Link building is another SEO tactic that we utilized while working with this client. Throughout their website we were able to embed hyperlinks directing viewers to other pages on their website. This helps create a more engaging website not just for visitors but also for search engine algorithms. When a search engine algorithm sees hyperlink correlations between pages, especially when one of those pages is garnering high search result traffic it can promote that other page in the process.


  • Performed a website migration that allowed the client’s website to be hosted on a better CMS platform
  • Created dozens of new web pages and blog articles to better promote the client’s business in search results
  • Optimized the client’s website to appeal more to search engine algorithms through on page and off page SEO tactics
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